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Stroyline problems with GBC Zeldas

Could IGN have made a mistake, which HTLOZ overlooked? That may be the case.
Let me explain:

For the Zelda Duo, at first you said that this was the story:

Game 1:
Ganon kidnaps Zelda and steals the rod of seasons. You must restore the order of the seasons.

Game 2:
Link meets a dancer named Din. She is then kidnapped by General Gorgon, who scrambles the order of the seasons.

Now you changed it to this:

Game 1:
Ganon kidnaps Zelda and steals the rod of seasons. You must restore the order of the seasons.

Game 2:
Link meets a singer named Nell. She is kidnapped by Beran, and you must save her.

Now I think that the Princess Zelda plot was probably scrapped, and both "Game 2" were used. If you don't believe me check out the pics you have...


It is a possibility, however we are not going to get any conclusions at this moment. You know that Nintendo has changed the plot several times! Once we have confirmed the definitive storyline of the games we are going to post it in the site. Thanks for writting!

Link?s uncle,  not his uncle...?

Hi, htloz! You have the best Zelda site! Anyway, I think that Link's Uncle 
is not Link's Uncle! I think that Link's mom or dad gave their baby (Link) 
to a knight of hyrule...and died in a war (or something like that) as Link 
grew older the man said that he was Link's Uncle. So there! Is their prove that this is worng? NO! The Uncle went out when Zelda called Link, caues the Uncle didn't want Link to get hurt, or whatever.(Like his mom and dad!) Anyway thank you for reading this. You guys have the best zelda site! See ya!


Yes, that?s a valid theory. In fact that has been discused several times before. What is the truth? We don?t know. Does Nintendo know the answer? Will that ever be clarified in future games? Maybe... 

Spining Room at Ocarina of Time

My eight year old daughter is driving me nuts 

He turned Zelda into a teenager and has defeated the four poes. Now with key in hand he wants to fight the phantom Ganon but can't get the room to spin ? Should the room already be spining or is there something else that needs to be done? My eight year old is truly impatient...

My teenage daughter discovered this site and it has truly made the game enjoyable for the kids!


Bill M. Cushenbery 

Hi Bill. In order to make the room spin you must push the walls on the sides, just as if you were moving a block. Make the room spin until the entrance to Phantom Ganon is visible. Hope that helps!

Weirdest  question ever...

What is in the Dark Art section?? ^.^;; I just want to make sure..


Do I really need to answer this question? 
Isn?t it easier to just click HERE and see?

Sean?s reply to Brett and  Maverick?s reply to Sean?s letter... Understand? Me neither...

Hello for the third time Zelda fans and htloz. It's me,Sean, the writer of that  really long and controversial letter about there being one Link.I just want to  clear some more stuff up. And htloz, post this so they get it right, thanx. 
Anyway, here goes. First, about Brett's letter. I'm pretty sure Catalina is  another country in the world of Zelda. After Link's Awakening, when Koholint  island is no more, Link is left floating around on a peice of driftwood. Now he  had to have landed somewhere for both theories to happen. The theory where he  settles down and has a family there, or my theory where he just recooperates and  then leaves off to search for Hyrule.Okay Brett? Got it? Now I'll talk about  what Maverick 1st 7012 said in his letter. In Ocarina of Time, Link was eleven  ,right? Well Maverick, it didn't mention that his birthday is on the day he  started his journey, so he could have been maybe a few months into his 11th  year. So now he is 12 in Majora's Mask. Got it? And in a Link to the Past, Link 
is 16 year's old, because I read the history section on this website. And how  does the rememberance of Link's bravery make his descendants? What does that  have to do with it? And how do you, Maverick, know when, in the timeline, the  Oracle of Sages and Oracle of Seasons adventures occured? I bet it occured in  the four year time period between the Majora's Mask and Link to the Past  adventures. Because, in Oracle of Sages and in Oracle of Seasons, Link looks  like he is around 13 to 14 years old. See, fits perfectly in between the  Majora's Mask and Link to the Past adventures.And Maverick, I love Zelda just as  much and probably more than you do, and I'll probably get every game when I'm  older, but I'm in no hurry. I like to play Zelda alot but not too much, like  you, because I'm popular at school and I have a life.Well, Htloz, thanx again  for hearin me out. In case you readers got a little confused, read my very long  summary of the Zelda series, and then read Maverick 1st 7012's letter, and then  you'll get it straight. I'm open for argument anyday, and will be happy to  debate.And in case your wondering, My screename is Monkeyfudge53 and my e-mail  address Monkeyfudge53@...  I think I'll go eat some Chinese food....... Your  pal 


