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What do you think of the new announced Zelda games
for N64, 64DD and GB Color?

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This is quite interesting. The news of the upcoming Zelda games brought controversy in the Zelda community. We have separated opinions about this, some of the Zelda fans think the game looks great but the plot is not as good, or viceversa. But what do we really know about these games? Nothing yet. Let's see what YOU, guys and girls, have to say of what you have seen so far. We want everybodys opinions! C'mon!

Could Zelda Gaiden be a sort of "Link's Awakening" for the N64? What I have seen so far of it makes me feel like in a surrealistic dream, surrounded by magic, illusion, and fantasy, a beautiful world that reminds me of one of my favourite movies, "Alicia in...." , errr.. Am I losing my bad-reputation? Forget what I said...


Zelda:gaiden looks awesome. The storyline looks kinda dumb though, i mean
with this one theres no ganon or tri-force but who knows, Maybe the evil moon
or who ever the main boss is- is really ganon in disguise. That'd be cool.
As for the 6 zelda games, they're gonna be cool. The original Zelda and Zelda
2 on GBC is gonna be awesome. I heard that the new Capcom-nintendo Zelda GBC games are a triology and are all related some how. THATS AWESOME! I'm just wondering what the last Zelda game will be, who knows? i sure don't.

P.S I want e-mail, please post my address

I've just read the report on Zelda Gaiden, and it's left me with mixed feelings. The game looks great, and it's interesting to note the new ideas, but the gameplay all depends on HOW they handle the real time.
The great thing about previous Zeldas is that, if you were feeling stressed by a boss or you were stuck in a dungeon, you could warp out and then go fishing, Bomchu bowling, or simply 'lounge around, looking at the scenery'. (Shigeru Miyamoto). But now it seems that this is no longer an option. While this 'time-limit' idea will provide a fast-paced, exciting game it will also change the whole feel of the Zelda series - remember the feeling you felt when you first left Kokiri Forest, or when you came across Lake Hylia? Remember simply wanting time to stop so that you could explore to your heart's content? I know that feeling would be dampened for me if I had a moon threatening to land on
my head. Exciting and tense it may be, but I can play Doom for that kind
of feeling.
As I said before, it all depends on how the time-limit aspect is handled. If you have enough time (say, for example, 100-120 hours of playtime) then you will still have the option of exploring. If players only have, say, 30 hours of playtime, then their response when they come to a tricky section is not 'Hmm, I need to stop and think about this' but more like 'Ohmygosh, I've got a small planet heading towards my nearest and dearest, if I don't want to fail the game I'd better head off to and get the FAQ...'. When the gamer feels pressured into cheating, gameplay value is lost.
There is, of course, a third alternative that I'm overlooking - Link way well be able to continue the game after the moon hits Hyrule, but in a semi-destroyed 'Dark World' style location where there are no shops or friendly people and the only survivors are mutations. Like in the Sonic games, there would be a good ending and a bad ending. Link has to survive, logically, to make Link Jr for the other Zelda games, but the 'parallel dimension' Hyrule can be flattened without any lasting repercussions, except the player's guilt complex. Now THAT would make a better game, IMHO, you can choose to take your time, learn your way
around and simply survive, or you can race against the clock and save the other dimension.
I'm sorry if I sound really negative about this game, but Nintendo appears to be tinkering with a classic formula (Bomberman 64, anyone?) and if it's not handled properly, coupled with the non-release of Ura-Zelda outside of Japan, it could be another nail in Nintendo's coffin.
Maybe I'm being pessimistic, at least it's another Zelda game, however it plays. What also interests me, though, is - is it an addon cartridge,
like Ura-Zelda, or a completely new game? If it's a totally new game, it would cut down the amount of new locations and people that they could fit in, but if it's an addon cartridge the extra 256MBb (or whatever) could be full of lovely new places.
This is turning into more of an editorial than a letter, so I'll leave you with one final thought - for the good ending, what if Link uses all of his retrieved pendants/amulets/crystals to release Ganon...but wait, if this is a parallel universe, then Ganon might not be imprisoned, or even alive, meaning that Link could get the Triforce without screwing up the timeline in the 'traditional' Zelda universe. Woohoo!

