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 * August 28, 1999 *

Today's update is dedicated to: Juliet and Kirsty Singleton
Juliet and her sister Kirsty, are going through a difficult moment.
Please visit
North Castle, one of the most original sites focused on Zelda and its fans.

What's cool today?:

Spaceworld '99
HTLOZ presents a compilation of articles, opinions and info about Zelda Gaiden. Complete report presented with new screenshots from this fantastic game. Must see!
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Check out Nintendeku.
Looks like the evil goats didn't influence too much in today's update!. Spots brings some interesting rumors on Dolphin, codes, and news of the best games coming out this year.
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More Zelda Gaiden!
Miyamoto speaks on Zelda gaiden features. New screenshots included!!!
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Your opinion on the future Zelda games
We got more letters from the readers expressing their opinions on Zelda Gaiden, Ura- Zelda, and the rest of the upcoming Gameboy Color Zelda games. Thanks everybody, but this has just started, Keep writing!!!
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Amazing Zelda tricks and codes!
Some really awesome EPONA glitches, how to go everywhere in Link's Awakening, and more! Don't miss this one!
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Believe it or not HTLOZ is also a fan focused site!
Although many of you probably forgot this! But guess what? We have tons of new fan-fiction stories about Zelda!!!
Yahoooo! , this is excite-eing!
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 In Review:

Readers' Editorials
Three of them to be specific. Must see! any of them of course. What are they about?
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The Zelda mania is yet to be discovered
Nintendo wants to play big time. So does third developers. And here at Hyrule: TLoZ we are really happy about this. No longer will you have to wait five years to play another Zelda game. Looks like Link and friends will have no vacations during the next few months. Zelda Gaiden, URA- Zelda, The mysterious Accorn, Mysterious tree of fruit and more, for Nintendo 64, the DD add on, and Gameboy color. If you are one of the few Nintendo supporters that don't like Zelda, then you'll have no other choice than buying a Playstation...
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Fan site of the week:

Kris' Zelda Land

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