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Zelda: Majora´s Mask
Nintendo 64 - 2000

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Codes & Secrets

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Help with the Postman's challenge:
I was taking the Postman's 10 second challenge, where you have to time 10 seconds exactly right, and usually when you ask to take the challenge, a timer appears and then dissapears after 4 seconds have gone by. If you wear the bunny hood when you ask him about the challenge, the timer will actually stay up for you.
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Slow Down Time:
If you play the Song of Time backwards, time on the clock will move slower, but you will still move at the normal speed. This is very useful when running long distances or when trying to prolong game time.

Submitted by KyleShi (KyleShi@AOL.com) and Carlosyrene

Get Hurt By Falling In the Water:
Enter Zora Hole, and face the band. Take the water to the left as Zora Link,
until you reach the ledge with the Deku Merchant Room. Turn around, while
hugging the left wall, and use Top-C and look for a small hill in the water
right in front of the ledge. Swim toward it, until you can stand on it above
the water. Slowly get off the hill while simultaneously going to the left
(facing the camera) until you fall in the water. Then face the area right next
to the area of the hill where you can stand up. Swim at it, and you should
bounce up, then fall in the water, and mysteriously get hurt. This leads to
another glitch, explained below.

Bouncing Glitch (infinite life):
The infamous bouncing glitch is back from OoT, except this time in the water.
Do the above, except aim a little lower in the hill. When you hit it, you
should jump backwards, and 80% of the time, hit the point of the ledge and get
hit, but if you hit the exact angle of the hill, you should bounce off, and
hit the next hill, and continue bouncing back and forth, losing health each
time. When you lose all your health, you will still be alive, as long as
you're still bouncing. You will need to reset the game to stop bouncing, but
sometimes, you will start with absolutel no health, but if you hit an enemy,
you die automatically. Weird!

Oni Link in Clock Town:
You can walk throughout Clock Town as Oni Link. In order to do this you have
to wait until the 3rd day. On the 3rd day, turn into Deku Link and enter the
loving couple game. They will talk to each other and say that they will let
you play by using the bubbles. You must have the Oni Link mask assigned to a
C-Button. Once the game starts and the time counter starts decreasing, press
the C-Button with the Oni Link mask twice and voila! You will show up as
Kishin Link. You can't throw arrows or do anything but wait until the time
expires. Once the game
ends you can leave the room and walk freely inside Clock Town as Oni Link!!
Caution, if you don't wait until the counter starts decreasing or do not press
the C-Button twice quickly, the game may freeze with a white screen. If you
talk to most people as Kishin Link the game will freeze. You can, however,
talk to guards (who won't let you get out of Clock Town). If you try to go to
the observatory, you will find that you can't. If you enter the inn, you won't
be able to leave it, but you can see a cool glitch: enter the kitchen (the one
where you talked to Anjyu to get the letter for Kerfay). Climb up the box in
the left-side corner and you will realize that you can reach the second floor
from there!!

Ride Epona in Clock Town:
Maybe you have realized that you can't enter with Epona inside clock Town.
However, it is possible. Go to the east gate riding Epona when the day is
drawing to a close (just before 6 am). Keep running as if you are going to
enter the town. As soon as the next day starts, you will magically appear
inside Clock Town riding Epona!!!

Dancing Skeleton Soldiers:
When you are fighting the two soldiers of King Yigorse of Ekhana, you can make
them dance with the "Burru Mask" on and playing the march. Pretty funny!!!

Break Into the Burglar's Lair:
Go to the burglar's (Sakon) cave in Ekhana Valley, where Kerfay got the sun
mask. You can enter the lair by yourself, without waiting for the burglar to
open the rock entrance. This is a bit difficult to perform, but it is
possible. Go to the right side of the big rock that blocks the entrance. You
will see the edge of the rock, just beside the sign. Face that edge and
perform a rolling attack against it. You must be as close as possible to the
edge (walk towards it until you can't advance more). You may have to roll
several times until you get the proper angle/position to enter the cave. Some
times you enter the cave but the angle is wrong and you fall off into a void
space. If you manage to enter the cave in any of the first two days you won't
find anybody there.

Dark Black Pit #1:
Go to the Skulltula House of the Great Bay. In the basement, as soon as you
enter from the stairs, in the left-hand corner there is a pile of boxes. Climb
it as Zora Link. Then face the opposite wall (you must see the hanging masks
on your left side), jump forward and keep advancing. You will enter a black
void world, but you can't advance further without resetting.

Fall Into Dark Black Pit #2:
Give the Deku Merchant in Clock Town the Moon's Teardrop so that he flies
away. As Deku Link, launch yourself towards the closest gate (to the east).
Cross the gate while flying and you will fall into the void, then you will
appear in the east side of the town.

Easy Money:
1. Kill the Dodongos outside of Death Mountain. They give 50 rupees each when
they die.
2. With the Bunny Hood, jump across the ledge up the stairs next to the
Mayor's Office. From the ledge jump on top of the door, and from there jump to
the roof. There is 100 rupees in a chest up there.
3. With the Inn Key, open the second door on the second floor of the Inn.
There are another 100 rupees in there.
4. Go to the first door on the second floor of the Inn on the third night.
There are another 100 rupees in a chest there.
5. Finish trading with the Deku Merchants and the last one will give you 200
6. Kill the big bird guarding the entrance to the Milk Road. He will leave 100
rupees behind.

Helpful Hints:
There is always a fairy in a pot next to the Owl Statues in front of the
entrance to each dungeon. Use those for the bosses of the dungeons.

If you find a tough enemy, try using his weaknesses to your advantage. Ice
enemies will fall to Fire Arrows and vice versa.



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