Chris Allcock

First off, This site is the best of the best when it comes to Zelda sites

about Zelda, I have mixed feelings about all of the new Zelda games coming out at once. I mean it sounds cool but how good can the quality really be with so many games being made at once? oh well, so far Zelda Gaiden looks great and the plot sounds cool! same with the GBC games too! About Ura-Zelda, I Will probably get criticism on this but I think it sounds kind of dumb so far. that is all for now please post this comment I would like to hear what you think about my opinions.

P.S Falco-x, Wolfy you guys rule!!!!!!


Some things I hope will come out of Zelda:Gaiden. First of all I love Zelda no doubt about that, but I'm a little concern about the new Zelda coming out. It seems so soon, don't get me wrong I'm happy as the next about a new Zelda coming for n64 and being the Sequel of the coolest and latest one, but there
something not really right about have a new Zelda coming out so fast. But know matter what I'm getting the game even if it means going to school late.
Well, no my mom would kill me, so I would have her do it. ^_^ OK, here's the
things that should be in here. (Note: I will try not to make this long)

1.Here's what mostly everyone wants the Triforce! This will stop alot of
things. So ppl will leave the triforce in Zelda:OoT alone.To show it's not in
there. So no more lies and etc. But a question is ask. How could you get the
triforce if the story line is about Epona and a parallel Universe or Hyrule.
But it's to early to tell what in the heck is going to do.

2.This is my personal want and the others who have gameshark. I hope
Zelda:Gaiden does not need a keycode. If anyone who ahs gameshark and has to put a keycode in, it gets irritating.

3.Even thought Navi is in the new Zelda.(My wonder is if Navi left you in OoT
why is she back. Does she like bothering you or what?) Let's hope she doesn't
talk as much as she did before.

4.I heard in the Zelda chat. (Come and talk, some really nice ppl are there,
even the Webmaster and crew sometimes :) ) That the sages should come back, I agree and disagree. I think some should come back like Saria, Darunia, and a couple others. But not all, Rauru no offense to anyone is just not the type I want to deal with again. He was ok but now he's driving me nuts.

5.If nintendo ever saw Silverstivis or Wolfhangs drawings they should do something with that. Cuz they both have the power of art in their hands. J

6.I'm glad Epona is back but I took a look of this Malon or a lookalike(hopefully). But she should help you, or she getting captured or

7.Ppl might think I'm crazy or something but I was the Redead back, that was
the only big thing that scared me.

8.Also I want the stuff ex. Ice Arrows that was hard work for nothing to help you this time.

That's about it I don't want to name every little thing but I save that for next time.j/k.
Note:This site is my fav. but I like others, I can't wait for the next game.
Falco your the king of the clouds and the website, keep the hard work up. To
are editorial brains, your hand should be a pencil of home many awesome
editorials you all right. For the artist if ppl like ur art they like you.
And any other ppl I didn't say. You are awesome, u must be if made this
awesome site.


Thanks so much for your comments, friend. Ho I'm affraid the Re-deads will return, but this time, they will be RE-RE-RE-RE-DEAD..HO NOOOOO!!!

About the new announced Zelda games for Game Boy Colour, N64, and 64DD, I'd like to give my thoughts out to the world about it:

Zelda Gaiden:

Why the hell are the Japanese getting everything first? When can we play Zelda Gaiden? Besides, my uncle is a Nintendo insider and he'll have your ass if you don't print this. The plot is also a rip-off of Final Fantasy 7, where there is also a meteor involved in the plot. Also, we'll need to learn a new storyline: 5, 6, 1, 3, 4, 2. On a side note, I like beef.


When can we play it? Come on, we need to play games on the 64DD, as Nintendo has had many broken promises.
How rude! The current CEO of Nintendo should fuck his mother (please don't censor my letter!) after those broken promises and false release dates. I declare a shenanigan on Nintendo for delaying it. What I want in Ura Zelda is everything I told you about when you asked for our opinions on the next Zelda game.

