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General information about Nintendo's Zelda series.


The Legend of Zelda

Nintendo, 1987

The game:
A unique top-down action-RPG. You control our little hero Link in his adventure to save Princess Zelda. Along the way, you collect dozens of power-ups that can help you defeat tougher enemies and get into previously inaccessible areas.

Zelda simply a lot of fun to play - and it´s one of the grandest adventures on the NES. The game is designed so well, all of us at EGM would still gladlyplay it today. Every area of the map is so well thought out, requiring you to use a little noggin-power in your quest. And each time you pick up a shiny new weapon, the game forces you to use it intelligently.

Coolest part:
You find the pieces of the Triforce, you kill Ganon, you rescue Zelda. As you bask in your hard-earned victory, you slowly realize that the game designers are going to award you with a whole new second quest in the same catridge!

Did you know:
The Legend of Zelda is the first cartridge in gaming history to have a battery backup to save your games.

Zelda II The Adventures of Link

Nintendo, 1989

The game:
The sequel to the most popular action-RPG of all time, Zelda II brings side-scrolling gameplay and some traditional RPG elements (experience building and magic spells) into the fray.

It continues the story from the original Zelda brilliantly, with a much larger quest and world and a different style of play that is still a joy to experience. One thing we´ve learned about Zelda II is that most people either love it or hate it. As you may guess, we hold it in high regard but still feel that the other games in the series are better on the whole. Still an all-time great though.

Coolest part:

Finding Bagu´s hidden cabin in the forest.

Did you know:
Some gamers who couldn´t wait for Zelda II because of Nintendo alleged "chip shortages" imported their copies from Canada. That´s dedication!

The Legend of Zelda: Link´s Awakening

Game Boy
Nintendo, 1994 - 1998

The game:
The portable version of NIntendo´s immensely popular action-RPG series.

Even for a Game Boy title, Link´s Awakening is incredible, beating out the Super NES Zelda in both size and scope. Link´s Awakening is simply awesome. It mixes the best elements of play from Zelda I and Super NES Zelda and adds a bit of humor to the dialogue, never taking itself too seriously. It´s also quite challenging and won´t be eaten easily by even the best gamers.

Coolest part:
Being able to take Zelda anywhere is cool enough, is it not?
Dear Nintendo:
Please take all four 8- and 16-Bit Zelda games and stick them on a Super Mario All-Stars-style compilation cart for the N64. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please!!!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Super NES
NIntendo, 1992

The game:
A sequel to the 8-Bit action-RPG series, with better graphics, new tools and weapons, and more worlds to explore.

A Link to the Past takes everything that made the original Zelda such a classic and supercharges the entire package. The graphics are improved tenfold over the original, and the levels - especially outdoors - are huge (remember the forest maze?). The environments are also much more interactive than in previous Zeldas (remember lighting the torches in the dungeons with your lantern?). Past three of the Zelda series is clearly the best action-RPG ever made.

Coolest part:
Remeber seeing the rain for the first time? Remember thinking how awesome your Super Nintendo is when you saw that rain?


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Nintendo 64
Nintendo, 1998

The game:
The first 3-D Zelda game, most succesful , and probably the best ACTION-RPG game made so far. It should be placed in the beginning of the Zelda series timeline, and it's the first time that we have two versions of the main characters in the same game.

It takes the elements of the previous Zelda games plus new ones and turns them into an amazing 3-D virtual world. The game is so well done that leaves very little to the imagination, thats why it has been criticized by some zelda 3 fans.

Coolest part:
Difficult to say. the whole game is so damn great!




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