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A real life Rupee! Fangs


The Myth continues... -Mandy Wright
The True Fans -Cotiru
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A real life Rupee



Well, it's Fangs again and I found a "Rupee" in my money collection. It's a
coin from Mauritius (Moor-i-she-us), a small island off the coast of South
Africa. I've included a picture of the front and back. The coin was made in 1956 and I'm not sure if it's still in use. I hope you can use the pics.




Note from the Editor:
Thanks Fangs! This will also show the people that this is a cultural site ;-)
By the way, besides Mauritius (as you said) a "Rupee" is also the unit of money of other countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


The Myth continues...

Now, let me begin by refreshing your memory. Remember when I was talking about a character I made up called Jujiro (it's me, Mandy Wright), and that I was going to send you the myth that made him a heroic legend, just like Link? Here it is!
You can post it if you want, but I would recommend posting it in Miscellaneous because it is short and its not in a download. You don't need to post it if you don't want to. This is sort of a present from me to you guys.
By the way, if you are interested or just plain confused about the myth, I would be happy to clear it up for you. It would be hard following this without even knowing a thing about the Dimensional.

The Legacy of Jujiro
(from "The War of the Drachenores")

...The torment of the war has seem to enslave the hopes of all. The Drachenores have destroyed all of the Dimensional with the Drachenore Lord Clazden in command. The heroic warriors could not cease their reign. Even the dragon hunter Drae was at his mercy, and could not stop his evil deeds.
The sky dimmed dark. The darkness has come. Lord Clazden has risen from the tall peaks of Fiestin Ridge with a proclamation. He has called upon himself as the new ruler of the Dimensional. He shall take his throne by slaying the spiritual ruler, Kinesis. After he announced his reign as the ruler, millions upon millions of Drachenore warriors charged from the ridge towards the remaining souls at Shaphir Peak.
The remaining souls at the peak were only five Wonyias, one among them was the princess Kairu. As her followers waited for the end to communes, Kairu spread her wings and soared to the heights above. At the very top of Shaphir Peak, she spoke out to anyone up there who could hear her.
"Great spirit Kinesis," she stated. "Hear my cry. Clazden has come to slay you. The evil within has enslaved him. He will rule all of the Dimensional at any cost. No one is here to help. Everyone who is willing to fight is gone. The Slave Warrior, The Spirit Indian, Drae, all of the warriors of the myths are missing. Even the tribes of the Serpentras and the Reptillians are banished from sight. All that is left is me and four of my souls who beckon my every right as their Lady. I am asking for your power, Kinesis. Call upon the mighty spirits that creates the living and all that is to be seen. Send your almighty power. This is the last hope..."
She is to be stopped to realize that Kinesis cannot listen to her voice. She swoops to below to see all of the Drachenore race, Clazden holding the Claw of Spirit against Kinesis's neck. 'Tis too late.
As Clazden begins to strike, a shrill has been called and the sky flashed bright. All looked upon the sky to see the darkness open up into a mystic blue, unlike any portal no one has beheld their eyes to seek. Form the blue, a mystic creature descended downward. Slowly and solemnly the creature descended from the blue to the ground. It slowly settled to the middle of the gathering, in the view of Lord Clazden. It reached the ground.
The creature looked like a Wonyia, with feathers and long wings, yet no tail. Its feathers were dark green and its tunic was made of the light green leaves that has never been grown by a living plant. Its arms, legs, and other parts of his body were wrapped in vines. Shielding its face were bright golden blades chiseled to looked like wings. The blades dropped to overlook its face. She was a beautiful magnificent creature. Her dark black, metallic eyes would not leave from the eye contact of Clazden's.
"Seize her!" demanded Clazden to his warriors. The battle overlooked by the Kairu and her subjects was a bloody and treacherous. They could barely recall what happened. All they remembered was a slash by the creature's right blade tearing through the arm and tail of Clazden and their eyes were blinded to see the rest. When they could finally see, they saw a beautifully restored land with everyone back. They spent a few days finding the survived tribes. All tribes, all animals, all warriors and legacies survived. All the Drachenores were there as well, hissing crude remarks and proclamations to Kairu.
The Dimensional has been revived, no one remembered the creature.
Not even Kairu. Who will soon remember. She reached Shaphir Peak for the first time after the end of the war. She then flew to the top, not knowing why. On the way to the top, she can remember vaguely the battle that took place time ago to end the War of the Drachenores. She saw all, except for the warrior.
At the top, she met a Wonyia. The Wonyia flew to the outward sky above and slowly landed in front of her. Her eye contact was focused on the eyes of Kairu.
Kairu then realized who it was. It was her, the warrior who ended the war. She was about to spread her wings to bow before her, but the warrior raised her hand to stop her. The warrior then spoke: "Jujiro." That was the only word she ever spoke. She then spread her wings and flew away.
This incident at the end of the war set aside a new myth of the Dimensional. A new legacy as well. The heroic legacy was known as Jujiro, for these were the only words she ever spoke.


