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These are the current stories and poems:

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Action The Great

King Jaeboreng's Request

Aj Hege

Kiekha: The Life Story of a Sheikain



Anthony Testa (Blue Magus)

Another Day




The Quest for King Zora

Escape from the Abyss


The Legend of Zelda: The Final Evil

Siege of Hyrule

Bidder Sedlack

After the war

Brennus 3

Curse of the Red Blade


Future's Children

Casey Floyd

The Ballad of the Imprisoning War

Cataria Ell

The powership Diamonds


The Legend of Zelda Series Timeline

Force Wars

Chris Jaehnen

The Chosen One's True Destiny


Tides of the Uniforce
(BOOK 1) The Binding Force of Link

Clara Leet

The truth of a child

Return of Ganon

Hyrule is destroyed

Before the door of Time

Ganondorf´s disappearance

Laura´s revenge

Csj jsc

Gannon's Revenge

Daniel Alfaro

Zelda Film screenplay

Decaf 44

Guardian of Light

Dena Kahn

Sabrin's Legend (PART 1)
Sabrin's Legend (PART 2)

Samson's Legend (PART 1)
Samson's Legend (PART 2)

Frank's Legend (PART 1)
Frank's Legend (PART 2)

Devil Rantz

Legend of Zelda: Dragon Castle

Dragoon 30

The Sword's Resurrection

Dragyn Wyngs

Aarwyn's Dragonness: Link's Newest Adventure

Elena L. Sanchez

The Secret Sage

Emily Tate

Ocarina of Time


The Loud Whispers Trilogy (PART 1)
The Song Bird

The Loud Whispers Trilogy (PART 2)
The Land of Dreams

The Confrontation of the Dragons


The Order of the Gryphon


Key to the Realm


The Origin of the spirit Senshi


Link and Saria's story

James Orosz

The Death of Link

Jason Boaz

Legend of Zelda: Ganon's Deadly Trio

Jedi Knight YK

Link Between Worlds

Jen South

Zelda: For All Time

Jennifer Amos

Zelda's Goodbye

Joseph Blanchette "Mortis"

Path to the Golden Land

The Legends of Zelda:  A Look into the World of Hyrule

Juliet A. Singleton & Kirsty Singleton

(PART 1) Dark Empowerment

(PART 2) The Third Triforce

(PART 3) The Amulet of Nagul

Zelda: The next saga... "Future's Past"

Darkness Comes


The True Love de Zelda

Julietta F.

The Usurper

Katharine Melwing

The Generations Later


Before the Final Showdown

Kronos Recker

The Hyrule Rebellion

The Second War

Kyle Beaver

The Mystery of The Running Man


The Story of the First Sage

Link and Zelda

A Love Between Two

Little Link

Fire, Ice and Light


A New Destiny

Mack Costello

The Truth is of Both Good, and Evil

One Life's power



Ganondorf II


Thy Evil Gods


Modern day Heroes

Mariet Megerdichian

Link's New Quest

Link's true Love

Mayen Escusa

Summary poem of The Hero's Vow

The Hero's Vow


The Sister

The Snow

The Dark Anna

The Enchantment

The Quest

Mike Esposito

A Dark Cloud

Mildred Louis

Double Trouble


The Death of Link


A Boy's Fate

Link and Saria

The Saga of Link's Past

Destiny's choice

The Master sword dissapearence


Neo Anfeg

Hyrule's X-Files

Peter Nordlund

The Stranger

Philip Shipton

Zelda story

Pierce Hanlon

The Day of Evil

"Princess Ruto's Boyfriend"

The Legend of Zelda: The Imprisonment War and the Death World
(PART 1) The Imprisonment War

Princess Virgo

Where they started from

Triforce Sickness

The Dark Side Trilogy


Fairy Tale Past

Celestial Lullaby

Queen Catherine

A Love Story

The Narrative Story of Queen Catherine's Past

Rachel 13

Legend of Zelda: Quest for the Sages

Robin M. Olson

Link and the Gate of Darkness

Ron Presley

Humorous Fanfics

Win Ben Stein's Money

Dave Letterman Show





American Top 40

Link meets Tom Green

Link meets Batman

Link meets Weird Al Yankovic

Zelda Fat song

Link meets Freddy Kruger

Link meets the Blair Witch

Link on Oprah Winfrey

Link meets the staff of HtLoZ

Link meets the X-Men

Link on Regis and Kathee Lee Show

Link in Scream 4

Link meets N Sync

Link meets Rick Dees

Shiek 217

The Quest for the Missing Stone

Sir Michael Eggers

The Odyssey Of Trent


The Desert Sorcerer


After Ganon


The Master Sword's Equal


Legend of Zelda: Sages of Evil

Zelda in big trouble

The boy of Destiny

Time Trouble

The Return of the Evil Sages

The Golden Relic

Sven the Evil Monkey

(Book 1) The Prophecy of the Chosen One

Tania Rojas (DaMastagrl)

The Spirit of Atva

Chronicles of a Vigilant Sage

Ted Anderson

Impa's Story

Thacia Diamon

Link's New Journey

The Real Link

The Ruby of Death

The Kiss of Doom


Old beginnings


The Tetraforce


The Legend of the Gerudo Heir

The Evil that circles


Who Link's love really is


Link back from the Dead

The death of Link and the rise of Virgil

Biggest of lies

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