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"Official" rumors
Spots spills the beans

March 9, 2001
Zelda for Gamecube going multi-disc?

More information has been given to me regarding Zelda CUBED. It is more than  likely going to be a multi-disc game (more that one disc). This game is 
going to be very expansive, covering 3 to 4 different versions of Hyrule. The source close to me had this to say.
The game will more than likely have you traveling back and forth through the worlds correcting mistakes that your ancestors have done in previous games. When asked how will that work with the discs, he comented that you will be swithching disc several times. I know that that could get tiring, but Nintendo will make it easy, no doubt. 

GBA Zelda to operate with Zelda Gamecube

In other rumors it is said that the GBA version of Zelda will somehow 
operate with the GameCube version of Zelda. My source suggests  that that will be one of the "keys" to unlock secrets in Zelda Cubed. What that means is yet to be know. 

More when it comes! 


November 8, 2000

My friend at Nintendo tells me they got a lot up their sleeves that they arent telling anyone.  One thing that comes to my mind lately when I think of Nintendo, is Metroid.  I really can not wait for this game!  Anyway, it is rumored that it could possibly be a first person shooter being develpoed by Retro Studios.  I really hope not.  I couldn't bare it that way.

Mario is moving along quite nicley so I here.  It is being said that this game will be so massive it will take you twice as long as, say, Zelda (TOoT) took you to complete and still you will have missed a lot!  It sounds cool to me.

Now... on to (do I have to say) Zelda!  Rumor has it that the game is set ahead of Zelda 2 for the Nes (so actualy, it is going to be the next sequal).  Anyway, the game could possibly involve a 4th peice to the triforce.  Whether this is true is still up in the air, but how could it then be a triforce?  Another interesting thing that is expected to take place in the game (according to my source) is you will travel outside of Hyrule.  How this will take shape is unknown to me, but we will see.


October 19, 2000

Okay, so I was recently reading the latest edition of Next Generation magazine and they had a full report on the Gamecube.  Anyway, something that I noticed was that Hiroshima Yamauchi (CEO of Nintendo) wasn't to thrilled about a new home console.  Well, I wanted to find out why so I asked all of my sources whi\y and most of them didn't know except for one.  We will call him Mr. X (creative?).  So Mr. X and I got to talking and it turns out, Yamauchi did want a new console, but he wanted a whole entertainment set up (like PS2) so why did Nintendo go against him?  Well, Nintendo wants to make money so the board of directors said to make the most powerfull console for the cheapest price leaving out all the "extra" stuff (DVD Playback, included modem, Dolby 5.1).  Mr. X went on to say that Nintendo does not really want to be king of the hill again either.  WHY??  I was shocked.  Well, if you noticed, Nintendo does well in America and okay in Europe but sucks in Japan (in a nutshell), so if you look at there profits, some how they make percenage wise more monry than the competitors and every year they have an
increase.  How?  Not by selling systems, but selling games like Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon.  This brings my friend Mr. X to the third thing.  It is quite possible the Gamecube could be Nintendo's last game system.  Mr. X thinks it is highly unlikely, but depending on how well the Cube does, then Nintendo will make its judgement.  I for one dont think it will happen because Nintendo is very particular about its systems.  It custom designs the machines to play there games so I really doubt the big N will ever be a software only company, but, you never know!

Zelda for GameCube -
new details come from the underground

Now, onto some games!  My only game news is about....YOU GUESSED IT!  Zelda!
Anyway, the rumor of the next Zelda being a straight RPG has gone down the drain.  Another accomplice of mine has seen the game in action (other than the space world demo)  It shows Link riding a white horse across a sunny beach in Hyrule.  The game then showcased Hyrule Castle.  The castle was much bigger an more grand.  In this game, also, there a more towns than Ocarina of Time, so this leads my to believe the game follows after Zelda 2: Links Adventure.  Well, this concludes this addion of rumors.


August 25, 2000

With all this information being thrown around about the Dolphin....err...Gamecube (I liked Dolphin better, but hey, it is still Nintendo to me!) I have been doing a little work. Well, first I must gloat a little bit. I love when I write so I must remind you all of it!
Back a couple months ago, I told a rumor about the Gameboy advance being the controller for the Gamecube. While it is not the primary controller for the Gamecube, it is an option you can use for optimal interactivity. When I saw the pictures from Nintendo I was very excited.


NOW! On with the new rumors. First of all, let's start with Zelda shall we?.
Those demo pictures look great don't they? Yes they do, but, that is all it is a demo. It is rumored that Nintendo wants to take Zelda in a new direction. Why, I really don't know. I have said a lot of times that the next Zelda game for the Gamecube could possibly be a straight RPG ala Final Fantasy, but, seems that has changed. It is quite possible that they are more or less aiming for to be like Secret of Mana for the SNES. With Zelda as a playable Character. Well, hopefully with this game it will clear up a few things about the Zelda games.


Moving on to a personally favorite of mine...Metroid. How long it has been since I have gotten my hands on Samus Aran...hey! Wait! I mean how long it has been since I have played a Metroid game! ;-) Well, rumor has it, the metroids still alive and flourishing. If you remember on the last SNES game, when planet Zebes exploded, a little ship darted out to the right side of the screen. Well, those were the little guys that showed you some of those cool moves you could do. Well, anyway, supposedly the metroids escaped with them too. Either way, what ever the story is... I want to kill some metroids!!!

Price of the Nintendo Gamecube

Now, on to my last rumor. It is the price of the GameCube. With the Dreamcast now $150, and the PS2 is going to cost an arm and a leg, where does that leave Dolphin. Well, the rumors are 150 - 200 dollars. $200 and you get the best system around!? Well, there's got to be more to this story. Well, Sega plans on lowering the Dreamcast even further buy the time Gamecube is out. To possibly $99 bucks. So, rumor has it. The $150 Pri