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Last update: October 2, 2000
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Shigeru Miyamoto talks GameCube
After creating "Mario," "Zelda," "Donkey Kong," "Yoshi," and "Star Fox," it's hard to imagine what else Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo's star game designer, could possibly do for the Kyoto-based video game manufacturer and the next generation system, the NINTENDO GAMECUBE. As it turns out, there's more.
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What's new?

Unofficial Zelda game
A few weeks ago we were informed of an expert programmer that was in the process of creating a new (unofficial) Zelda Game. As HTLOZ usually does, we jumped in and asked if they were in need of assistance. The "Open Zelda" head programmer is searching for top artists and script writers to help in the game and its design. If you are interested in any of the available jobs go take a look and contact us for details.
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Zelda for GAMECUBE article
IGNCUBE has a new analysis of the future "Legend of Zelda" game for the GAMECUBE. It may be worth a look.
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More weird Majora's Mask sites
More information on the series of Majora's Mask sites Nintendo is using to promote the launch of this amazing game! We have found two more of these sites. Go take a look!
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Fan Art of the moment!
There's a winner in the Fan Art section today. Check out the awarded art of the moment as well as the previous winners and the rest of the largest Zelda fan art collection to ever hit the Internet.
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In review

HTLOZ meets Shigeru Miyamoto>>

Zelda for GAMECUBE "official" rumors>>

ECTS 2000 report. English Zelda impressions>>

Zelda for GAMECUBE demos!>>

URA- Zelda for the 64DD is complete>>

New Zelda: A Nut of Mysterious Tree video shown at the E3>>

Full coverage:
Total Majora's Mask
We tell you, step by step, how to beat this amazing Zelda game! If you haven't checked all the stuff we showed in previous updates be sure to take a look to that first. Once you are done with that, come see this walkthrough we are developing just for you. What are you waiting for?
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HTLOZ meets Shigeru Miyamoto!
Wow! Espio went to the ECTS 2000 without even knowing he was going to share a moment with the master of games! But he did! With this, Hyrule: The Land of Zelda becomes the first and only Zelda website to speak with the creator of Zelda himself!
Thanks so much Shigeru Miyamoto for your time! We hope to see you again in the future!
By the way, did we mention there's also an article about the ECTS 2000?
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GameCube Zelda Demo!
The first images of a Zelda demo running in REAL-TIME from the GAMECUBE hardware. Guys and girls, if you haven't seen the demo before make sure to get a bib,... you're gonna need it!!!!
Pictures and video inside...
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For previous updates click here>>

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