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The Legend of Zelda
Nintendo - 1986

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The first Zelda game was released in July 1986 for the NES. It was a smashing success. Players of all ages loved the open-ended action that could be saved by means of a battery. The adventure has remained one of the most popular video games ever made.

A Legend is Born
With the Legend of Zelda, video game players were introduced to a world of magic, mystery and danger unlike any seen before. Today it remains a classic. The overhead view of the world in which the central character fights his own battles marked a radical departure from traditional RPGs. The variety of settings, from underground dungeons to overworld deserts and the huge cast of enemies added depth to the playing experience.

Most players were equally absorbed by the many puzzles within the game. You needed brains as well as brawn ñ witness the grumbling Miblin in Level 7 who requires a snack of Bait. Some of the secrets go even deeper, such as the code name "Zelda" that allows access to a second quest. Perhaps the biggest strength of The Legend of Zelda is that it creates an entire world in which players become legends in their own times.

The Saga of Link and Princess Zelda

When The Legend of Zelda hit the U.S. market, it changed the way people looked at video games. It was very popular in Japan, but U.S. players had never seen an adventure of its depth! And because it was the first battery-backed Game Pak, now they were able to save their progress. For the first time, a game became an on-going challenge. While earlier games challenged dexterity, this one challenged players wits as well. Now they had to ponder clues and plan strategies. Link and Princess Zelda introduced not only the mythical land of Hyrule, but also a whole new world of possibilities for adventure games.

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