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More than three years in the making. A team of about 200 people working on it. The mind of the most acclaimed videogame designer. The experience of the most important videogame company. Everything combined to make the most awesome gaming experience so far. A Classic since it was announced. The revolution of the revolution. Zelda: The Ocarina of time proves that Nintendo is No1 , and will always be, no matter the numbers, no matter the frontiers, Nintendo is Nintendo, here and in the rest of the world.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time Analisis.

We are going to analize different aspects of the game. Nevertheless what makes this game so amazing is the combination of all of them. Let's get started...


The graphics in Zelda 64 might not be the best seen on the N64. Anyway they are great and in some areas even the most skeptical players would have to admit that they are impressive. From Kokiri Forest to Ganon's Tower, its a show for your eyes. Details all over Hyrule. Unending textures,never seen before visual effects. Real time lightning effects.

You can see for miles and even at the distance the graphics are so clean that the atmosphere is just damn perfect. The different periods of the day and the transitions between them are spectacular.

The use of pre-rendered backgrounds in some few areas is a good adition although the market zone could have been done much more detailed. The market is probably the less attractive place in the game. Its a bit blurry and confusing some times.

The rest is just wonderful. Hyrule field is a dream. It's huge, it's clear, you feel inmersed in an eye-popping virtual world surrounded by the trees, the water, the rocks, the mountains, and best of all you see it and you know you can reach it.

The visual effects are incredible. The light has been used like never before and characters and objects are rendered magnificently. Its wonderful to see how the characters or objects in the game are illuminated by Navi the fairy, or by torches or any other light sources.


The sound is very well done. The surround effects are very helpful when battling enemies or searching skulltulas. The music although it's not of CD quality is just great. The music in this game fits perfectly each area of the game. And something to stand out is the huge variety of different rythms and styles. The music at Kokiri Forest is filled with magic. The one of Hyrule field couldn't have been better. It's long and it doesn't bother. By the contrary it has strength. Gerudo Valley , with that "Gipsy" style is just unbelievable. Fire Temple music reminds of indian culture. The spirit temple with that Egipcian style is just damn perfect. The Dark music of Dungeons like Dodongo's cavern or Shadow temple creates a spooky atmosphere. Overall, Koji Kondo shows what he can do, good job!!!!


Well, if you want gameplay then Zelda is the game you need. What can we say? The game offers new challenges in each dungeon. Every room is different and presents a puzzle to solve although some of them are not a big deal for experienced players. Apart from the main adventure you'll find other things to do. There are so many things to do in Zelda that you can leave your main mission just to have fun, go fishing, go on a horse ride, play some games, bet money, go on small quests, sell masks!!! ( Man, this is fun!!!! )

Most of them will help you on your quest but they are not necessary to finish the game.


The characters are made in the Nintendo style and thats why they are ( I dont want to repeat the same word once and again but I can't find another...) PERFECT!!!

Some of them are serious, some others are funny. Each of them shows a different attitude, a particular personality. The expression on their faces and the way they behave makes you feel they are alive. You can love them or hate them ( yeah, the running man.... how can he run so fast!!!!????)

The bosses are a show!!! They have been designed carefully. They look impressive including the mini-bosses. Queen Gohma and her wild movements, her scary eye, will attack you in a dark cave. The feeling is intense. The same with Dodongo. His movements are so real, the way he breaths, too bad hes too easy...
Other incredible bosses are Morpha, with those realistic water effects. Phantom Ganon and his black horse, crossing the hall flying, Volvagia the fire dragon , Gannondorf and the final battle against Ganon is the most impressive fight so far. You would agree with us that the battle against Ganon although is not that hard is anyway outstanding, with the fire surrounding that huge arena, the thunders at the distance, princess Zelda watching from outside, the tower totally in ruins, the lack of light and probably the most amazing final enemy ever seen: Ganon.


The story is quite simple and thats why its great. There's no a complicated plot. It can be followed easily and it present some cool surprises here and there. We learn new things about the characters and the story from previous Zelda games.

The cut scenes used to develop important parts of the story are made in a cinematographic style. Its all in real time rendering allowing changes in some scenes ( imposible to do with FMV) Besides the fact that the characters you see in the game are the same as the ones we see in the cut scenes makes an effective inmersive effect otherwise imposible with FMV.

Zelda : Ocarina of Time is simply the most important game in history and it sets a new standard in gaming industry. Those who thinks the contrary should better stay in silence unless they want to show their ignorance...


Link has been polished till perfection. He's detailed and very well rendered. Both versions of the character are made with the same attention to details. The expression on his face changes in different situations. He has a great variety of movements and the motion capture shows how much effort did the designers put into him. The addition of the Z targeting is a great advance in the battling system. Its fast, effective, accurate. You have full control of the character. Its easy to dominate. If all these were not enough, Link can also ride a horse, and in which way!!! The horse is another wonderful character. Good addition!!!

The other side of the coin...

The most awaited game in History has received tons of awards, it has set new records and technical standards in the videogame industry. Three years before being released it was already a classic, but things are not that perfect...

ZELDA 64: What's wrong?

Zelda 64 may be the best game in History, but it's also one of the easiest. It's so easy, that disappoints sometimes.
Zelda: The Ocarina of Time is the fifth game of a series of RPG's, therefore we expected the challenge of our lifes. What did we get? Is this the challenge we have all been waiting for, for about three years? Is this the masterpiece that would show once and for all that videogames are not only intended for kids?

