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Part 1 - Zelda at Spaceworld 2001
Spaceworld 2001 has  begun, and as every Nintendo fan was expecting Nintendo showed first real footage of the Gamecube Legend of Zelda game, a moment we were all expecting with great anticipation. 
To our surprise what Miyamoto presented at the conference was, well, different from what we have seen before... 
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Part 2 - Controlling Zelda
The second part of our review is in hands of Espio. We have even more screenshots of the game and an
EXCLUSIVE explanation of how Link is controlled. Don?t miss this one!
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Part 3 - Zelda at Spaceworld 2001
The third part of our review comes to you thanks to Blazer. He exposes his opinions on the game and how it resembles to the old school Zelda days. More screenshots included!
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Zelda Gamecube fighting system?
There is a rumored interview with Ken Otowa, a former intern at NCL in Japan, on the future Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo GAMECUBE. 
According to what this man apparently said  Link?s new fighting abilities will be based on a true sword fighting combat system.
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Htloz?s new staff member
Hello everyone! Today we are really happy to present HTLOZ?s new staff member:
His ideas and skills will undoubtely constitute a welcome addition to the site. Our new 20 year old friend has a lot of surprises, one of them is his great DJ talents. Be sure to check out some of his work by clicking here>>

Nintendo?s second coming
HTLOZ?s new staff member: Xerjester (check previous news) brings some opinions and predictions on Nintendo?s future; Gamecube, Zelda and more is in the mix so you need to check this one out!
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New forums enhance the experience. 
The Zelda forum has been replaced by another one more capable of handling the server demands. 
You may need to register again but don?t worry, the new forums are  better than ever! They now support  polls, private messaging systems, icons, and much, much more. It is now very user friendly and is an easy way to keep in contact with your Zelda community, and friends. 
Current registered members agree: the like this new board and we are very happy about that. Give it a try!
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Interactive Story IX
After a long time of innactivity, the Interactive Story returns to life. See what happened with Link and Gannondorf in one of the greatest battles ever described in our Interactive Story, and discover the fate of Zelda in this amazing new chapter we have chosen among hundreds!
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More Official Art available!
Even more pieces of original Art for the Gameboy Color Zelda games. This must be one of the largest GBC Zelda art collection, if not the largest... 
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I?m the chosen one!
Insane Interview with the President of Nintendo 
(Humour) It's not everyday you get invited to interview Nintendo.'s god-aged president Hiroshi Yamauchi, and today wasn't one of those days either so I broke into his office. After threatening to cut me up with his katana and serve me to his senior staff as sushi I menaged to force feed him some... err... persuade him to give me an interview...
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Xbox gets anti-virus!
(Humour) Symantec a world leader in Internet security technology has been developing  their world famous Norton security solutions for XBOX. Now your XBOX will work more efficiently and virus-free!!!
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Design your own Xbox controller!
(Humour)  Put your hands on the same "Design machine" Microsoft used to "design" the Xbox
?s "mammothic" controller. You can design one yourself!!!
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Majora?s Mask EXCLUSIVE wallpapers>>

"Oracle" EXCLUSIVE wallpapers>>

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Official "Oracle" Art>>










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