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3D or not 3D, that is the question

The latest trend of all videogames these days are that they must have surrealistic worlds in which the protagonist battles the forces of evil in 3D glory. Many classics have been converted to the third dimension, but are they classics anymore?
A good example of a game that didn't work well with 3D is Castlevania. This game has nothing wrong with it really though. Good graphics, great sound, and average controls make this game worth playing. But, perhaps the game itself has lost something in its conversion. It's lost its feel, its sense of style, its Castlevania action which was like no other. Perhaps it is not the game that is at fault, but the whole concept of 3D. But, this isn't my only proof backing up my views...
You probably knew this was coming. Zelda:TOoT was the hit of 1998, and was proclaimed the game of all time. Of course, it was 3D, which seems to be the trend of these days. Take an already existing classic, and hope that it can translate to 3D. In the case of Zelda:TOoT, it happened to work, and it worked very well. Not all was translated though. The traditional Zelda "screen" levels were lost, and were turned into vast detailed interactive levels. The overhead view where Link moved in 8 directions has now turned into a full 360 possible directions (most likely not, probably its about 36, but oh well.) It felt more like a different game. If this game was Zelda, then Zelda has changed considerably.
3D isn't the way to go for all games. Good eye candy can be achieved otherwise, and 3D doesn't mean good gameplay. Just look at Super Mario Brothers. The game is one of the greater games of all time and it has graphics that look terrible by today's standards. Before converting a classic to 3D, developers should look and decide if the conversion would take away the things that make the game what they are. May 8 bit glory live with us all.


Top 10 signs that you've been to HTLOZ too many times

1) You think you can grow Hyrulian Potatoes in your back yard.

2) HTLOZ is your homepage.

3) You think that there is a secret spot in HTLOZ that only staffers can view and you devote your life searching for it. Not like there is any *snicker.*

4) You want to devote a site that praises the work on HTLOZ

5) You actually CARED that it was our birthday that occured recently.

6) Your idea of having a good time with your friends is showing the updates on HTLOZ.

7) You sacrifice sleep in order to be the first viewer to see the update.

8) Zelda games are your life, and you think that Wolfhang's art is the only art that exists on the planet.

9) Playstation? What's a playstation?

10) You think Ultima9999 is god. Which he is, of course.

If you find these signs present within you, then you have problems. Go get help. Now.

Villains Influence.

As I already wrote about the girls on the Zelda series..and also about the importance of all of the characters, I think it´s time to write about the evil and bad guys of the fairy tales (well...modern fairy tales too). So, let´s star thinking about how important is the villain on a story. A villain is a villain, here and on Mars so...They always want to take control over the world, have all the power and do their will, by using some dirty methods like kidnapping a princess, stealing an important or vital support for a reign, planet or situation, it includes jewels, papers, or even a person.

So he or she has a twisted mind, maybe caused by a childhood trauma, parents, the whole society or just because they are mad. They are sometimes best friends of the improtant ones of the story, or archenemies. It doesn´t matter what relation they have with other characters. They just want to get rid of the "good" things a place has.

And their appearance is vital!! Some of them (the majority) are ugly and need an urgent plastic surgery! Having a pig or...a deformed face (he he....I remember old Ganon), but some of them aren´t. Some of them are girls!! (well..a few ones, I remember Battletoads and that sexy girl). And (mentally speaking) they think they are the best of the best!! (naaaahh wrong!!)

But... we love (?) them and hate them, we laugh and shout as we defeat them. They are for what we fight, to kick their ugly faces and see how they die, disappear or just swallowed by the... "nothing".

So..what could be of our world without bad guys? I bet it would be...REALLY boring. I have only one thing to say: We need more bad girls!!!!

Note: Thanks to NabooruTeen. I will deep on this subject soon.

Girls influence

Since the fairy tales, it is a normal thing for a hero to rescue the princess, kill the bad guy and then save the entire world from destruction. But, who inspires all this heroic theme? Who is the one who makes the hero risk his life and do whatever is needed to save the day? In first term he have the "world", and does everything to save the people living happily there. But..(in my opinion) the one who makes the hero do such braves stunts and risk his life is...the only and original...princess. It doesn´t matter if it´s a girl, a fish or a strange mixture between an elf and a human, they all have that charming look that makes the hero do everything for her. In almost every case, they must rescue her from an evil mind, who is the same evil one who wants take control over the world (a coincidence... he he...No!!). So... what choice does the hero have? A pretty princess and exterminate a bad guy? Perfect match!

Zelda has a a lot of girls involved directly in the plot. First of all (and the winner of the prize!..) is Zelda, a nice charming princess with a naive look and obvious beauty. Then we can start with the ones who become Sages; Nabooru, Saria, Princess Ruto (another princess!) and Impa, then the ordinary ones like Malon and all the Gerudo race (except that little detail named Gannondorf and other details every 100 years). All of them girls! So.. if we want to think about the "girl influence" in Zelda, it´s more than obvious (Sorry if I forgot naming more female characters involved here).

Girls are the engine that makes everything happen! We are the starting point of everything!.... A feminist here...?? You BET that..... :-)

Note: But the boys have a LOT of credit too. Who will save the princess? a HERO!

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