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  • Too young to be true? - By: Volvagia64
  • The Legend of Zelda: Where did Koholint Island go? - By: Luigi_Link
  • Is Zelda: The Ocarina of Time supposed to make sense? - By: Rey'Kas

    Too young to be true?

    Ages please. Somebody please tell me the ages of the main characters in Ocarina of Time. I did a poll at my school and these were the majority of the results:

    Young Link: 10
    Adult Link: 17
    Young Zelda: 10
    Adult Zelda: 17
    Saria: 10
    Mido: 10
    Rauru: Old
    Darunia: Old
    I didn't bother with anything else. The fact is, I was lying in bed for the usual 2 hours before a fall asleep, and I thought to myself "Wait a second... since when does a ten year old wield a sword like an expert?" I remember when I was about 12 when I played my first Zelda game, I attempted to do a spin swing and almost decapitated myself. Then I thought "Since when is a ten year old a sage?" The thoughts kept coming. "Since when do 10 year olds have prophetic dreams? Since when do ten year olds act like a crabby old woman who just lost her walking stick? What would Nabooru look like nak..." Um, well, the first two explain what I am saying. Personally I think that the people who think young Link and Zelda and the Kokiri kids are 10
    year olds either haven't thought about it enough, have thought about it and given up, or have thought about it and just decided to use ten since it was easier to add 7 years. Let's face it people...Link is at LEAST 13. If a ten year old saw a Stalchild pop out of the ground, he'd run screaming for his mummy, even if he did have a sword. A 13 year old might wet his pants, but
    he wouldn't forget about the sword at his side. Another thing...a ten year old isn't about to embark on a mission that goes day through night. A ten year old isn't about to say "Oh, look, it's a big dinosaur thing over a million times bigger than me. Better not run then." Maybe, just MAYBE a 13 year old would have the guts (and this is Link mind you) to attempt to kill
    something like that. 7 years time...poof. 20 years old. Go and look at Adult Link immediately. Looks more like a 20 year old than a 17 year old right? Of course, Zelda is older. I'd say either 14 or 15. She's having prophetic dreams. A 10 year old wouldn't. Also, note the size difference between young Link and young Zelda. And Saria...well, Saria is of course around 12-13, but
    not 10. She's far too smart for that. If she was ten she'd be like "Ewww, boy germs!" and wouldn't have any interest in Link at all! Obviously Saria doesn't count the years, and even though she's still got a young mind, if she checked the ratio of Kokiri years to Hylian, she's probably been around for about 25 years ("Oh my god, and I'm still a virgin"..sorry couldn't
    resist). Mido...HA! Mido's probably been around for 999 years! He has a young mind, and a young body, so basically yes, he's 13, but do the ratio of Kokiri years to Hylian...Poof! 999 years! You can tell by the way he hates young'uns like Link. He's as crabby as a damn...uh...hmm. Let me think of a simile (I failed that part in English) later. Rauru...obviously old...I'm not going to argue with anyone there. Malon...hmm..I'd say she's about 11 as
    a kid and about 18 as an adult. Her voice is quite high in both. Gannondorfs been around for a while obviously...

    Oh well. I hope you enjoyed this, but I really must stop now because of the spittle that is making the screen go blurry from my ranting...Cheers!

    - Volvagia64

    The Legend of Zelda: Where Did Koholint Island Go?

    At the end of TLoZ: LA and LA DX, we know, we see, that when Link wakes the Wind Fish, Koholint Island disappears. But, think beyond reality.
    What if it went to the World of Dreams? What if Link couldn't have anymore access because he woke the Wind Fish, and the fish will dream it again? This editorial is open to rebuttals. Come on, give one.
    Link: I'm gonna make you disappear, but I love you.
    Malon: Link, don't! I can exit this island by jumping over the wall (heh) and do many things.
    Link: You have an hour, babe.
    What if KI just disappeared forever, or maybe the ending is deceiving...

