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Zelda: Mask of Mujula?
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Gamers "Mask of Mujula" review
Info and art - Mysterious Acorn
Fan Art Gallery
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Guide to 2nd quest - Zelda 1
Zelda Jokes. Gorons away!
Zelda Dark Art
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Opinions on "Gaiden"
Interactive story
The Best Zelda sites
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Last updated: February 29, 2000
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Videogames.com has developed an interesting guide to Zelda, and they have recommended HTLOZ as a general source for Zelda info. Thanks for this and all the help we have received from them on the last months.
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Wolfhang's Combat!
A new fantastic, and funny site in where you can easily get rid of your oponent. Flash and humor is required!!!
Click here>>

Darkness Comes
A new fantastic story by Juliet and Kirsty Singleton. Check and download all 12 chapters of this new book; "Darkness Comes".
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Interactive Story
The Interactive Zelda story goes on. Remember to participate and decide the destiny of our favourite characters. Their fate depends upon you!
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Todays Zelda poem
From now on, you will be able to read our Zelda poems by clicking on the red button at the top of the page (Button Nr3). More are coming...

New action figures
Toy Site, the company behind many Pokémon toys, showed early prototypes of the new line of Nintendo action figures. Much more detailed that the ones we can get now in stores!
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Perfect Dark
Visit Perfect Dark Zone, the first Perfect Dark site approved by Nintendo is back and ready to stay. Exclusive info is also available coming straight from England, more precisely from the headquarters of Rarewere where all the truth behind the alien conspiracy is being held.
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Art time
Wolfhang presents his latest creation entitled: "Y serán muchos más" - a new addition to our ever growing Zelda Dark Art collection. You cannot miss this one.
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Mujula Wallpaper for your PC or MAC!
Download the "Mask of Mujula" wallpaper and decorate your PC or MAC!
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Experience, Mujula!
We have seen screenshots, we have seen videos, we have discussed, we have given opinions. Now it's time to experience the game through the eyes and hands of the gamers.
Let's get inside>>

Mujula: sooner than expected
According to the latest news on Zelda: Mask of Mujula, this new Zelda game will be released earlier than expected!
Also, put an eye in the latest screenshots available of this promising game. It's looking good.
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Zelda: Mysterious Acorn
We now have more information regarding the next Gameboy Color Zelda game, plus some new screenhots and artwork you don't want to miss!
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