The Myth goes on.- Facts on the Legacy of Jujiro

-For one, this myth is a shorter version of the end to the war story, War of the Drachenores. The difference between the end of the story and the myth is that the war story ending is longer and gets more in depth, even into the battle at the end.
-The Drachenores are a new evil race that stormed into the realm of the Dimensional. They resemble the form and actions of dragons and have the structural form of man. They came from the crumbing implosion of the ground which was caused by what the Wonyians believed was a fiery pit beneath the surface (because fire rose from the cracks and holes along with the Drachenores). After they "surfaced from the pit" they fought for the rule of the Dimensional.
-Lord Clazden is the ruler of the Drachenores who ruled upon the powers of evil. He was the only Drachenore to have horns and dragon-like wings. -The mentioned dragon hunter, Drae, is also a legacy. She is very powerful because she is the only warrior who fights dragons to stop them from causing a war between dragons that will awaken the mighty dragon, Rebellion. She is also a Wonyian, but no one knows how she originated. While Jujiro came from a blue mist in the sky, Drae just appeared to tame the wild dragon,
Electroci. She is also the only legacy to have scars from battles.
-The Dimensional sky has no sun, moon, nor stars. The sky can brighten into day and dim into night. That is why it says in the story that the sky dimmed down. Also, the sky is not blue at day. At day, the sky is golden, at night it is pitch black.
The Dimensional sky also has no clouds. Clouds only form when the dragon, Electroci, awakens. Therefore, it does not rain, unless the mighty dragon, Rebellion, awakens.
-Fiestin Ridge is a large, twisted range of rocks where Reptilians and Snakelings train for battle. Many quarrels between Reptilians and Snakelings are fought there.
-Kinesis is known as a spiritual ruler because he is a spirit who rules the Dimensional. He is barely seen because he has the power to hide himself into the thin air. Whoever sees him is known to be blessed for one of many ways. Even if you do see him, though, you will not see what he looks like for his head dress and clothing covers his whole body (in some stories, it is explained that when he lifts the horns on his head dress you can almost see his golden eyes). He ruled the Dimensional since it was created.
-Saphir Peak is a religious site. The peak is a large, jagged diamond encrusted with other gemstones. It is so tall that when you reach the top you can actually communicate to the spiritual ruler and creators of the Dimensional. That is why many prayers to the ruler and creators are to be said there.
-The Wonyians are a race of birds with human characteristics. While they have the body structure of man, they have wings, tails, beaks and claws of birds. While they have feathers, they have arms and legs like man.
-Kairu is the only princess of the Wonyians, although there is no king, queen, nor prince of the tribe. Though she tries not to believe it, all Wonyians believe that she and Jujiro have some kind of connection or relation.
-Slave Warrior and Spirit Indian are also legacies and warriors. The Slave Warrior is similar to a Reptilian, except he looks more like a lizard. He is also the very first legacy and warrior. He is called the Slave Warrior because he fights for the losing side of a battle he comes across, no matter if the losing side is peaceful or evil, and if he fights then the losing side will win. The Spirit Indian is the guardian of spirits and fights for peace with her spiritual power. She is like a Wonyian, but she is the only spirit that has a body and not a spiritual form. The Slave Warrior and The Spirit Indian are the only two legacies that are in love with each other since they met in battle.
-There is a typo in the myth. The word is Snakelings, NOT Serpentras.
Serpentra is a dragon; Snakelings is a race of serpents with human characteristics. They resemble large black snakes, but they have arms, claws, poisonous fangs that can harm or kill, and a long snake tail.
-Reptilians also are snakes with human characteristics. They have scales that can either have a color of tan or a color of light brown. They have the body structure of man, but they have arms, legs, slender fingers and toes (almost tail-like), claws, poisonous fangs that contain many poisons that can do many harmful things to a victim (harm, stung, kill, sleep, even transform them into another creature), tail with a rattlesnake rattle, and a cobra hood.
-The spirits that create the living is the four spirits who created the Dimensional. Earth, who resembles a majestic wolf, created the plants and trees. Wind, who resembled an animal in the Dimensional called a Longtail, created the sky. Water, who resembled a Snakeling, created the oceans and seas of the Dimensional. Fire, who resembled a burned, fiery wildcat, created the lands. Although they did not create the living, they are known as spirits who create the living. The spirits who create the living are the two spirits, War and Peace.
-The Claw of Spirit is a very powerful weapon. One swipe of the Claw amongst a immortal creature's neck could cause him/her to die. It was never used on mortals because it was known that when a mortal dies, it will cause a chain reaction of deaths among many (example, one mortal dies from the Claw, many people who know him or her will die the same fate).
-Many portals to other dimensions exist in the Dimensional. The dimensions "fold open" into a diamond shape opening. The opening will lead into a large, mystic blue area where one step could lead you into another dimension into another world or let you fall into a deep chasm that will let you fall into oblivion.
-Now onto Jujiro. Jujiro is a majestic creature, one of the latest legacies of the Dimensional. He appears in a few other myths and war stories since this one, like the War of the Dragons. She is known to be majestic because she is unlike any legacy the Dimensional has ever seen. She never spoke a word since she told Kairu her name. She is known to have courage to stand up to battles with pride ("She has no fear, she has no anger. She will stand, fight, and live with pride." - Drae, War of the Drachenores.).

