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Total Majora's Mask
With the american release of Zelda: Majora's Mask just around the corner we thought properly to reveal the games most inner secrets. If you are the happy owner of the Japanese version, or are about to get the american one, then you might want to check all the stuff we have for you!

Detailed walkthrough to beat the most unveliebable Zelda game to date.

Codes, secrets, glitches, hints... everything.

Face the bad guys that will block your way on your quest.

Find the heart pieces and become more powerful.

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Letters - October 19
Sexual preferences, people that has no clue, making your homework and such unbelievable things in todays letters...
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More details on Zelda- Gamecube
The rumor of the next Zelda being a straight RPG has gone down the drain.  Another accomplice of Spots has seen the game in action (other than the space world demo)  It shows Link riding a white horse...
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Zelda Merchandising
Our collection of Zelda merchandising is going to grow larger day after day. Although it is currently pleasing enough there's still room for more... including the future ZELDA CAR. You read it well.
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Majora's Mask Screenshots
Blazer brought a really nice collection of exclusive, never seen before screenshots of Majora's Mask.
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Ocarina of Time icons
Shadik delivers this huge collection of Zelda icons for your Macintosh. Must have! (the icons...and that nice G4 cube I saw the other day... oh yeah!)
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Cubed Wallpapers
Blazer felt inspired the other day and made some nice Wallpapers for your comp. Yeah, Zelda related, man! What else?
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You know you've played too much Zelda when...
When you are doing any of the things listed in our Hyrulean Jokes section. More than 300 Zelda jokes!
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Fanart of the moment
the fanart of the moment! That's right, we have even more winners in the largest Zelda fanart collection ever. Although it is the largest quality still counts! Mamma mia... oops, wrong game.
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Open Zelda

Thanks so much!
The amount of e-mails received regarding the "Open Zelda" Project was outstanding. Thanks so much for your participation. We are now ready to announce the lucky chosen ones that will join the Open Zelda team to develop this promising "unofficial Zelda game". Progress is being made day after day, so expect even more soon!
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In review

HTLOZ meets Shigeru Miyamoto!
Wow! Espio went to the ECTS 2000 without even knowing he was going to share a moment with the master of games! But he did! With this, Hyrule: The Land of Zelda becomes the first and only Zelda website to speak with the creator of Zelda himself!
Thanks so much Shigeru Miyamoto for your time! We hope to see you again in the future!
By the way, did we mention there's also an article about the ECTS 2000?
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