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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is finally out. And what have we done about that? We have been working hard during the last months to bring you the most extensively Zelda coverage. Enjoy!
Walkthrough (Warning, big spoiler)
Termina's Itinerary (character activities and more)
Exclusive maps
Codes, secrets, glitches, hints, tips
The bosses
Items, heart pieces, the masks
The songs
Official Majora's Mask art
Majora's Mask stuff
Screenshots (more on the way)
Listen to the music (more on the way)
Exclusive Wallpapers to download
Preview. reviews, information...
- Curiosities
And more that is being prepared right now. So be sure to check back later.

It's Real, It's Real!!!
At last! The acclaimed section known as: "It's Real, It's Real!" is back with some authentic (yeah, right) information and screenshots that will blow you away!
Nintendo and Sega have been working together, but not on a single game, as many people suggested. The real thing is, Nintendo and Sega have come to an agreement regarding their best RPG's ever: Zelda and Skies of Arcadia!!! Must see!!! (oh yeah!)
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More letters
PS2 opinions, little cows, alien abductions, not golden for europeans and more in this latest edition of somewhat appealing letters...
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Latest news
Majora's Mask wins over PS2
Htloz editor Falco-X shows some interesting articles regarding the performance of Playstation 2 around the world and how it compares to Majora's Mask, Nintendo in general and the rest of the competition.

Nintendo's poem on Christmas
The big "N" is making fun of Sony's pathetic performance and the failure of their over-hyped malfunctional DVD player (that can also play some remixed videogames)

Square poll results shows Nintendo as favourite
Square's European web site asked visitors which console they'd like to see Square develop for. People have spoken!

Playstation 2 fails pathetically in Latin market!
One of the largest chains of stores in Mexico: "Sanborns" have received the pathetic amount of 40 (fourty) units of Playstation 2!

Spoilers: Beat the final boss
Espio explains how to defeat the last boss of Majora's Mask easily. Big spoiler ahead, you've been warned!
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What you think...
At this time the highly anticipated Zelda game for NINTENDO GAMECUBE is in development. Maybe we are still in time to show our ideas to the developers of the game. Got ideas for the 128bit Zelda game?
Send them HERE

More "official" rumors
Rumor has it that the Gamecube Zelda game is set ahead of Zelda 2 for the Nes (so actualy, it is going to be the next sequal).  Anyway, the game could possibly...
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Majora's Mask in Europe
We have the release date for Majora's Mask in Europe.
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Majora's Mask curiosities
A new section that wil show weird things found in this new fantastic Zelda game. Today: Gamecube in Majora's Mask?
Gotta see this!>>

"Open Zelda" official site
The unnoficial "Open Zelda" project has now it's own site on the Internet. Get in touch with the developers, help them out and more.
Gotta see this!>>

Fanart of the moment
We have even more winners in the largest Zelda fanart collection ever. Although it is the largest quality still counts! Mamma mia... oops, wrong game.
Gotta see this!>>

Majora's wallpaper
Get this new exclusive Majora's Mask wallpaper for your desktop!
Gotta see this!>>

Ocarina of Time icons
Shadik delivers this huge collection of Zelda icons for your Macintosh. Must have! (the icons...and that nice G4 cube I saw the other day... oh yeah!)
Gotta see this!>>

Zelda Merchandising
Our collection of Zelda merchandising is going to grow larger day after day. Although it is currently pleasing enough there's still room for more... including the future ZELDA CAR. You read it well.
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