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Now, on to the letters:


The site rules

I'll open this letter by commenting upon your preeminent work. I have never seen such a hardcore Zelda site in my life. Though I had never been to your site before now, I am already 100% pumped. Let me quickly describe my appreciation for your thoroughness.
I have been familiar with Zelda since its days of life on the NES.
Nevertheless, I thought there always could have been more Zelda out there.
Take Pokemon, for example. I think that series of games looks absolutely retarded, but it already has four titles in the US and who knows how many in Japan. Why can't Zelda be like this?
I used to drool over the Nintendo Power comics. In fact, I was totally pumped when I found out you also created a comic for the site. In addition, I was totally wasted by that dark art. You just do not realize how absolutely hardcore your artist is.
There is another site which you may or may not be aware of ( I used to be totally hooked on that site, but its webmaster eventually gave up and turned it over to some other dude who never decently updates it. However, I became aware of the three CD-i titles during the several hours I spent staring at the pages.
Naturally, as most hardcore Zelda fans would be, I was totally psyched about these games. I wasted days trying to find at least ONE site that had some screen shots of these games. So far, the only site I ever found was yours.
I may be out of my mind thinking you would go out of your way for one fan, but I would be totally pumped just to see a few more CD-i Zelda shots.
I noticed you only had an animation frame from Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon.
I don't think I'm really alone on this one, though. If you could just post some screen shots of these games, I would be the most pumped Zelda fan out there. I'm positive that a ton of other Zelda kids would piss their pants if you could say on your main page: Rare Zelda shots that you won't find anywhere else of games you can't play on any Nintendo system.
I could really care less if you just took some pictures of a TV screen while someone played. Just to see what the overworld looked like, some battles, caves, castles..... dammit! I am so pumped! Anyway, you get the main flow. You don't even have to respond to this letter. Just please consider my plead.
In the mean time, keep up the awesome work. I look forward to seeing updates on your web

Thankyou very much! we appreciate your comments on the site, and you can be sure that we are doing our best to keep it updated. One of the things we'll have to update is the Zelda comic which is a project we have in stand-by at the moment due to other more urgent matters we have to care about.
To give you an idea, we are about to receive a new staff member who will bring us exclusive news from Japan about everything related to Zelda. But I can't say more at the moment...

Getting screenshots from the CD-i Zelda games is not an easy task, but we may get some more screenshots if we are lucky enough, remember that those games (and the CD-i system) never succeeded and bringing stuff about them is a big problem since they seem to have dissapeared. Shoul we contact Philips? ...good idea!

Thanks for your comments on my artwork. Get ready to feel my true power (yeah right) after I open my personal site... really soon. Good bye my friend, and take care.

PS: (notice that we are showing Zelda Headquarters' URL. That's for the people that believes zelda sites are enemies or something....ok ok, maybe some of them are...mmm, I wonder why?)

The missing walkthrough

Your web page is great! colorful, interesting images, a surprisingly useful layout...I love it!
The only thing that I don't love is that you're missing the walkthrough for Zelda 1. Is this something that will be added soon? Is there any way I can talk you into emailing me when you do put it up?
Thanks a bundle in advance!

-Joseph Velez

We are working on it. I guess.... aren't we? mmm... yeah we are working on it. We'll have something soon. Stay tuned!

...where did I left my copy of Zelda 1??? Falcooooooo????!!!!!!!

Will this ever come to an end?

I have been on every zelda site on the net and i have seen their how to get the tri-force rumors most of them said that you must get a perfect game such as have all 36 hearts and all weapon upgrades. well now i am about to find out if that is a way to get the tri-force thats if it is in the game. here is the list of my current game statis

1 heart peice away from 2 full rows of life i can carry 30 deku sticks,50 arows,50 deku seeds, and so on i have all weapon upgrades all 100 skulltolas, horse archary 1450, marathon race time 1:30, got 10 and 20 pound fish, golden scale, havent been killed once in the hole quest,

i once emailed you during when your site was on the old server and said i would promise to tell you if i found the tri-force or not. as soon as I get the sinking lure ,2000 in horseback archary, and the last peice of heart i will tell what happens. i know we are all sick of people saying that they have found the tri-force but im one of the people who actually try the rumors.


Ho man, sorry to dissapoint you but many people have achieved a perfect score in Zelda 64 including me and nothing happened. Besides, as we have said before, there's no way that you can grab the Triforce in this game, so why are you still trying? Do you think we are kidding? we said there's no triforce. period. and now, let's cover the next zelda game!

