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Last update: August 19, 2000
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Full coverage:
Total Majora's Mask
We tell you, step by step, how to beat this amazing Zelda game! If you haven't checked all the stuff we showed in previous updates be sure to take a look to that first. Once you are done with that, come see this walkthrough we are developing just for you. What are you waiting for?
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What's new?

Link's special appearance
Today, Saturday, we are showing exclusive great pictures of Link in the game Super Smash Brothers, an amazing fighting game from Nintendo.
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Amazing OoT Official Art!
Saturday - We have finally added new amazing "Zelda: Ocarina of Time" official art. Some of the pictures have never been shown OnLine before!
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Majora's art remixed
Saturday - We have remixed some Zelda: Majora's Mask official art. The Zora Band (high quality large image) and the Deku people (better than the one we had before!). Now let's take a look but be warned!... the page is huge!
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Friday 18- We go on with the guide to this amazing Zelda game! There's plenty of info in there, so if you are stucked in the game this is your chance!
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More of MAJORA'S MASK (2)
Friday 18- Even more: We also have some updates in the masks section, with new pictures of the masks and ONI-LINK.
Upon request of many gamers we are showing some images from the adult version of Link in Majora's Mask...better known as ONI LINK.
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Calling flash masters / programmers
Are you a master in Flash? Are you a master brain in game programming? If you have developed a game related to Zelda and want it to show it to literally thousands of daily readers then this is your chance.
Contact us at fanstuff@htloz.com and show us what you have.

In review

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Fanfics Megachapotazo(!!)
Today, thursday 27, we have 3 new full fanfics!: Link meets N Sync, Link meets Rick Dees and Legend of Zelda: Dragon Castle. We are always keeping the fanfics fresh! Yum! Where else can you have your stories published in such a great way? Only at the authentic Zelda site, Hyrule: The Land of Zelda.
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Miyamoto unmasked!
No no, we are not revealing any weird private secret of the Master of Videogames. We are just showing you pictures of Miyamoto disguised at the Zelda: Mask of Mujula (Majora's Mask) presentation at the E3. Must see!
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