    Maybe, they cut out a scene with Link leaving Koholint, but he island didn't disappear (I didn't beat it, I only read the ending, so rebuttals to that statement should be hot off the bar.)
    Link wouldn't just get rid of all those interactive characters and stuff that gives a tear to your eye everytime you play just to leave the island. Or is Link that mean?

    Editorial ©1999 Luigi_Link. All rights reserved. This shall not be edited but only in spelling and grammer, and if edited far out of that, like changing statements, then I shall sue the person who did it, unless he fixes it. Thank you.

    NEXT EDITORIAL: (Open rebuttals) The Legend of Zelda: Zelda: Gaiden?



    Is Zelda: The Ocarina of Time supposed to make sense?

    Okay. Here is the answer to any problem concerning areas of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (and all of the other ones for that matter) such as: timeline discrepancies, logic discrepancies, Triforce-search and story line issues, gameplay issues (such as why can Link only jump if the computer wants him to jump and why can he climb some ledges that are as tall as he is and he can't climb others!), time-travel theory issues, etc ZELDA ISN"T SUPPOSEDTO MAKE SENSE!!! (I know what you're thinking; short editorial, huh?) [this paragraph is only 2 sentences long, not including bracketed sentences and those in parentheses. Hmmm. Don't ask too many questions.]
    Let me explain. No; there is too much. Let me sum-up. You see, as much as some of us fans may like to think that Zelda is real (and as much as we live like it's real) we must remember that it is only fiction. (I am soooo glad that you folks don't know where I live!) It is a wonderful fantasy and I love it very dearly. It's fun to play, It's fun to write fanfic and editorials about, and it's just an all around good, um, thing. Yup. It's a good thing that is a lot of fun. Yeah, fun. But it's not real!

    The biggest complaint that I ever hear about Zelda is this: Ganondorf was too easy! But the second biggest complaint is this: Just because Link was held in the chamber of the sages until he was old enough to handle the responsibility of the Master Sword doesn't mean that he should be able to travel back and forth through time!!! Um. Maybe you all don't get this, but I sure do! First of all, it can be reasoned, within reason that is. Huh? Oh. I mean you could say that they COULD put him in the ice-box AND allow him to travel through time, but that's not the point. The point is, that although the time thing may be impossible, there is no such thing as Gorons, Gerudo, Fairies, Elves, or Hylians either!!! So don't say that it's unrealistic that the inside of Jabu-Jabu is bigger than the outside, or that if you fall into lava you black out and reappear at the entrance of the last room you entered before you took the plunge! It's fiction. So don't expect everything to make se!
    By the same token, just because there was a Triforce in the other games (not including Link's Awakening) doesn't mean that it has to be in TOoT. It isn't about the triforce anyway. (come to think of it, it's not about Zelda either.) It's about Link and him gallivanting around, saving Zelda and the land of Hyrule. It doesn't hafta make sense. It just has to be fun. If it's not fun, then It doesn't sell in Japan and we don't get to play it here. If we don't get to play it then we can't ask questions like, "Why can't we catch the cucco that the little girl in the market place is always chasing?" What would we do without questions like that? Why; we wouldn't be able to find all of those nifty little tricks and glitches. Furthermore; I wouldn't be writing boring little editorials (if they can be called that) like this one. What would I do with myself? Play Zelda I guess.
    Fellow Zelda fans, I beseech you! Keep being illogically logical! Keep asking stupid questions. Keep finding new tips and tricks. Keep thirsting for more Zelda; search every digital cubic inch of Hyrule. (it is digital, not real, isn't it?) Keep coming up with stupid new triforce theories. DON"T LET THEM STOP MAKING NEW ADVENTURES FOR OUR VERY REAL FRIEND AND HERO, LINK. KEEP THE LEGACY ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay I've come around. Being stupid can be good. I think everyone who is as much of a Zelda fan as I am is stupid anyway. Let's be ourselves friends. We are Us, and Us is stupid.

    Submitted by you fellow idiot,



    You're right! Thanks God we don't know where you live!!! wha ha ha!!! :)


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