Do the math

Hey Falco. I just needed to say a couple of things:

1. You said that there is a max of 40 Deku Seeds. I have 50 but forgot how to upgrade to that level, I will continue to play a different game to find out how it upgraded.
2. Do you have a site where there is a map of where the big poes are?
3. When I approach the creatures in the Forest Maze with the Mask of Truth, they go down one by one. I know when I can talk to them (when they have a conversation then all sounds go off and I am able to walk to them) but they all leave when I try to talk to them.



1) ..... prove it!
2) sure, go to the ZELDA 64 GUIDE and get that info. Click
3) ... ok.

Shigeru is a liar?

First I think that all these Timelines are fake. Shigeru Miyamoto Timeline I think it is a hoax and he didn't write it and all those people who beleve that he wrote that they are very gullable.(Excuse my spelling please :-) I say Shigeru Miyamoto would want to keep peple guessing. My opition of the timeline is that there isn't one just it is a differnt Link Differnet Zelda and Differnet Ganan And Differnt Hryrule and differnet Triforce every time.
And Link's Awaning was a dream.As far as the towns being named after Sages they weren't intended to be named after sages and when Zelda64 came out they were low on names so they went there.

Excuzes moi monsieur... do you think I will invent that? of course Miyamoto said so!

Shiny object in the moat

I just wanted to know if you had an explanation for something very interesting that I found on Zelda64. Ok. As a kid in the Castle, I found something in the moat that I found kinda strange, seeing as it's impossible to get to. It is on the far left side of the moat of the castle, not the marketplace. If you look through the grate you can see a shiny object that is halfway in the water. I can't make out what it is, but it looks like a heart container or a rupy. At first I thought that it was just a rupy from the other side of the moat, but I got all the rupees in the moat and it was still there. Anyways, I couldn't figure out how to get to it, and I was
wondering if you knew anything about it. Thanx a lot. Lataz,


Mmm.. nope. what you are seeing is a small glitch in the texture. Nothing to worry about. or maybe... is it the triforce? ho noooo

The poes and "Little women"

Me again. Another interesting thing about 4 of the characters in Zelda64.
I found this kind of funny. But did you ever notice that when you Z-target a Poe in the Forest Temple, they have names? There are four of the poe sisters. The red one is Beth, Blue one is Joel, green is Amy, and purple is Meg.
And about the names, Meg, Amy, and Beth were characters in the book 'Little Women' by Louisa Alcott. And instead of Jo from this book, the character in Zelda was Joel. Isn't it funny? I guess the makers of Zelda like to read literature books!
Also, when you walk to the platform to kill off Meg (purple poe of cloning and illusion), if you stand a good enough distance away and look at her, she's... crying... why? I'm not sure. Maybe because she's the last sister left?? Well, I have proof of this. Play it yourself and see.
Well, I suppose I'll leave you alone. ¡Feliz Cuatro de Julio!

-Princess Virgo, the lost poe sister.


Good finding princess! months ago we were told by a Nintendo insider working close to Zelda's development that they named the poes as characters of "Little women" just because of fun. Joel was the onlyone whose name was altered to make the coincidence not so obvious. We never said anything just to see if somebody ever was going to find it out. Congratulations and keep your eyes open for one or two more coincidences hidden in the game! Should we make a contest?

Why don't my real stories get published?

do i need to send them as a bmp. or what cause my pics never get published


As we have said before we don't publish everything we receive, otherwise we would need the entire Trintium Gaming Network servers' space and that's just impossible. We only publish the best articles, letters or pictures of the unending amount of emails we receive each week.
Remember that if you want to increase the chances you must properly attach your pictures in the emails. Some people only paste them and that brings unpredictable effects. Attach them please! Don't get discouraged, keep trying!!!

Zelda 3 help. how to get up to death mountain.

I have the first two pendants in A Link to the Past. But I do not know how to get up death mountain. I get to the broken bridge and no further. All the walk troughs do not tell me how to get up the mountain or what to do after getting everything except the moon pearl and last pendant. So if you could help me please tell me how to get tp these places.




We are a non-spoilers Zelda site so we are not going to tell you what to do in detail. But to get to Death mountain you'll need a reflective device... (whose name starts with Magic and ends with Mirror). oops!
HERE for details.

Look harder!!!

I think you should reall look harder into finding the triforce in zelda64.I think you should try every hint trick and try what theses people have e-mailed you.I whould try them all but i dont own the game i just rent it but i think it is the best game on nintendo64 yet. So if you could at least try it whould mean alot thanks and please e-mail me at XXX to tell me what you think thanks



I can't find other way to say that ...




The tatoo mystery

OK. Hi! Your site kicks some serious ass! well, Im wrtiting this to tell you that Ive solved the tatoo on the bean man mystery. When you look at it, it looks like 1:01. but, if you look at it right, its 10:1. thus, the price raises ten rupees every one bean sold. Please reply through email or on the site. Please post this! Thx


Maybe you actually found what the tatoo means. Or at least you found a possible explanation. Well done!