Take it easy guys. If you wanna chat just go to the Message Boards! He, now, seriously, thanks for writing in. I hope this doesn?t bring another debate... PLEASE NO!!!

Reply to Mega's letter about GBC Zelda art 

Ahem, I believe he is right. In Japanese, many letters are reversed (Ex. Majora = Mujula, Goron = Golon,  Zora = Zola, Barinade = Balynado). Using knowledge of this complex system, Din would be unchanged, Nell would be Naru, which is pretty close to Naryu, and Frol would be a direct match to Farore. So they are, in fact, the goddesses of Hyrule. Whether they are really incarnations of the Goddesses or it is merely a pun made by the designers, however, remains to be seen. 

Golden Knight

Ok ok, MAYBE you are right, ok? Are you happy now? 

Our Zelda FAQ

I just discovered your website.  Firstly, let me say that your efforts in obtaining Zelda information is quite astounding.  You should be commended on that. However, I need to point out some glaring problems in your FAQ.  There are many things you didn't touch upon.  I think the first and foremost thing people need to realize is that Zelda isn't real.  It's story isn't some masterful, well-laid out plan that the geniuses over in Japan keep in some secret vault, only to release a piece of said story a little bit at a time. Now that that's out of the way....  =] About the "dwarf" at the end of Zelda II that you touched upon:  You claim he must be evil.  Did it ever occur to you that maybe he's not? Look at him.  Bald head, white beard, and a red robe.  Now, look at Zelda I.  Remember anybody in that game matching that description? Was he evil?  The guy at the end of Zelda II had to test you.  He wasn't shaking his fist in anger after you got the triforce, he was cheering.   It is a possibility that this guy could be Rauru.  Now before you blow your top saying that his graphic and colors are different, think about it for a second.  He's a sage (and one that has guided the "Hero" on multiple occasions.  He and he alone holds the key to the triforce, so it would make sense that only he could judge who gets the final piece (dead or not, his powers could have been strengthened once Ganon was slain... and yes, Ganon WAS slain.  Dead. Finito.  Deader than dead dead.  Not mostly dead, all dead.  ;-) About the "owl" being Rauru.  Your sole basis for this not being a possibility is the fact that they use the word "reincarnation" and you dissect that word in it's english form.  However, you must realize that this game was not written in english and that the translators most likely don't give a flying flip about story continuity; the only care about translating words to english that seem to "fit best." Here's a good one.  Zelda: LttP says that you save each of the sages descendents, right?  They all look pretty hylian to me.  OoT shows that some of the sages are Zoran, Goron, and even kokiri.  Even several centuries couldn't dilute that kind of genetic bloodline to the point of no features being prominent anymore... and then one must ponder if the other races could mate with each other in the first place. You use cartoons and comics as canon.  If you're going to use cartoons as canon (and there is no official word saying it is canon, correct?) then you can't pick and choose what to believe really happened or didn't happen.  Saying that "Ganon uses a 'magic jar' is something that really happens", but saying that "When Mother Brain talked to him that didn't ever really happen" is hypocritcal. What about Link kissing 'Zelda I' at the end of Zelda AoL?  Yeah, they kissed.  You could theorize that they hugged, scratched each other's back, or slipped and accidentally stumbled close to each other all you'd like but the simple explanation is to show that they kissed. The simple answer is usually the correct one. Anyway, that's just some things for you to mull over.  Remember, it's all just a game and that sometimes things don't really need to be fully explained for OUR lives to make sense and have meaning.  It's a simple game meant to be enjoyed by the masses, not a super-complex multi-twisting phenomenon meant to be debated to death about mechanics and plot-holes like Star Trek. Have fun!


