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Zelda Gaiden, Ura Zelda, and other new zelda games - 08/20/99


Six Zelda games in development-07/30/99
More Dolphin news-07/30/99Sequel to Zelda64 officially confirmed-05/29/99
Nintendo sales skyrocket!-05/29/99
The truth about Project Dolphin-N200X-05/29/99

The Rental Charts-05/06/99

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Latest info on the upcoming Zelda games.

These last days have been a pleasure for all zelda maniacs. Suddenly Nintendo relased tons of information about the upcoming Zelda games. Click HERE to find out.

Six Zelda games in development.

After listening to gamers' thirst for more installments to the Zelda series, Nintendo has announced that you are about to be broke.  6 new Zelda games are currently in development for the portable system, Game Boy Color.  While 2 of the Zelda games will be based on previous Zelda games, 4 will be completly new ideas that may even have a different game engine concept!
The 4 new titles are intrestingly designed in conjunction by Flagship, which is funded by the big N, Capcom, and Sega.  Perhaps we will see a Zelda RPG?  Who knows, but if Flagship can hold true to the Zelda name, we know we'll get something good.
More on this story as it breaks and less out of my wallet as they get released.
Ultima 9999

More news about project Dolphin.

Nintendo Forms Strategic Next Generation Console Relationships to Make Game Development Easier, Faster

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 29, 1999--

Multi-Million Dollar Agreements Made with Applied Microsystems, Metrowerks, and Factor 5, As Game Development Moves Forward

Designed to enable early and easy development of games that tap the full potential of its next generation console system, Nintendo of America Inc. today announced strategic relationships with three U.S.-based, leading software and hardware tools companies for its upcoming system, code named "Dolphin."

Nintendo has entered into long term agreements with three of the industry's top development tools companies: Applied Microsystems, Corp., Metrowerks, and Factor 5.

These relationships are part of an on-going process to identify optimal tools partners for a console more powerful than any current or planned home video game system and offering players a dramatically enhanced visual and engaging gameplay experience. All of the relationships announced will extend through the life of Nintendo's new system.

"These tools will allow our developers and third-party licensees to make the most of the tremendous power of the Dolphin system," says Jim Merrick, Director of Technical Support at Nintendo of America. "Providing developers quality tools from top companies at this early stage means better quality games, faster game creation, and faster time-to-market, which is great for everyone, especially the consumer."

Nintendo's next generation Dolphin home video game console will feature a unique 400 MHz central processor from IBM, a custom designed 200 MHz graphics chip from ArtX and a proprietary DVD drive from Matsushita. The 400 MHz copper "Gekko" processor will power Nintendo's new system using IBM's industry-leading 0.18 micron copper technology. The new system is slated to be available worldwide for the 2000 holiday season, as recently announced at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

Applied Microsystems, Corp. (AMC), based in Redmond, WA, has been selected to design and manufacture the critical development hardware developers will use to create Dolphin games. AMC is a recognized leader in manufacturing development tools for embedded systems for the avionics, Internetworking, and telecommunications industries.

"We're pleased we were chosen to work with Nintendo on Dolphin," says Stephen J. Verleye, President and CEO, Applied Microsystems, Corp. "AMC has led the embedded systems tools market for more than 20 years, so we have much to offer this next generation of console."

Helping developers lead the way for the next generation of game design is Austin, Texas-based Metrowerks, the leading provider of software development tools for the PowerPC architecture of which the Gekko processor is an extension. Metrowerks will provide a custom version of its acclaimed CodeWarrior software development tools which will enable developers to create Dolphin game software using popular programming languages.

"Our Dolphin-specific CodeWarrior will streamline the Dolphin game development process giving designers ease of use and the ability to access the unique features of the Dolphin system and the Gekko chip," explains Greg Galanos, President and Chief Technology Officer of Metrowerks. "We're pleased to work with Nintendo on this important hardware system and look forward to the results of this partnership."

Game and tools developer Factor 5, based in San Rafael, CA, which garnered many accolades for the audio in Nintendo 64's best-seller Star Wars(R): Rogue Squadron(tm), will provide audio and music development tools for Dolphin developers. Factor 5's MusyX(tm) Audio Tools product is highly efficient and offers the most advanced sound creation methods ever devised for interactive media. Factor 5's MusyX(tm) Audio Tools also feature an approved Dolby(Note A) Surround sound real-time encoder, adding the most advanced 3D audio to Nintendo games when played with a Dolby Surround decoder.

"Nintendo is the first game console manufacturer to recognize the evolution of sound as an integral part of their next generation system," says Julian Eggebrecht, president, Factor 5, LLC. "Their system will be more powerful than anything else out there, and we're thrilled to work with them."