Game Boy Colour Zelda games:

I don't want to see any damn puzzle games in the Zelda series! Mario needs to have all the spinoffs, not Link! Link is not Mario and vice versa, as Mario is
Nintendo's golden boy, but Link has always remained unexploited. He's a frontier character, so let's all hope we don't see Link's super Archery Contest, Dr.
Link, or Epona's Story being made. Arse. Instead, let's all only hope for proper Zelda games, as long as they're not rip-offs of Brave Fencer Musashi or Xenogears. And where the hell does Legend of Zelda: Mysterious Tree of Fruit fit in the storyline, damn it? Is is after Zelda 2, or is it the sequel to Zelda 1?

Thanks and my Din bless you all,


I have t say releasing like 6 more Zelda titles at first sounded kinda cool,
but It makes me dizzy just thinking about it.I remember anther game ( not a
zelda game) that i was looking forward to. It got pushed back a month so i
thought it was going to be a good game....I beat it in 2 hours. Well any way
back to Zelda. The Zelda Gaiden one sounds like it would be cool. And im
hoping you can find the triforce in it,( Cause link gets the one of courage
as an adult in TOoT) but the idea of if you stand around and the world comes
to an end? i mean u either lose or beat it in a couple days. TOoT was more
challanging than that. But still it will probobly be a good game. As for the
Ura Zelda, Id be as ancient as the spirit temple before I Got enough money to
get a 64DD thing.I would probobly get the game boy ones. I like beating video
games (espesilly Zelda ones, i beat all 6 of the ones out now so far). Ok and
Id also like to say this is the best Zelda site id ever seen. And i want to
say one thing to Wolfie Your my favorite staff member even though your a ferocious uh... thing.Keep up the good work. I talk to much. bye.

-The hero of time who got the triforce...of courage

Yeah I'm a ferocius wolf... wait a second... the last time i saw a ferocious wolf it was fooled by a little girl and killed by a hunter...
No way man, I'm just a wolf (forget the ferocious part)

Really... it kills me just to suggest you havent thought of this yet. Ok,
I'll give you a hint... golden Zelda 64 game. Hmmm, PERHAPS


Who said I didn't think about that?

Hi! I almost cried in frustration when I saw the plot of Gaiden. I was very upset. It seems stupid and very un-Zelda. The graphics look wicked cool and the concept for the masks, and the alternate dimension is very cool but I think saving Hyrule from a Moon plummeting towards the planet's surface is a little lame and very un-Zelda. Then I saw that Ura-Zelda is coming out and I was thrilled. I laugh at all the pessimists that say Ura-Zelda and 64dd will not come to the U.S, because the crack those guys in Japan are smoking would have to be pretty good for the Jappanese not to sell Ura-Zelda and The DD in the U.S. I am also excited for GB games as well. I wish a trilogy like that would come out for n64. But no matter Zelda on any system is still Zelda and that is all that matters.


Hey Falco, Rick here,
This is an opinion on the New Zelda Gaiden coming out next year. I think it will be wierd. First of all I dislike games that you have to "race againsed the clock" I mean you have to beat the game before the moon crashes on Hyrule's parallel demension world. then you dont have enough time to look at the nice scenery. I like to take things slow and enjoy it. And this has nothing to do with the Zelda series really..wheres the Triforce? where does it fit in the game?. well I read the rumor about it being in the parallel world and you have to obtain it to save the world.
hmmmm...I suppose it does make sence right? because Link can make a wish on the Triforce...therefore he will wish to save the world. But still thats wierd. The "Racing againsed the clock" thing really bugs me. Maybe it's just me...I dunno. But the screen shots look great and the special abilities with the masks looks cool. So my opinion is...The game looks REALLY cool and I am DEFINATELY going to get it. The only thing that bothers me is the Moon  thing and saving the world before it crashes. Thats my opinion. Thanks!


Zelda Gaiden looks awesome!!!

But the thing is, why does Ura Zelda have to be on 64DD? I really don't have the money to go out and buy $450 systems... which is beside the point...

I think that releasing about 6 or 7 games at a time is a fairly wise idea. Zelda fanatics will go broke, but hey, Nintendo will also probably get out of the hole they're in... and make one heck of a lot of money!

About Zelda Gaiden, I must say that the game's plot is really kewl... but... it looks like a slight rip-off of Final Fantasy 7 for PSX... (NOT THAT I CARE!!!! ^_^). Well, the plots are similar anyway... in FF7 there's a Meteor... but the Meteor doesn't fall if you sit and stare at it like in ZG!

