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Zelda: Majora's Mask
Release dates:
Japan: April 27
North America: November 23
South America: November 28
Europe: Sometime in December
Rest of the world: good question!
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It's back!
(March 27) -
The Hyrule message board is back, with improved features, more options, better security and the traditional style you love. It took long but it's finally here, enjoy and have fun!
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The true Zelda fanatics
If you are the kind of gamer whose fanaticism for Zelda goes beyond the game you have a place in this site!
Get a camera and show us your devotion for Zelda!
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Hyrule Symphony
(March 25) -
Released long time ago, this is one of the best CD featuring the music of The Legend of Zelda. This section will be updated regularly so keep coming back.
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11 NEW Majora's screenshots
(March 24) -
Check out the 11 latest Zelda: Majora's Mask screenshots we got. New characters and events are shown. Enjoy!
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Even More screenshots!
(March 24) -
The guys at IGN also got 15 new screenshots of Majora's Mask. Check them out too!.
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The top Zelda sites
Your votes are not being ignored. Dekutree.com makes it to our top sites list, and they deserve it, after all it's proving to be one of the most updated sites out there. This feature is really important in a site, especially if the updates are regularly related to Zelda!. Keep voting!
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60 More Majora?s Mask screenshots!
Nintendo has released 60 new screenshots of The Legend of Zelda: Majora?s Mask. Click HERE to see them.
Posted by Falco X

April Fooled Ya!
Yes, htloz is indeed NOT closing down, Myamoto is not leaving Nintendo and Majora has not been cancled! Some fools in Htloz Chat think otherwise though ;-)
Posted by Espio

Majora Cancled, Htloz Closes
I'm sad to say that Zelda: Majora's Mask has been cancled, due to the fact that Shigeru Myamoto did not like it and is now in a huge conflict with Nintendo, and may even leave. Due to this fact, htloz will close as of tommorrow, so come back and see our final post.
Posted by Espio

IGN shows Majora?s Box Art
IGN has just posted a couple of pictures of two Majora?s Mask box art, one with the cart alone and another with the RAM expansion pack included
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Posted by Falco X

Your opinion
Keep sending your opinions on Majora?s Mask at editors@htloz.com we are going to publish them all. Sorry about the lack of updates in the fanart and fanfic sections, we are working hard to add your submissions as soon as we can. Cya!
Posted by Falco X

Not a spelling mistake
The latest Dark art from HTLOZ (by Wolfhang Van Kraus) we posted in the site is NOT called DIN?S FIRE, it?s called,(not a spelling mistake, for God?s sake), DIN?S IRE (IRE from anger)

Thankyou very much and we hope to see the correction in all the sites that have posted this new Zelda Dark art.
Posted by El Toro

Check out
North Castle, one of the most fan orientated Zelda sites, (if not the most!) out there. Our friend Juliet A. Singleton has been quite busy lately so she has been training some people to help her out. Check out North Castle and be sure to take a look at her new Cartoon, starring: Ganondorf and T?a Leoni. (X-files related).
Posted by Falco X

Confirmed: Dolphin delayed!
Nintendo of America put an end to the rumors and speculation surrounding the release date of its next-generation system and made it all official today: the Dolphin system has been delayed to "the first half of 2001." Read the full story at IGN64.COM. Click HERE
Posted by Falco X

May 1st, are you ready?
May 1st-that's the day I will get my mitts on Zelda 6 (Majora's Mask)and we at htloz will have EXCLUSIVE impressions, screenshots, movies and news and all thanks to me (wink, wink, nudge, nudge Falco). How will I get it you ask? I have Japanese friends!
Posted by Espio

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Fanfic: Darkness Comes by Juliet & Kirsty Singleton
New Zelda Action figures by TOY SITE

Zelda Dark Art
(March 16) -
A new addition to our acclaimed Zelda art. "Din's Ire" is the latest inspiration of Wolfhang Van Kraus, our exclusive artist. It shows the power of the goddess even in her bad moments. The power that creates can also be used to destroy, but destroying is always easier. It does not require effort. Some people wants to destroy what others create, no matter the cost, just for fun, envy or vengeance. The same happens to the Gods in a moment of anger.
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More of Majora's Mask
(March 17) -
New 50 screeshots of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Check out the article and while you are there why don't you send your opinions, ideas and theories about the upcoming Zelda game for Nintendo 64? Use your imagination and have fun!
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Analysis of Majora's Mask
(March 9) -
The upcoming Zelda game for the Nintendo 64 will now be known as (how many times have we said that?) The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.- as we reported days ago. Now, our new extensive analysis puts in evidence several aspects of this new Zelda game.
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