Nintendo also has made both the tool sets from Factor 5 and Metrowerks available for N64 and Game Boy Color games. Via these next generation relationships, Nintendo maintains a high level of continuity for its hardware systems. Developers also will have instant familiarity with the tools that can help them make great strides in creating games for the Dolphin system.

Based in Redmond, WA, Applied Microsystems (Nasdaq:APMC) leads the market in providing a broad range of development tools for engineers who design, debug and test embedded systems. These tools combined with AMC's broad range of consulting services are unequaled in the industry.

Founded in 1985, Metrowerks (Nasdaq:MTWK) (TSE:MWK) develops, markets and supports CodeWarrior software development solutions for a number of operating systems targeting the most popular microprocessors. Intended for use for embedded systems or desktop computers, the cross-platform compilers allow programmers to build applications from one unique Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Metrowerks' CodeWarrior products are used by more than 200,000 registered users in 80 countries. The CodeWarrior software for the N64 system also was developed jointly with Nintendo.

Factor 5 is a leading software developer founded in Germany in 1987, now located in San Rafael, California. Besides the creation of million-unit selling games over the past 10 years, including Star Wars(R): Rogue Squadron(tm) for the N64, Factor 5 is recognized for its expertise in the category of interactive audio. Factor 5 Audio Tools have been used in some of the game industry's most notable products. Factor 5, LLC is a privately held company.

Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, is the acknowledged worldwide leader in the creation of interactive entertainment. To date, Nintendo has sold more than one billion video games worldwide, created such industry icons as Mario and Donkey Kong and launched franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. Nintendo manufactures and markets hardware and software for its popular home video game systems, including the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy -- the world's best-selling video game system. As a wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in North America.

Note A: "Dolby" is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

CONTACT: GOLIN/HARRIS Chris Olmstead/Reilly Brennan, 213/623-4200

The big N will always rule. Isn't that great?

Sequel to Zelda 64 officially confirmed

The announcement of a new Zelda game caused confussion. As nobody knows exactly what's going on, Three of us went to investigate to different sources. What we got is this:

Rumors of Rumblings
At a recent press conference to announce Nintendo's earnings, Nintendo announced it's biggest seller, Zelda 64. They said from the earnings of Zelda they will make a sequel. Wether or not that will be for the 64DD is yet to be determined. They'd stand to lose a bit of profit if it's for 64DD because it won't be released in North America. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The new buzz is that Ura-Zelda is a reality.  The sequel to Zelda:  TOoT is a reality.  Not much info is available right now, but all is known is that the next Zelda is in development.  The most plausable reason why another Zelda was announced was in response to the overwhelming sales of Zelda:  TOoT, which has become the best selling Nintendo 64 game of all time. 

My source says that URA-Zelda has been canned, but not completely. There will still be a new game, but not an add on to Ocarina of Time.

Nintendo of America denies it (but they still deny that Metriod isn't in production, but Miyamoto says other wise) but there will be another Zelda game, a "new Zelda game" for the Nintendo 64
released in Japan. This is according to Nintendo of Japan.

Since the 64DD wont come out here, Nintendo chose not to do the expansion disk, or expansion cart and voted on a new game. The game will either be on the N64 next holiday season, or will be a launch title for the Dolphin. Now we know why EAD has been so busy!

They said nothing of a State side release, but with the success of Ocarina of Time, Nintendo would be crazy not to release it in America, or any where else for that matter. No specific release date was given, but it was said to be released by the end of 1999.

What can I say? As always Nintendo leaves things unclear. According to them there will be a new Zelda game coming out soon. How can that be possible, if only a month ago they said there was no Zelda game in works? What is this? Another marketing strategy? Nintendo never rushed things, and I don't believe they will start producing Zelda games like cookies... It doesn't make any sense let me tell you. Mmmm.... maybe they finally cloned Miyamoto; made an army of 200 Miyamotos and put them to work... heee.... what a nonsense, sorry! :-) Anyway, In the world of videogames everything is possible... even SEGA will start developing games for GAMEBOY!!! I know, I know, sounds like a joke but it's not!!! Too much for me.... ho well...crazy world... look at my's blue! everything is possible!

Nintendo sales skyrocket!

Show me the Moolah:
After struggling sales last year, Nintendo sales have skyrocketed.  Can we say 156,200,000,000 yen?  The big N's biggest contributor (the big N just got bigger!  Ah...forget it.) was the Game Boy Color, which has sold 80 million units worldwide.  Since the life of the Nintendo 64, only about 25 million units were sold.  Next fiscal year, Nintendo expects to make 5 billion dollars!  What does this mean to all of us?  We have no life.

