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It´s Real, It´s Real!!!
So real, you won´t believe it...

Nintendo and Sega
working together!!!
The rumored Nintendo-Sega RPG is real!

Rumors of an association between Nintendo and Sega are more than real, and here's the proof!:

Nintendo and Sega have been working together, but not on a single game, as many people suggested. The real thing is, Nintendo and Sega have come to an agreement regarding their best RPG's ever: Zelda and Skies of Arcadia, both games released just a few days ago, and have managed to put their characters together!

If you look at these pictures you will notice the unbelievable.

-Screenshot from Nintendo's "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask"

At certain point in "Zelda: majora's Mask", Link can play THE SONG OF SKIES to summon the crew of "Skies of Arcadia" (the best Sega RPG) to help him out on his quest and prevent the moon from crashing!!! Oh my... and you people though the Triforce was the greatest thing to date!

-Screenshot from Sega's "Skies of Arcadia"

In "Skies of Arcadia", Vyse and his group of Pirates can meet Link at a far floating island that resembles very much to "Koholint Island"!!!

Ubelievable but completelly true!!! Oh my... I think I'll faint... (Let me breath for a while, ok, I'm feeling better now). We can start thinking on the endless possibilities this may bring to the future of both companies: Sega and Nintendo are promoting each other, and here we are showing you the proof!

Am I done? Ok. Have a nice day,

El Toro

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