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Open Zelda
Creating an unofficial Zelda game

Zelda fans join to make the ultimate unofficial Zelda!
February 19, 2001

As you may or may not know, there is a project going on called Open-Zelda. It is being created by G.D and his staff of writers, artists, music composers and more. The project will be a Zelda game for the computer when it is finally finished. Right now Open-Zelda is in the beta stage of development, actually beta v4.1.

In this months Swedish magazine, Open-Zelda was shown and reviewed by the editors. After being translated, this is what they had to say:

Title: Zelda - The First Game
URL: http://www.open-zelda.com
Rating: 9 out of 10

Zelda is a old game what probably wakes up many memories of older gamers. Open-Zelda is a combination of adventure and action what is hardbeaten and even if the graphics are of the older type, it is still a great gaming expirience.

Size: 310 kB
System: Windows 95/98
Price: FREE

Pros: Incredibly fun game
Cons: Time has added its footsteps in the ground.

The Open-Zelda site has links to many of their files for the game. They have landscape creators out that allow you to create your own levels and dungeons. This would allow any other creative minds to create their own addon to the main game of Open-Zelda. They also have a map creator that allows you to take sceenes from your landscape screator and place them into a worldmap.

Download Utilities

Map Creator v1.00 (Click to download)

"The map creator is used to piece together your maps and create a huge worldmap."

Landscape Creator v2.02 (Click to download)

"The landscape creator is used to make your own custom maps that you can place into a worldmap or the map creator."

Music by Matthew Calabrese

Title Theme - MP3 / MIDI
A Merry Mini - MP3 / MIDI
What Lurks in the Dark - MP3 / MIDI

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