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Weeks after "ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME" was launched a rumor begun to spread like wildfire; apparently the Tri-Force was hidden somewhere in the game, and Link would be able to get it just as he did in some previous games of the series.
The problem was that suddenly many people started to claim that they have found this sacred relic, and each of them had their own version...
Here in HYRULE: The Land of Zelda, we investigated the most relevant Triforce cases.
Here they are, for your pleasure.

The ARIANA A. case-
Probably the most incredible story about the Triforce on the net. Although this story and the pictures are the most impressive seen so far it was all a big lie. - Section Closed-
Another Lie. Nothing to add sorry. The creators of this lie confessed. - Section Closed-
More rumors
Other popular rumors about The Triforce. All of them proven false of course for lack of evidence. - Section Closed-


Leads and Mysteries
Not only the Triforce is a topic of discussion here. Readers discuss, show evidence against or in favour of the Triforce theory, other mysteries , false rumors, fun, and much more.
Last Updated: June 8

Letters about Ariana's case
Check out what people did and said during the investigation about Ariana's Case
- Section Closed-