I?m sorry to disagree with you on some points, Jomero. We are just doing our job here. Our History section MUST consider all aspects of the Zelda universe. Like it or not, makes sense or not  that?s the way it has to be.  And for most Zeldafans the plot is as important as Star Trek fans. People DEMAND an explanation and we are here to , at least, try to find it. Thanks for writing!

"Que onda g?ey?"

Quick question, please answer: What's the Zora on the far right saying. You know, "Que onda guey?" (umlat over the "u") Thanks.


That?s the (mexican) spanish for "What?s up, dude?"
Don?t ask why, it was a really boring day indeed...

Who exactly is Marin?

I think that Marin must have a more important role in the Zelda series.  Most people know that Marin was in LA, and that it is obvious that Malon and Romani are versions of Marin.  She also appears as a kitchen maid in one of the less known games like Mystic Acorn Tree, (either Japanese name or American).  Many people think that she escaped from koholint, due to the fact that she refused to tell Link her wish to the wind fish.  She even tried to awaken the wind fish with her song to leave the island, and if you beat the game without losing life, you see her fly away on wings.  Malon is really Marin and not a different person at all.  Loving Link so much that she followed him across time and space.  There are very few characters who appear as much as Marin in the game including Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf (well, duh!) and maybe Impa.  There is also the theory of the forth piece of the triforce.  Since the still form a triangle it can still be called the triforce, but what is this mysterious piece if it really does exist?  Well the Triforce pieces belong to the goddesses and they do mention a goddess of time in MM.  It only makes since that the triforce of time would be in the center of the triforce based on the fact that the whole Zelda series is based partly on the flow of time, but who is the owner of this forth piece?  You have probably guessed what I have been working up to by now, I think Marin/Malon/Romani may be the holder of the triforce of time.  My theory may sound a bit farfetched by I truly think it could be true.  As I said earlier that the only ones that appear in the games more than her are Link, Ganon, and Zelda, and they are all holders of a piece of the triforce.  Even though Marin isn't in all of the games, not even Ganon and Zelda are in ALL the games.   It's pretty obvious by now that Marin has an important role in the Zelda series, but only Miyamoto knows what that role is....

Gloria Kelly

If Jomero (the guy of the letter above) reads this he?s going to get REALLY MAD....

Few questions...

Hi im Torrance and i first want to say i LUV your site, i even TRIED to do the interactive story, lol, anyways i have a few questions. 1st what ever happend to navi in Majoras Mask??? 2nd Is the same link that was in zelda Ocarina of time in Majoras Mask? and last How come your site is the best site ive Ever seen???!!!! lol Thanx, 


Navi? Probably stayed in Hyrule wondering why people hated her voice so much!

She talks too much... (about Nintendo)

Hi everybody. I'm Rachelle. I am a huge Zelda fan. Not Zelda the person, but the games in general. And I have my best friend Rebecca to thank for that. Can you believe it? I think she actually regrets sharing her interest of Ocarina of Time with me because I beat it (I know, most of the world already has) and she thinks I talk about Nintendo too much. Anyway. I was just wondering what you guys atthe site thought about the chapter of your interactive story that I sent in. Ipersonally thought it was ok, but it must have but a little better than that to make it onto your kick-butt site. Do you think it was good, or did you guys just pick one randomly? I figure it's a little more organized than random picking, but either way... Oh, by the way, on your message board my name is Skull Keeta RD! Just wanted you to know. I don't know if you actually know any of the people on your message boards by name, but I guess if you didn't before, you do now. I guess you don't have the time to answer all of the bazillion e-mails you must get every day personally, so if it's not too much trouble, could you please just post this e-mail up? I'd really apreciate any feedback. thanx 


Hi Rachelle! What did we think about your story? ... Let me see... *Looks everywhere * Ok, here it is... Well it was pretty good, however we decided not to post it because there was another one more suitable for the plot of the story. It wasn?t bad at all! What can I say? keep trying, you have good writing skills. Better than mine that?s for sure :)


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