No more 2D?

Granted the n64 zelda game was fabulous I found myslef missing the traditional method with which zelda games had been made through ninetendo and super ninetendo. Will game makers everywhere abandon 2d forever?:(


Not in the near future. But according to the way things have been lately I have no doubt that 2D gaming will prevail only in portable gaming systems and 3D will be the basic feature in every home systems. That's the way things are. "That's evolution baby!!!"

Zelda Club & Zelda newsletter

First off id like to your site is pretty cool. :)

It wont let me join the club! It says try again later but every time I try to join it says the same thing! Could you tell me why it does this?

I typed my E-Mail address in the "subscribe to our free newsletter" and I never got anything about any newsletter. besides if I do subscribe what kinda stuff would I get on it? just curious.


that's all. Please tell me what I could do about all these things? I would be delighted if you did.
E-mail about these things at: thank you for your assistance.


The Zelda club is partially closed due to the lack of interest on Zelda of the present members. 80% of the sites that made part of it are closed. It's the clear evidence that most Zelda sites were only a consecuence of a "temporary zelda revolution" sort of fashion I can say. What am I talking about? That only three or four Zelda sites are real web sites with real interest on the topic, not just a casual entertainment. Hyrule: The Land of Zelda was the first Zelda site to open a zelda club , with the idea to build a strong Zelda community. But this turned not to be as perfect as we wanted and we finally faced reality. The Zelda Club was no longer working as such, and we found it was a waste of tme for us. It's just there, and we promise to update it, but ONLY with the REAL zelda sites. That means that we will choose the members from now on. What does that mean? If you want to be part of it you'll have to succeed on your own. If you make a wonderful site you'll be inside.

Our newsletter system supported by "E-groups" turned to be a bad system for huge mailing list as ours. Seems that the service is not prepared to handle such a number of suscriptions. We have a list of thousands of emails and now the system turned to be so slow that we decided not to send newsletters until the system is ready to work the way we want. You'll have to be patient. sorry.

Happy birthday to youuuu

I just wanted to say happy birthday to your site and I think you people are doing a good job with this site.  I also think this is one of the best and most comprehensive zelda site there is on the internet. I have been following your site since about October last year.   I just want to say keep up the good work and hope you get number 1 in the worlds best site. 

Thanks so much friend! we work hard to keep this site up and running (actually looks like it's the only Zelda site which is actually up and running.

Meaning of some character names

Hi. Well, I was bored one day and I decided to check up on the meanings of some of those crazy words in Zelda. So I whipped out my trusty japanese/english dictionary, and heres what I got:

Deku: apparently it means "A wooden figure, a dummy or a doll"

Jabu Jabu: "To dabble in water; to wade in the stream"

Kojiru: "to grow worse, lecture or be enbarrassed"

There was no gerudo, but Geru means a type of hair gel, and Gorudo means gold. Probably no connection.

Ruto: "A route; a channel"

And now heres a whole heap of ones that most likely have no connection at ALL but sound like the names:

Reru: "A railway line"

Naburu: "To banter or tease"

Gorone: "To sleep with one's clothes on"

Kumei: "A bad reputation"

So what I'm saying (obviously I'm refering to the section at the top) is what the hell did they call the people in Japan if those names had the double meanings?
If anybody could enlighten me or point out any hideous mistakes I've made (because I'm not a student of japanese and the dictionary was old and fuzzy (hehe!)) I'd be most grateful.

Until next time,

Malon's fairy

-Philippa Edquist

Thanks, this is quite interesting my friend... (are you expecting more from me?) :)

The song at the end...

Just want to start out by saying that your page is just awesome!! Easily one of the best Zelda sites out there. I've spent a long time looking over it, and I must say it's very impressing. Ok, sorry. Now to the good part.
I bet you've heard this one before, but somewhere I heard that if you beat Zelda 64 and get to the very end of the cinema, and after it shows Zelda and Link and says 'The End' and all that, something happens. So I tried, and if you wait a few minutes, an ocarina song plays. It's not a song from the game that you play, and it doesn't show the notes or anything. It plays it a few more times every minute or so on different instuments, and between them you can faintly hear a cow mooing. I tried to remember the song, and played it as well as I could on the Ocarina. Nothing happened. It sounds crazy, but do you know what the song means?! I really need to's driving me nuts!! Well, thanks for reading!


Yes, we have mentioned this several times, but obviously you couldn't find it in our pages (no wonder since we are the largest zelda site..errr..sorry, I'm not supposed to say that)

The song you hear is the SCARECROW SONG. what does that means? that it's the song you composed during the game...well I guess I don't need to explain that.

