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Zelda: The Adventure of Link
Nintendo - 1989

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The sequel to the most popular action-RPG of all time, Zelda II brings side-scrolling gameplay and some traditional RPG elements (experience building and magic spells) into the fray.

It continues the story from the original Zelda brilliantly, with a much larger quest and world and a different style of play that is still a joy to experience. One thing we´ve learned about Zelda II is that most people either love it or hate it. As you may guess, we hold it in high regard but still feel that the other games in the series are better on the whole. Still an all-time great though.

Some gamers who couldn´t wait for Zelda II because of Nintendo alleged "chip shortages" imported their copies from Canada. That´s dedication!


Zelda, with a twist.

The Adventure of Link combines the overhead exploration aspect of The Legend of Zelda with the side-scrolling combat of traditional action games. Since its release in 1988, it has remained one of the most popular NES games.

In The Adventure of Link, people were living in towns, and these people talked to Link and asked for his help. Many of the puzzles in the games are solved through clues given by townfolk. For instance, the key to reaching Death Mountain and the Hammer is to find a fellow named Bagu. The clue comes from a Bot in the town who tells you to look for his master in the forest northeast of Saria. With magic at his disposal and more fighting moves, Link also shows growth as a character. The game also gives the player a wider variety of activities.

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