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Zelda Merchandising
From pijamas to action figures...

Here are some samples of Zelda merchandising that could be found through the years. We have many more almost ready to enter the section, however because of lack of time it was not possible to include them today. What´s coming next? What about some exclusive pics of the new Zelda toys?
What about the UNIQUE ZELDA CAR? Expect more in few days...
Do you have something to show? Send your pictures to editors@htloz.com

Link Keychain

Link white T-shirt


Zelda Box


The Adventure of Link Golden game pak

First series of action figures

First series of action figures

Zelda board game

BedSheet of Mario and Zelda

Zelda game&watch

Zelda tape

Wanna see how Zelda looked like?

Zelda Game Watch by Nelsonic

Another pic of the Game Watch

Calendar 1990

Link Puzzle

Zelda 2 black T-shirt


An etiquete of Link

Zelda Cap

Hasbro trophy figure

Hasbro trophy figure

Zelda 1 box art

Another towel

Zelda 2 box art

Super Maze game

Zelda 1 normal game pak

Zelda comic

Zelda 1 box art

Link and Mario folder

Another Bedsheet

Board Game box art

Board Game

Zelda 1 box art

Zelda 1 gamepak


Lunch box

Zelda Plates

Zelda hintbook


You think this is all? ha!... just wait, and see.

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