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Let?s kick some butts!Nintendo & Sega making a RPG! 
The long rumored Nintendo and Sega RPG doesn?t  seem to be a rumor any more. Recently in an  interview Sega of America's Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Charles Bellfield, confirmed the existence of the rumored RPG.
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Do they think we are idiots or what???Microsoft faked Xbox screenshots!!!
And this is not a joke. What we thought possible, is now a reality; Microsoft has faked the pictures of their Xbox games. So far people have found evidence of this incident  in the "AMPER" pictures, a snowboarding game for the "PC-IN-A-BOX" that we know as Xbox. We have also found some other interesting... things...

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New official Zelda site opens
Nintendo has opened a new Zelda site focused not on one, but on all Zelda games released so far. It looks good. Check it out and get ready to participate. There are some really fantastic Zelda prizes waiting for the winner!
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Zelda goes multi-disc?

This game will rock!Spots brings some unofficial rumors about Zelda for GAMECUBE. Apparently the game will fill several discs with different versions of Hyrule as well as other interesting features...
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Xbox gets anti-virus!
Xbox is safe... but are we?
(Humour) Symantec a world leader in Internet security technology has been developing  their world famous Norton security solutions for XBOX. Now your XBOX will work more efficiently and virus-free!!!
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Topic of the weekend

Come get some ... chat!The chosen Message Board topic of the weekend has to do with Majora?s Mask. This is an interesting topic of disussion:
Could Termina be Hyrule in the future?
Started by Fierce Kafie, a newcomer from Ohio, U.S.A.
The topic of the weekend is chosen considering the level of importance, maturity and originality. Your topic could be the next one!
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Interactive Story VIII
I SHALL COME TO LIFE AGAIN!Zelda fights Gannondorf with the Fierce Diety Mask for as long as she can,  but a smart move by the evil King of Thieves makes the mask fly through the window.  
Link realizes that the only way to save Zelda and himself is to put on the Mask, but he can?t do this alone. Suddenly someone appears. He?s strong, big and rude. We all know who he is. What will happen now? 

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The duo is out there...
I?m back to GBC ! are you happy?Zelda: Oracle of Ages, and Zelda: Oracle of Seasons are available at japanese stores right now. If you thought these two were a cheap attempt to sell more games you were wrong. 
Info and new screenshots inside...

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I?m the chosen one!
Insane Interview with the President of Nintendo 
(Humour) It's not everyday you get invited to interview Nintendo.'s god-aged president Hiroshi Yamauchi, and today wasn't one of those days either so I broke into his office. After threatening to cut me up with his katana and serve me to his senior staff as sushi I menaged to force feed him some... err... persuade him to give me an interview... 
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"Advanced" secret for GBC Zeldas 
Nintendo is hidding a little surprise to those who play the GBC Zeldas in the future gameboy Advance...
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Purple confirmed!
The official color for the NINTENDO GAMECUBE and GAMEBOY ADVANCE is, from now on, PURPLE, and God! are we happy! See what we think and foresee for Nintendo thanks to this decission. 
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Majora?s mask GS Codes 
We added some Gameshark Codes for Majora?s Mask. Time to cheat big time, dudes!
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American release date for 
GBC Zelda series! 

Exactly. Nintendo announced the official American release date of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.  Both games will be released in America on MAY 14. More info inside...
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Need art? we give ya MORE of it!More Official Art available!
Even more pieces of original Art for the Gameboy Color Zelda games. This must be one of the largest GBC Zelda art collection, if not the largest... 
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GET ?EM ALL NOW!Exclusive Hig-res wallpapers 
With the recently arrived  official Zelda art we could make these three Exclusive Wallpapers for your PC or MAC based on the new Zelda series for GBC. 
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Help meee.... arghhh, but NOW!Your answers to the Mystery 
They investigated, they talked to people, they searched
for clues, they used devices, they burned their brains looking for the answer to the mystey. 
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Yamauchi Interviewed
Yamauchi lashes on  everything  he doesn't like about the videogame business he has been commanding for almost "centuries".
 This man is the star of the gaming business. He?s more alive than ever, and we love that!

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More Zelda for your GAMECUBE needs Zelda GAMECUBE news 
Mr. Miyamoto,  producer of the next generation Zelda has no intentions of revealing any  information on the game until E3, however Mr.Takano, director of the project  has some different ideas gives some details.  Check them all inside!
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Open Zelda promises to be the greatest fan-made ZeldaOpenZelda news 
News ont the OPENZELDA project: The Ultimate unofficial Zelda game.  Looks like the OpenZelda project became famous thanks to a review by an important Swedish magazine. 
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I WON! Wha ha ha!The Dark side has won! Uncle Wolfy answers more Hate mail!. 
The weekend exploded with hate mail! The Dark side has won again, and Uncle wolfy seems to be very happy. Enjoy!
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It?s real, It?s real!!!
(Humour)  A Zelda fan has found a way to fight Gannondorf (we are talking the bad guy in Gerudo form), in the first Zelda! This is unbelievable but...errr... TRUE!
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New Zelda toys!
Last year Toysite amazed the fans with a great collection of Zelda figures. This year, TOY BIZ released their own versions. They look really good. But you don?t want to read about how great they are, you wanna see them! Go check the pictures!
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Zelda webmaster cuts finger off!!! 
A very well known Zelda site webmaster suffered an unfortunate accident... Oh my God, did it hurt!!! 
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Design your Xbox controller!
(Humour)  Put your hands on the same "Design machine" Microsoft used to "design" the Xbox controller. You can design one yourself!!!
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More "official" rumors
Rumor has it that the Gamecube Zelda game is set ahead of Zelda 2 for the Nes (so actualy, it is going to be the next sequal).  Anyway, the game could possibly...
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Majora's Mask curiosities
A new section that wil show weird things found in this new fantastic Zelda game. Today: Gamecube in Majora's Mask?
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Majora's wallpaper
Get this new exclusive Majora's Mask wallpaper for your desktop!
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