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Okay, here I go. I'm ready to spill the beans about Nintendo. These guys are the masters of secrets, but I Spots have snooped out their darkest secrets. The dog is about to bark....



Okay, well, I got some more rumors, well, more information about the next addition of Zelda. Nintendo of Japan (NoJ) is releasing the next Zelda (Ura-Zelda) for the 64DD. Okay, great, it is supposed to be out this fall.
Great...for Japan. What about the rest of the world? Well, Nintendo of America (NoA) won't confirm the add on's release and they just say it all depends on the success in Japan. Okay, well, if it is released,0 Ura-Zelda will stay on the 64DD, well, what if the 64DD is not released to us? Do we not get to play Ura-Zelda? Well, we will. NoA wont give up a chance to release another Zelda game. As you know Ura-Zelda is going to be a completely different quest, story, plot and everything from Ocarina of Time, but it still needs Ocarina of Time to get the games engine from. Well there are 2 possibilities if the 64DD isnt released world wide. Rumor has it, that URA-Zelda will be a whole new cart, totaly independant of Ocarina of Time (which would be smart, because people with out Ocarina of Time can still play the game) or it will be a lock on cart.

More soon!



OKay, so I read on an internet site, a very popular one I might add, ( and it stated that Nintendo of Japan has announced that another Zelda game was in the works codenamed Zelda: Gadien (meaning Zelda: Side Story). Now they went into further speculation about it being a lock-on cart or a 64DD game (both work in conjunction with Ocarina of time) or there be a completly new game for the N64 of suprisingly the Game Boy Color. Well, I contacted my source to see if he had any information on this, and he
did. He says that some of his friends have heard about a new Game Boy Zelda and a New N64 Zelda. What? Well, he said that Nintendo could possibly be planning to use the Game Boy addapter for the N64 to link the two games together. Also, more rumors suggest that it will be just a 64DD game for Japan. Does that mean we people outside of Japan wont get to play the new Zelda? Well, of course not. Nintendo has recently reconsidered its stand
point on a World Wide release of the Disk Drive and if it succeds in Japan, we will all be having one sitting in our living rooms!

Do the rumors of the new Zelda game confuse you? Well, they do me too! Just remember, there is a new Zelda game in production some where. Any Zelda game will be embraced with open arms by me!



More Zelda news. Okay, so the other day I reported about the new Zelda game that is supposed to be released in Japan by years end (at least, that is what I heard a while back from some web site that I would rather not mention :-) said that Nintendo of Japan announced it) Well, moving along, my source in Nintendo said that Nintendo of America is say that there is no such thing! What? Well, from what I hear from him is that they are denying the release at the moment because they want Christmas sales to be very high on Donkey Kong 64 and Perfect Dark. Well, NOA likes to deny a lot of stuff!
They even deny that Mr. Miyamoto said there was a Metroid game in development, so we know that what ever Miyamoto says goes! :-) More on this as it developes.



So this isnt really relevant to The Legend of Zelda or anything in particular, but it does involve Nintendo and RPGs. Now, this rumor is a little tough to believe, because it has came through so many people, but still, maybe it is true. My source was talking to me and telling me that a
friend of his heard from a friend of his, from a friend of his, from.....and so on and so on till we get to some guy in Japan. Anyway, this guy says that some "very important people" from Nintendo were seen going into....Square's offices. Maybe Nintedo wants them to develop for Dolphin? Could be!

Now, on to some more important rumors, ZELDA! Yes, we all know that there is supposed to be a new Zelda game launched in Japan by year's end, well, my source has gotten word that it is going to be on the 64DD and will be a NEW Zelda game, using the same engine, but different setting and a different time. Maybe it is a sequel to Zelda II: The Adventures of Link? Maybe, but what about the U.S. and the rest of the world. Do we not get to play the game. Yes, and no. The rumor is that we will get it on cart, but we will lose some functions becuase it is not on the 64DD. Stay tuned for more RUMORS!



Okay, so the site has got a brand new look and I am feeding you this mediocore rumor. Oh well, actually I have TWO mediocore rumors. The first my source and I are very suspicious about, but I am telling you anyway. One of my sources friends overheard some guys in a bathroom talking about Ura-Zelda! Well, they say it is planned for the next Nintendo system, and will be a continuation of the Zelda series, not a prequal, a sequal!! It will occur after Zelda II: Links Adventures. OF COURSE, keep in mind, this is all strange, but it is a really neat idea to think about. I mean, it might mean a whole new evil power in Hyrule, I get chills think about this. I wonder if those guys in the bathroom knew what they were talking about?

The next of course is a good and juicy rumor. I report about Metroid alot, and some might say that I am more a Metroid fan than a Zelda fan, well, you might be right. I love both games but Metroid just has a certin style that I like. Speaking of that game, it is rumored that it might be a secret game that Nintendo will reveal on Video. I hope so!!

Thats all for now, more again soon!



Well, finally my source heard a good rumor worth reporting. My colleague overheard a couple people talking about the N2OOX. The controller will use a similar design to the N64 controller, except a stronger anolog stick. Good!Another interesting thing is there will be a Game boy connection on the controller for the handheld to be attached to the controller, what this is good for is unknown, but it brings in some interesting possibilities.