No. Zelda : The Ocarina of Time is extremelly easy. Too easy for a game as hyped as this one.

You already know how incredible is this game in visuals, sound, music and playability, but this time we are making a constructive critic.

We love videogames and we want to give our opinion, we want to start a snowball that rolls and rolls down the hill, maybe one day this snowball full of constructive criticism will be big enough to make a change in the direction videogames are taking. Nintendo is making a mistake. They forget what the videogamers are looking for in this sort of games.

Now, to the point, THE BIG MISTAKES:


The big mistake undoubtelly is the lack of challenge.

Most of the enemies are as dumb as they can be. Why? Ok, lets get started with the facts:

Regular enemies ( including flying vases )

Agreat number of enemies in the game can't hurt you!!! You may receive ( probably by mistake ) a hit. How much damage do you get? Well, sometimes the attack of an enemy increases you energy !!! Whaaaat? Hows that possible? Well, in the World of Zelda all is possible my friends...

Have you ever been attacked by a flying vase? it hurts you, but inmediatelly it releases a heart , therefore you get it ( It's impossible that you miss it!!!) and as a consecuence your life bar is increased, so next time you see a flying vase, don't run... just stay there, receive the impact and it will be good for your health.

Want more?

As always, you defeat an enemy and you will receive items, magic, arrows, hearts , whatever... and this happens all the time. If you received damage in a battle against a simple skelleton from the Hyrule field you'll probably get some hearts when you kill it. Therefore they don't represent any danger for Link. You'll always want to fight instead of avoiding the enemies!!!

There's no balance between enemies and their destructive power. Is more dangerous the attack of a bat than the rolling "destructive" power of The infernal dinosaur king Dodongo!!!.

Have you seen the nightmare of the Gorons? Dodongo , the King, yes, the big one, is easier than the smaller ones you see in the cavern!!! The rolling attack will decrease your life by a quarter of heart!!!! whaaat? Yes, don't worry Link, an entire "living building" can roll over your little kid body without causing you any hurt!

Want more about Dodongo the infernal dinosaur?

Have you realized that if you stay aside near the lava Dodongo can't touch you? Besides he's predictable. And once you understand what to do he's dead meat. He will not stand a chance.

Dodongo can't step on you. Unbelievable uh? Try..don't be affraid, just face him, he's a harmless turtle.
He wastes time, youre near him but he will not attack you, he will roll and roll all over the battlefield, youre just next to him but he's so dumb that he'll go on a journey rolling and rolling... around and around..around and around.... ( must be relative from the windmill musician )
We wonder how much time did the designers spend in this boss.... Dodongo looks impressive, buy it's dumb. What's the point????

Ok, poor King Dodongo. Lets change the boss...

The most difficult enemy in the game is probably Phantom Ganon, but once again if you find a certain spot in the arena he can't hurt you with his thunder attacks. And as always, if you don't want to receive damage you can defend most of the attacks with your shield. In general you only receive their attacks when you confront them. Otherwise you can stay in a corner defending with your shield...maybe you can have a cup of tea, or sleep a bit.

Volvagia.... is that the terror of Darunia? The nightmare of the Gorons!!!! ( poor Gorons ) He repeats the same routine once and again. Hit his head, use your sword, hit his head use your sword. He'll fly a bit, throw you some stones from the ceiling but don't worry. You have the megaton hammer! Use it, thats all.

Well, enough about bosses.... you control them, they don't stand a chance against a player that has defeated other Zelda bosses. As many of you say, too easy.

Lets skip some bosses and go straight to Ganon. The one that stole the triforce, the one who has enough power to take Hyrule. The King of thieves, the most powerful being on earth. Well, Ganon is no more than a visual show. Is the easiest enemy in the game. What is worst, if you get all the items he can't touch you. Nayru's Love will protect you from his evil attacks. What is more, the biggoron sword will double your strength. Besides before figthing Ganon you can get more power from a fairy outside the tower and it will double your resistance to attacks!!! You're God, Ganon is just a pig.

Theres no fun on that Nintendo. The main enemy must be a bad guy. Ganon is easy.

The stalfoss skelletons and the lizalfos are great, also the Ironknuckles. But... they never attack in group!!!! What are they? ... "you first..... ho no..I insist you first... ho no please.... I'm a gentleman.... in my bones but a gentleman anyway ..i insist, you first..."

Other story facts:

Its unbvelievable but The Gorons are so stupid that they have the BOMB FLOWERS and don't use them to blow the rock in Dodongo's cavern !!! They eat rocks...they could have eaten the rock.... ummm, maybe it needed salt or something....

OK, I can accept that the GORONS are dumb. Its ok, why not? But then, how can the BIG GORON create a sword even more powerful than THE LEGENDARY MASTER SWORD, THE SHIP OF TIME, THE PROTECTOR OF THE SACRED REALM !!!!

It's not logical.


The Gerudos....

They finally accept you as one of them!!! How can Ganondorf win the battle when his own race is against him?

You even receive a membership card. "Hey Link, welcome, you're one of us just because you released all our prisoners!!! We are not going to punish you, we'll accept you as one of us!"

Our final sentence:

As you all know Zelda is undoubtely the game of the century, but Nintendo should have payed attention to these facts also. We hope these mistakes are corrected in the next Zelda game.
The game goes from easy to easier. Not big deal for a game awaited for three years .... maybe next game.