I hope I do not mean to disappoint anyone if I had a lot more on everything else in the myth and not much on Jujiro. I will try to make it up to you somehow. I will also try to either send more information on the Dimensional or a section of the War of the Dragon story which involves Jujiro. Or maybe I will send some information about the Dimensional language and writing (yes, I have been bored enough to compose language and writing)!

Mandy Wright



The true fans

Hola!  My name is Cotiru.  I have been a reader of your site since June of '98.  Today I'm in a writing mood (I wrote to everyone in my address book) and I decided now is the time to speak out.  This is my first time sending a letter to HTLOZ, by the way.
While I was reading Goldenboy's editorial (The Zelda Phenomenom) I thought, "I'm one of the true fans!"  I just fully enjoy the game.
The first Zelda game I ever played was The Legend of Zelda:The Adventure of Link for the NES.  I truly loved it!  It tells such a great story!  I wanted to finish it then SOMEHOW [looks at little siblings running around] it cracked in half!  I had to go to my friends house and play it!  And even after I finished it I still couldn't get enough!
Later in life, I played A Link to the Past and I got that same thrill from years ago!  After thinking that no more games were gonna be made, here come Ocarina of Time!
I played it ever since I got it Christmas of '98 and to this day I still play it!  I have searched everywhere and tried many of the secrets and other fun things posted on your site and others!
Goldenboy is right about the style of the game.  It is a great combination of RPG, action, adventure, and puzzles!  Every time I make a new file on the game and start from the beggining I still have a lot of fun!  I keep trying to find new ways to do things and find things!  Every time I come to boss in the game I turn the volume up to really experience it!  I purposely take all kinds of hits until I have about 3 or 4 hearts left and then start beating up the boss!  It's like there's more danger or something because Link could die with just 1 or 2 more hits!
And the game tells such a great story!  Its the very first adventure that link is destined to go on before anything else!  The first time he meets his great enemy Ganon!  It's the very first time!  And when it was the very first time I played it, I always stopped and thought about the story and how it goes on with the rest of the adventures.  The first time I confronted Ganon was a giant thrill! 
Didn't everyone go through that?  When you first beat The King of Evil, didn't you think the he was truly dead?  Then didn't you just shout out "COOL!!!!!!!" when Ganondorf survived the destruction of his castle and used the Triforce of Power to transform into Ganon??  Didn't you think you weren't gonna defeat him?
Although I think there could have been more improvements, I still think it's a great adventure!  The music at the end is what I like the most.  When Adult Link drives the Master Sword into the Pedestal of Time for the last time and he is returned to his original time as a child is amazing.  Then Link turns around and takes one last look at the Master Sword and (this is what I like most) Navi flies up to the sunlight shining through the window and the music goes up to the climax!  That part right there just fills me with a great feeling of adventure and I have to take a deep breath and enjoy it all!  That part is just great!!
Well, I guess I've written a lot already (I'm not saying it's enough!).
P.S. - My email addy for responces is
Keep all your bottles shiny!