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Zelda: Majora´s Mask
Nintendo 64 - 2000

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Special thanks to KyleShi (KyleShi@AOL.com)


A giant warrior, his weakness is his shins. Arrows can stun him. His
attacks are to either slash you, call a bunch of Skullawalltullas to help him,
or trap you in a ring of fire. He will also sometimes call a swarm of locusts
to help, but you can kill them easily. He is the first boss.

Goato: A mechanical giant bull, you need to roll after him as Goron Link to
ram him. After each successful hit, he will shoot a bolt of energy at you. If
you get too far behind, he will gear up a huge electrical blast, which will
stun and hurt you. After a while, he will start throwing powerful bombs in
your tracks as well.

Gryorg: A huge mutated fish, you need to fight him underwater as Zora Link.
Use boomerangs to stun him, then run up and punch him. Watch out for his eat
attacks; it can build up on damage quickly, as well as his mini-fish swarm.

Twin-Mold: These are two huge insect/worms that fly up into the sky, and bury
into the ground. Wear the "Giant Mask" at the start of the fight, and you'll
become a giant. Whack the Molds in the head or tail; if you touch anywhere
else, you will get hurt. Each Mold takes around 4-8 hits to kill, and don't
forget that it is two versus one.



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