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The new Zelda action figures:
These  new Zelda figures were created by TOYBIZ: and are supposed to be at stores right now (Released on January 2001). Pricing: $5.99

Link and Steed
(item #44111)- 
Link stands 3 3/4" tall

Impa, Zelda and Horse (item #44113)-
 Impa  measures in at 3 3/4"; Zelda at 2 1/2"

Ganandorf and Warhorse (item #44112)-
Gannon stands 5" tall.


Action figures by TOYSITE
These  Zelda figures were created by TOYSITE: and have been released since November 2000. Enjoy!

Zelda holding the OcarinaLink with Master Sword and Shield

Stalfos ready to attack

Sheik with a Hookshot

Phantom Ganon and his spear

Young Link and a golden Skulltula



All these new action figures are now available at stores.


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