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Last updated: November 6, 1999
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Gaiden news update
Nintendo of America confirmed that Zelda: The Continuing Saga (Gaiden) will be released in America. Date is given also.
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News update.
Latest information on the Disc Drive for the N64 and the new Gameboy Advance.
Get an idea of what we can expect from these new systems.
Go check them>>

And now, some words from the editor of this site:

Dear fellow Zelda fans.
As you may have noticed our Emails are "out of order" so don't try to send us anything at the moment. We are moving to a more powerful server. Hopefully you'll not experience any trouble when visiting the site. The process will take some days but the site will be updated as ussual.
Thanks for your support. You can be sure that we are doing our best to keep the site up and running, updating it when needed, during the day or night, under the rain or under the shower. The staff of HYRULE: THE LAND OF ZELDA never rests. We are always looking forward to be the Nr 1 Zelda site and we know it's not an easy task. By the contrary, it's way too difficult. But we'll go on, and on, and on. Adding original content to our pages, varied and useful stuff. Updating everytime the site needs to be updated. We have the will, we have the power, the guts; but we also have YOU. A site without people, is a site without a soul. A site without a soul is nothing but a bunch of wasted html.
Fortunatelly, HYRULE: THE LAND OF ZELDA is not empty, It has a soul and that's why it's still young and alive.
We are now more than ready to enter the new century, waiting for the Next Zelda games to be released next year. But of course, the site goes further. This is not only a site about the Zelda games, but about the people who plays those games. We are a community and shall remain that way. We shall never be defeated by time.
We had our past glories, but we never look back. We look ahead cause that's the only way to improve.
Thanks for visiting us. You make this site possible.

Falco X

Check out our Halloween edition called; Hyrule: The Land of Ganon. At last the bad guy has a place in this site.
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The Hyrule newsletter.
Since our old mailing list system couldn't handle the huge amount of submissions we had no other choice but to change it and start a new one. If you would like to get notified of news, big updates, events and contests related to Zelda please submit your e-mail to our mailing list.

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This month: Do you think Zelda: Gaiden will be better than Zelda: TOoT?
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