So my source was telling me something a little unbelievable, but I went a long with it and decided to tell you. The next time we will play a Zelda game will be on the new platform, the same goes for a Mario game AND a Metroid game. I so wanted Metroid on the N64 but the N2OOX would make it look cool. One neat thing is all three of these titles will be available at launch. I doubt that, since that is 3 big Nintendo franchises.



Zelda, Metroid and N200X next generation system.

So you have beaten Zelda 64 two hundred times now, and have explored every nook and craney in Hyrule. Are you bored yet? Well, I hope not, Zelda 64 is a great game. But, it could get old with time. Well, I got something to tell you about this subject. I was talking with one of my sources about the next Zelda, and he says that some people believe at Nintendo that Zelda was near perfect. Well, they are right. So, from his eaves dropping, he has learned that it might be a long wait for a new Zelda game. Maybe as long as the one between a Link to the Past and
Ocarina of Time. Well, how ever long the wait, I am sure it will be worth it.

On to another topic. Lets talk about Metroid. Mr. Miyamoto has confirmed that there is a new Metroid in production for a "nintendo system" and that he drops in to check on it once in a while (he is not producing it). Well, a source close to me says that the new Metroid game will be on the next Nintendo platform. Why, well, it need something great for its next system. America has wanted it for a long time and Nintendo knows that. IN fact it will probably be a launch title for the new system. IT will help the sales for teh new system a lot!

Speaking of the N2000...well, that name is incorrect, it is N2OOX as far as we know. A source of mine says that the N2OOX will probably be realsed in 2001. Reason being is that they want to milk the N64 as much as possible. Fine with me! Also, the N2OOX will probably use a large storage medium, such as DVD, so Nintendo would have a fighting chance to get Square (and other great game companies like Capcom, and Enix) to develop more great games for their system. IT has been said by Howard Lincoln (head of NOA) that the next system will not use cartridges. They need to make the machine more RPG friendly.

Gotta time!


More about The 64DD and Metroid

Well, after the long battle with the triforce rumors circulation around, I decided to get back on track with the rumors section again. As if you havn't heard allready, Mr. Miyamoto announced the another addition to the METROID series is allready in production. The only problem is that it was not mentioned which platform it would be on. My source has overheard that it is going to be the N64 last and final fight against the next generation of consoles (DreamCast and PSX2) until the N2000 comes out. Well, no mater when it comes out or what console it is on, it will be a success.

And another little thing to hold you over, a source close to me mentioned to me today that America will never see the 64DD. Well, if that is true, the 64DD was a good idea, but it is practicly dead now. OKay, I'll be back with more rumors soon!



Rumors about The 64DD

In case you haven't figgured out, the 64DD is pretty much dead and its chances of coming to America are very slim. My source tells me that the only reason it is being released in Japan is the fact that Nintendo has spent a lot of time and money on a few games but its fate is still very unclear. One thing Nintendo does know (so says my source) that a Pokemon game means succes in Japan!


The next Zelda game.

Rumor has it that the new Zelda game is has two options and both are being explored. One might be another game on the N64 that will be the same layout (world map) but new dungeons and a few other new additions but it will be an entirly new quest (and possible expansion pak support). The other would be a completely new Zelda on the new Nintendo System. Only one will be used though. More rumors to come!


The next Nintendo Machine...

The new machine is rumored to be out by christmas 2000 or 2001. ArtX is said to be working on it and the magic machine numbers would more than likely be 256 . Sorces say that its media could possibly be DVD, disk, or writable CD. More rumors to come!!


Recently there have been rumors about a new James Bond game. Everyone could have sworn up and down that Tommorow Nerver Dies was N64 bound, but they were. The Bond License got too expensive for Nintendo at the time and they chose to pursue other projects. Meanwhile, as we know, MGM produced TND for the Playstation, a bad move because another Bond on N64 ment success. Well, Bond 19 is on its way to theater and this means another game. Well, my source says that Nintendo has its eyes on it. Wether or not they get it is another story, but the Big N Is willing to pay. They know a good game when they see it. Chances are Rare will do the game and we will all be in multi-player heaven.

Have you seen the screen shot of Donkey Kong 64 yet? Well, I have and I wasn't the least bit impressed. Of course it is early so I will give it that. Rare is hard at work on the title but they are putting more effort on Perfect Dark (which I don't blame them) so DK64 might not be under your tree this Christmas, in fact it might be a while.

Many people have asked about Resident Evil 64 and not to long ago, it was announced by several other web sites that the game was begining production. The writer of Resident Evil had slipped and said on was being written and all the web sites posted it on the net. Now several days later, Capcom released a stament saying other wise (except they did say that they want RE to reach a larger audience). Sources say that RE64 is more than likely on the way.

Finally, I am down to some news you might not want to hear. Have you ever heard about a game called Metroid? It was rumored to be in production for a while. Many thought that since Nintendo was re-using the Zelda engine that Metroid would be a good canidate. Well, face it, it's not coming out until Nintendo of Japan is convinced. I know that the game would sell at an alarming rate here in America, it is probably one of the most wanted games on the N64, but face reality now. Nintendo of Japan says "No" at the moment, so we'll have to wait and see.