Zelda comic

This question is for Falco-X and Zerofoxie:
Are you going to continue with the Link and Zelda A love Story comic?
You haven't continued with the story since May 10!!!!!!!!!
Please don't leave me discontinued, is very interesting.
I Hope you continue.
You're fan:

-Alex Rendon
Little Rock

Sure we will, but as soon as we finish some other projects ;)

Nintendo 2000 - Dolphin.

Hi, you said something about the next nintendo console, the nintendo200X.
Before i read in a gameing magiziene about the next nintendo console being atached to the the N64, similar to the sega cd method. they had pictures and everything. is the nintendo200X going to be atached to the N64? If you flip your console over you can see a place were it looks like an atachment can be made. Can you please answer my question?
Thank you for your time.

-David Johnson

No, the next nintendo console will be an independent system click HERE to read about it.
Maybe you got confussed because of the 64 Disc Drive that was supposed to be released in japan, but that's a different story and has nothing to do with the fuure system named PROJECT DOLPHIN.

This is a great letter!

How did you get so damn good at HTML? I have never seen a website that has an animated title. What you can do with HTML is astonishing. Your site is also all original. You don't copy crap from other people's website and post it on yours which is admirable. I love your staff especially Falco-X because sometimes he gives questions from readers smart-ass answeres that make me laugh so hard I bust a hernia..ok not quite. Also you anime section is phenomonal. I have never seen anime of that quality before, not even on the videos. Some people write you letters just to get posted. I wrote this letter because your Zelda site is so insperational. Because of people like you the Zelda legend will never die but continue on. I an seventeen years old and have been a huge fan of Zelda for fourteen years. Zelda is a saga that will never have an ending but a new beginning spread over time. You guy's
really have the talent to become enormously successfull in the years to come.
When you have fans like me your site will never diminish but prosper througt time. Keep up the good work and remember: Hard work is often overlooked but if you continue on you will be lead to paradise. Thanks!


What can I say? thankyou, thankyou,thankyou for your email. But I don't think I give smart answers, I'm just a bird-brain...and a blue one (lack of oxygen in my blood?). Anyway I will try to avoid funny answers since there are no doctors in the staff. I don't want a visitor to suffer from a heart attack. :)
Get ready for future surprises, keep coming!!!!

Wolfhangs anime art and a concerned Zelda fan.

I have been a deep seeded Zelda fan since i was six years old. After perusing your rather impressive site I was instilled with a concern or two.
Particularly I have a problem with Mr. Van Kraus's art. Lovely as it is, how in the world can someone be so audacious as to conjure up images that are either blatantly inaccurate or entirely unrelated to the Zelda series and then publish them on a site dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Zelda.
Several characters were mentioned that are very plainly never mentioned anywhere in all of rather extensive studies of the game and the story behind it. Fankly I'm a little offended. The legend that is the premise of the game is a fantastically original one. The details and following of the story are remarkbable when you consider that, when it was concieved, it was
produced on an 8 bit gaming system that the writers managed to, nevertheless, turn into the full scale universe of fantasy that we all and love. If I was one of the original creators of Zelda I would be heavily troubled by the liberties taken in the depiction of the Zelda characters.
Just thought it worth mentioning. Also, I realize that Zelda was originally released in Japan, but why must the art concerning Zelda be in the form Japanamation art. Really, it's just dirty. Every single book, stratagey guide, magazine and instruction booklet (all endorsed by the original and continuing creators) managed to stray from that cartoony and stock style of art. Why can't you?

-A concerned fan

This has a simple explanation. I'm an artist. I started drawing Zelda related art since the site opened. In time I started to see that my art was somewhat attractive to some people and I started to develop my own concepts because of something we usually call, an act of inspiration. Besides, I'm not the only artist around, we can find writers that develop their own characters in their zelda stories. From time to time they ask me to draw their characters. If I have time and I like their concept I draw for them. That's why you see characters like "Lady Juliet" or the ones from "Hyrule's Lost legend", they were actually created by zelda fans. I don't see this as a lack of respect towards the zelda series, but as a compliment, since zelda is obviously more than a game, it's a feeling inside many of us.

The anime style I use to express myself is my own drawing style, and in my personal opinion it fits perfectly with the original Zelda concept. And I'm sorry to tell you but, the art you see in the official site and the instruction booklet is also based on anime style. Look closely and you'll realize that I'm right about this. Or just look into your own Zelda game, they are 3D model characters, but they have clear evidence of japanese art style. Zelda is a japanese game. lets face it.

Fear is near

Do You Know How I Can Get Over My Fear Of Re-Deads?

.... I need a vacation...




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