The backgrounds look excellent from what I've seen, and I really hope Gaiden is as good as tOoT is, or even better!!

-Virgo of Hyrule's alternate universe, and the legendary sage of critcism.


This overflow of new zelda games in development smells "cash in" all the way, which disappoints me. I'd never expect nintendo to do such a thing.
Well, at least not ten years ago when they could call themselves the king of home entertaiment.
But things change, and Nintendo had a hit on the n64. The game that had been hyped by magazines for three years, i don't need to mention the title,
do i?
So Nintendo are seeing this as an ace opportunity to make some quick cash after some struggle-to-survive years of the n64. I don't think Ura-zelda will ever ship because i don't think the 64dd will ever ship. In case, that's for the japanese, so we'll never ever see it in us or europe. However, i think that zelda gaiden could be a great swansong for the n64 as nintendo concentrates on next-gen hardware. But this could only have been in production for a year or so, so march `99? Don't make me laugh. Including the triforce in the game may be a wise move, but then people will complain about "that it was too easy to find" because they played 'til their brains ran out of their ears to find the triforce in OoT. I have no comment on the zelda games for GBC, but it seems that nintendo now do a thing they've never done before: Choosing Quantity instead of Quality.
What will come out of this, then? You can only wonder....
-Bon Bovi 

Hi people! you have an excellent site which i check almost daily. i think that zelda 6 for n64 will be a good title, but from the previews it looks too similar to zelda 5. the horse with carrots, the deku shield, same look, etc. im anxious for this title, but i would want some change in the look.
c-ya ryan
ps feel free to show my email

Ryguy Solo

Dear HTLOZ Editors,
I can't wait for Zelda Gaiden to come out. It looks much better than OoT, including all the amazing graphics. It's a perfect time to announce another Zelda game because there are some impatient people out there who just can't wait for a sequel to a great game. But I have a few
questions. Does Link grow up in this game or does he stay a kid till the end? Will Link be able to get the Triforce this time so that everybody can stop annoying you guys by asking if the Triforce exists? WHEN WILL THIS GAME ARRIVE TO THE USA?! I heard that there might be some kind of Zelda manga or anime in Japan. Is that true? Anyways, please keep us updated about these new Zelda games and never ever leave us without any updates!!! Your site is the best of the best!!!


-Alanna Pena-

PS- don't post my e-mail address
I love you Falco X!!!!!!!!!!!

Note from the editor:
We'll have to wait until the next "SpaceWorld" event, where more details will be revealed. Stay tuned because you'll know more in few hours!!!

Hey Alanna! What do you have to do on saturday night? ;)

Note from the pet:
Nobody cares about me :(

First of all, let me start by saying - HTLoZ is one of the BEST Zelda sites out there!!!!!!! opinion on Zelda....well....
I think Zelda Gaiden looks a little odd, but great so far!! an alternate dimension? a little strange...and the surroundings..strange too...and what's with that old clown guy in the new screen shots? he looks like an old Kokiri! and is just me? or does in that screen shot with Link riding epona....does Epona look a little larger than normal? heh...a LOT larger than normal?!
hmm...yah..I'd say that so many Zelda games at once isn't so great....I mean, it IS great!...but some of 'em are bound to be lame....'specially being co-produced or whatever by that other company...what? Capcom is it?
geez! so many new Zelda games!! I'm getting dizzy...oops....bai bai money...

~* VynVyn-chan *~

I think zelda gaiden will have,classic theme music,youll get the triforce,more items,better storyline.You will be a kid only.I think nintendo is making this game cause everyone was mad about zelda64,so thats why they made a new zelda64 game called zelda gaiden

Note from the bull:
So many Zelda games??? Man!, I'm broke!



-If you were the director of a film of Zelda, how would it be?
What actors and actresses would you choose to represent
each of the characters?

-What would you include in the next Zelda?

-What do you think about Zelda64 ? Would you change something of it?

-Will you have some sort of preparation before putting your hands on Zelda 64 for the first time?

-Which of the mysteries from the past Zelda games would you like to be revealed?

-Do you think that the release of the"DREAMCAST" will interfere with the success of Zelda64?

-Do you like the plans of Nintendo to release a limited edition of the golden cart?, Why?