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Sites of the moment:

Amazing coverage on Rare games.

North Caste
The Best Zelda fan site ever!

Brotherhood of the Underworld
The Dark side of Zelda

I'm A Link-Zelda 'shipper!
We are a Zelda shipper!

Tribute To Luigi
Luigi deserved this place!

The X-Shrine
The truth is right here...

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is the latest Zelda game for the Nintendo 64. Find out why it is one of the most succesfull games ever!
Walkthrough (Warning, big spoiler)
Termina's Itinerary  
Exclusive maps
Codes, secrets, glitches, hints, tips
The bosses
Items, heart pieces, the masks
The songs
Official Majora's Mask art
Majora's Mask stuff
Screenshots (more on the way)
Listen to the music (more on the way)
Exclusive Wallpapers to download
Preview. reviews, information...
- Curiosities
And more that is being prepared right now.

Zelda x 2 = Mystical Seed 
The new Zelda games  for the GAMEBOY COLOR promise to be a must-have for Zelda fans. Two games filled with tons of new and old characters. Two games that work as one; is this the new way of Zelda? 
Go check this!>>

35+ Official Zelda art  
The new GBC Zelda games are looking really good. How good does the art look? Too good. Take a look cause it?s cool. Look, good... Look, Kool, Cool, Oolk... whatever.  -_-
Go check this!>>

Need Major-as Mask help?
Have you read our walkthrough but are not satisfied with our solutions? Then maybe you should try asking some other Zelda freaks like you! Our Majora?s Mask Message Board is waiting for your questions!
Go check this!>>

Partner site opens
After cans of Mountain Dew, hours without sleep, and bags of Christmas candy, Rared is finally done! The day has finally come for Rared to take it's spot in being the top Rare site out there. Screen shots, codes, reviews, previews, guides, and more.
Go check this!>>

North Castle awaits!
"North Castle" the number one fan focused Zelda site is back into business! New fanfic, fan art, dreambook, Zelda sim skins and text adventures. Woo-hoo!
Go check this!>>

The Zelda Underworld
Brotherhood of the Underworld is a place dedicated to the darker side of Zelda and other such franchises. If you travel there with good intentions then perhaps you should leave, only those who despise video game goodness are welcome here...
Go check this!>>

First letters edition of 2001
More "it's real" questions (will they ever end?), elves attack, songs, temptations and more in this latest edition of letters...
Go check this!>>

Everyone Vs. Xbox
Check out this article by DAILYRADAR in which all next generation systems... and something else are compared to Xbox. A must read! (by the way, thanks to Dailyradar, IGN and NintendoGEN for posting our "Design your own Xbox controller" feature that also seems to have appeared on every gaming Message board around. Oops!, what is this? a mail from Mr. Gates? Oh-oh...)
Go check this!>>

Realistic comparison: Gamecube-Xbox
The Xbox specs have been finalized. See how the NINTENDO GAMECUBE stacks up in IGN?s next-generation comparison. (Obviously this artilcle is by IGN!)
Go check this!>>

Xbox disappoints
Accidentaly some Xbox pictures have been released to public. We could finally confirm what has been rumored about this gaming PC; The system design is a cheap copy of other systems!
On other things, Microsoft has changed the specs of the machine for worst... not a surprise considering the way business are done by the software gigant.
Check some screenshots of actual games. You have seen this quality years ago...
Go check this!>>

Design your Xbox controller!
(Humor) Put your hands on the same "Design machine" Microsoft used to "design" the Xbox controller. You can design one yourself!!!
Go check this!>>

It's Real, It's Real!!!
(Humor At last! The acclaimed section known as: "It's Real, It's Real!" is back with some authentic (yeah, right) information and screenshots that will blow you away!
Nintendo and Sega have been working together, but not on a single game, as many people suggested. The real thing is, Nintendo and Sega have come to an agreement regarding their best RPG's ever: Zelda and Skies of Arcadia!!! Must see!!! (oh yeah!)
Go check this!>>

Fanart of the moment
We have even more winners in the largest Zelda fanart collection ever. Although it is the largest quality still counts! Mamma mia... oops, wrong game.
Gotta see this!>>

Majora's wallpaper
Get this new exclusive Majora's Mask wallpaper for your desktop!
Gotta see this!>>

Ocarina of Time icons
Shadik delivers this huge collection of Zelda icons for your Macintosh. Must have! (the icons...and that nice G4 cube I saw the other day... oh yeah!)
Gotta see this!>>

Zelda Merchandising
Our collection of Zelda merchandising is going to grow larger day after day. Although it is currently pleasing enough there's still room for more... including the future ZELDA CAR. You read it well.
Gotta see this!>>


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