The truth about Project Doplhin - N200X

Just as Sony is calling its system "Next Generation PlayStation" and Nintendo called the N64 the "Project Reality" before its release, "Dolphin" is just the name by which Nintendo will refer to the project when talking to the public. Nintendo has made no indication what the new system name might be, but as tradition always rule, we can expect a "Nintendo something" name. Anyway according to Nintendo's insiders, Nintendo will not reveal the name Until a few months before the release of the system.
We have been told that the name is already decided but it is kept in secret under death menace. So those who already registered domains like or will want to suicide. Of course the real name is already registered!!! Wha ha ha!!!

Nintendo has announced that the new system will be hitting the shelves all over the world at the same time (more or less) that the PlayStation 2 is released in the U.S -- the end of the year 2000. It will be an exciting time for gamers in the States (and in the rest of the world).

Sega once again will suffer the consecuences of a one-year-old system , and the Dreamcast may turn into Dreamdust. Sony may continue as the new eternal competitor, but now with Nintendo's DVD technology it will be hard not to decide in favour of Nintendo's new monster coming out with games like METROID!!!! WOW!!!!

Sega, Sony, and Nintendo all agree that poor games will not do in this next generation, so a year from now we can expect a flooding of some of the best games ever made.

Dolphin Will Play DVDs, Including Movies. Nintendo has announced not only that it too will be adopting the DVD format for its games, but that, unlike Sony, it is committed right now to playing DVD Movies on the platform. Nintendo is partnered with Matsushita, (Panasonic). With Panasonic providing the DVD hardware and software for the system... what a year it will be!!!

Dolphin Will Be Cheap!!!! The new system is built with a PowerPC variant manufactured by Nintendo using its .18 micron fab in Burlington, VT. (YES!!!) Because IBM is already producing .18 micron chips and the chip is based on an architecture already widely produced, IBM will be able to produce the CPU at a very affordable price.
The CPU manufactured by Nintendo, by the way, has been codenamed "Gekko."

At the moment the only information that points to performance of the system is the CPU, Gekko, has a clock speed of 400MHz and the graphics chip, being co-designed
by ArtX, is clocking in at 200 MHz. The system's memory bandwidth is 3.2GB/sec.

But Nintendo has not revealed what sort of floating point the CPU is pushing or, indeed, whether the system will use traditional 3D rendering. The information announced leaves open the possibility that Nintendo is exploring some kind of crazy NURB surface acceleration.

As you may know Sega has a high profile partnership with Microsoft, NEC and Hitachi to manufacture the Dreamcast. Sony has designed the Emotion Engine core of the PlayStation 2 with Toshiba, and it will be fabricated by Toshiba with heavy Sony investment.

Nintendo has joined in the partner game by signing IBM to manufacture Gekko, ArtX to co-design the graphics chip, and Matsushita/Panasonic to develop the storage medium as well as the machine's "digital networking." ... therefore... Dolphin Will Be A Network Device!

One of the focuses of the two companies' future work together will be to develop digital networking technology for the platform further.

With DVD playing movies, networking, music, and high end game applicationsit sure sounds like a set-top box to us.

One of the major features of Dolphin is that it will possess hardcore anti-piracy measures. Matsushita and Nintendo's partnership has yielded "enhanced counterfeit protection" that Nintendo believes will stop pirates in their tracks.

Developers are already hard at work on games for Dolphin. Developers burning the midnight oil to release games for the fledgling system are Left Field, Nintendo Software Technology Group, Rare and Retro Studios.

According to Nintendo "this Is The Last You'll Hear Of Dolphin For A While"

Nintendo believes it still has a healthy life cycle left in the Nintendo 64, with the company estimating 15 million hardware sales left in the system's life cycle.

Howard Lincoln told the press that the company will be revealing no further details on the system for some time, and that the company will continue to be circumspect, internally and externally
-- both in an effort to surprise consumers, and surprise competitors.

"There are more technological surprises to come," Lincoln promised. And while we wait for those surprises, we'll be playing Perfect Dark. :-)

Visit Perfect Dark Z O N E !!!

I can bet Miyamoto is already "playing" in his mind the next generation Zelda... ;-)

Art thou prepared?

Rental charts


And, here's the rental charts for the week ending April 18:

1. Mario Party (Nintendo) N64
2. Syphon Filter (989 Studios) PSX
3. Vigilante 8 (Activision) PSX
4. Need for Speed IV: High Stakes (EA) PSX
5. Silent Hill (Konami) PSX

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