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Zelda Dark Art
By: Wolfhang Van Kraus

The art presented here is exclusive property of HYRULE: The Land of Zelda and the owners. Z-Dark-art, 1998-00. All rights reserved. Using this art in your site or for comecial purposes without permission is strictly forbidden.


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Y serán muchos más - 800x600 - 140k
"Y serán muchos más"
By Wolfhang Van Kraus. 2000
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The Millennium FairyHyrule's lost legends
King's tombThe day afterMelody of illusionLady JulietThe Tri-forceThe three Goddesess

Complete list:
All images are creations of HTLOZ's exclusive artist: Wolfhang Van Kraus

The Millenium Fairy

Melody of illusion

King's Tomb

My Dark side


Lady Juliet (*)

The Day After...

"HYRULE'S lost legend" (*)


The "Tri-force" ( Zelda, Link and Sheik )


Zeldas friend

Against Evil

Adult Link

Young Zelda and her friend

Link's Sister

Who's the prettiest princess in the world?

The three Goddesess

Zelda's fate


The death of Link

Tea time

The castle is destroyed

Gannondorf's Treasure

Between the sword and the light

More Zelda Dark Art coming soon!

(*) "HYRULE's Lost Legend characters"
Inspired on an interactive story from Song of the Ocarina. This site has the property rights of this art. Visit "Song of the Ocarina" to read the wonderful stories!

"Lady Juliet"
Based on a character created by Juliet A. Singleton who has the property rights of this art.

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