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If you are a regular visitor of our HTLOZ CHAT, you will find this really amusing. You have to see this!
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Exclusive: Zelda for Dolphin

Check out the news on Zelda for Dolphin and more: 1) Miyamoto reaffirms Nintendo's On-line plans.
2) Dolphin could be the definitive name for the next Nintendo system.
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Last update: July 5, 2000


Exclusive coverage:
Total Majora's Mask
Today, Monday, we show you how to get weapons and Items. Get inside to see what new stuff you can get in this game to fight against your enemies, to solve puzzles, to enter new areas, to trade,...to win!
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Updates July 5, 2000

Fanfics avalancherokee (?)
Today, Thursday, we are adding 3 new FULL fanfics:
Link meets Weird Al Yankovic, Zelda Fat Song and a special addition, it's a complete telling of the stories of the Zelda games called "The Legends of Zelda:  A Look into the World of Hyrule".
All the fanfics you can handle!... and more are coming!!!
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Miyamoto unmasked!
No no, we are not revealing any weird private secret of the Master of Videogames. We are just showing you pictures of Miyamoto disguised at the Zelda: Mask of Mujula (Majora's Mask) presentation at the E3. Must see!
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Fan art of the moment!
Today, Monday, we have a new winner in the fan art section. Take a look to this wonderful Saria picture, and be sure to check out the rest of this fantastic Zelda fan art collection. The largest ever!
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Chapter 14 - Interactive Story
The Interactive story: "The Reawakening of Evil" is coming to an end. Read what is happening now, and get ready to finish the adventure. Are you ready?
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New CHAT statistics
July 3- If you are a regular visitor of our HTLOZ CHAT, you will find this really amusing. You have to see this!
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In review

Your opinions...
About the controversial article "Hyrule in Reality". We have posted many of your points of views about this topic. 3D Images included!
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Great articles!
More on Dolphin and Zelda
- facts on the next generation Zelda
Gameboy Advance details from UK
Hyrule in Reality? - The vision of a man could change the life of all Zelda fans. Hyrule in reality: a possibility or just an unreachable dream?

Majora's Mask gallore!
What a month this will be! We have tons of info and stuff of this fantastic game. And more is on the way! We have a new full Majora's Mask review with screenshots, comments, analysis and more waiting for you:

Zelda Majora's Mask review
Majora's Mask cool videos
Majora's Mask official japanese art
Majora's Mask box art and instruction manual
Majora's Mask intro mp3
Majora's Mask first secret
Even more Majora's Mask screenshots!

Mystical seed of Power
The first game of the new Zelda trilogy for Gameboy Color is on the way. Be sure to read the updated - and most accurate article about this game:

Mystical Seed of Power updated, and most accurate preview
Mystical Seed of Power official art

Ocarina of Time - official art
We are bringing new official art for Ocarina of Time. We are including many that are not available online. Only at Hyrule: The Land of Zelda, of course. So far we have: Twinrova, but more are coming in the next few days.
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Ocarina of Time - new toys
New Zelda action figures! This is the second series of figures by "Toysite". We have Zelda, Link, Ganon, Darunia, Sheik and many more!
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Letters time!
We answered and commented some of the letters we got. Thanks for your emails and we hope that our advice and tips are useful! Keep writing and supporting Hyrule: The Land of Zelda.
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