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Zelda: Majora´s Mask
Nintendo 64 - 2000

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How to get the Masks
How to get the Items
How to get the Heart Pieces

The Masks
June 28, 2000

The name of the masks are not accurate since we don´t know how they will be called in the american version of the game

Boy's Mask:
The first day, at 10:00am follow Aristocrat Ingo to the Mayor's Office and wait until he speaks with the Rich Fat Lady. After he leaves go talk to her. She will give you the mask.

Keaton Mask:
Goto the Hotel on the first day, and wait until between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm for the Running Post Man to get inside. Put on the Blue haired Boy's Mask and talk to the Hotel Receptionist. Then return to the Hotel after 11:00 pm using the Deku Mask. Wait in the kitchen until after 12:00 pm and talk to the Hotel Receptionist to get a letter. Go and mail the letter in the box outside, and wait until the Running Post Man picks it up the next day. Follow him to the house of the Blue haired Boy, and go inside.Talk to the Blue haired Boy and he will give you a pendant. Give the pendant to the Hotel Receptionist in the Hotel. The 3rd day go back to the Blue haired Boy's house several times until the man there gives you the Keaton mask, and a love letter.

Running Post man Mask
Take the love letter mentioned above and wait for the Running Post man to get to the post office on the same 3rd day.
Give him the gift and follow him to the Bar until he delivers the love letter. Go outside and talk to the Running Post man and he will give you this mask.

Lovers Mask
After you get the Running Post man Mask there is one more mask to get (Don't go back in Time yet and don't stop the thief, at least this time!). You must have gotten the keaton mask this time and you need be able to ride Epona. At the east side of the map you can find the Blue haired Boy hiding between some rocks. Talk to him and then go to hide too, because the thief will appear and enter a secret cave. Don't let him see you!!!. Follow him, and help the Blue haired Boy get the sun mask by solving the puzzles as fast as you can. Go back to the Hotel. Enter the first door upstairs, then wait for the last minute to get this mask

Stay awake mask
Stop the thief at 0:00 on day 1 (where the Kid of the balloon is playing). Then you will be able to buy this mask from the Trader Shop, (first door at the stairs) on the 3rd day. It´s worth 500 rupees.

Explosive Mask
Stop the thief at 0:00 on day 1 (where the Kid of the balloon is playing). In reward the Old Woman will give it to you.

Rock Face Mask
Use the Lens of Truth in the graveyad (
check map#14). You will see an injured soldier. Give him some medicine and you will get this mask.

Great Fairy Mask
As normal Link go get the lone flying fairy found in the Town at night (or the one near the Blue haired Boy's house in the morning of the 1st day) and go to the Great Fairy fountain. The Great Fairy will give you this mask.

Deku Mask
You get it when you return to the Happy Mask man on day 1 after you recover the Ocarina.

Cucoo Mask
Talk to the Gramophon Man in the Town at night. He is found near the Blue haired Boy's house, the second day.

Bunny Hood
Go to Malon sister´s Ranch (
check map#3) and walk all the path along until you reach a shed with chickens painted on the walls. Get inside and you will find the Sad Guy. Use the Cucoo Mask to round up the chicks. Collect them all (10) and they will turn into Cucoos. The Sad Guy will give you the Bunny Hood.

Frog Mask
Give the meat found in the Goron Village (
check map#12) to the Goron with a frog on the head. He will give you this mask that will allow you to speak with the frogs.

Pig Mask
Chase the Deku Prime Minister through the maze after you have rescued the Deku princess. With the Pig Mask you will be able to smell mushrooms.

Goron's Mask
Use the Lens of Truth outside the cave where you got them. Follow the Goron Ghost. Climb up the wall and talk to him in the cave. Play the Song of Healing (The Song of the Happy Mask Man). He will give you this mask.

Cow Mask
Complete the poe sidequests on the Malon sisters Ranch on the first and second days. With this mask you will be able to get into the bar at night.

Egg-like man Mask
Play the songs, on the stage of the Bar, to the Egg-like man.

Mask of Truth
Find and destroy the first 30 golden skulltulas.

Zora's Mask
Help the ill Zora at the beach by playing the Healing song.

Dancing Man Mask
Play the Healing song for the guy dancing on the ice structures outside of the Town.

Mummy Mask
Play the Healing song for the mummy in the closet of the musical house (In the place filled with Mummies - we are going to explain how to get there in the walkthrough!!!)

Garo's Mask
You will need to beat the milk-selling Ingo in a horse race with Epona.

Skeleton's Mask
Destroy the big skeleton in the graveyard. Now open the chest on the roof. That's it!

Giant's Mask
This mask is in a room just before you fight the boss in dungeon 4.

Oni- Link (Adult Link Mask)
Before the final battle you will need to have all the mini dungeons completed. You will also need to have all the other masks!

Pictures from ONI-LINK: The adult version of Link in Majora's Mask!!!


The Items
July 3, 2000

Well guys and girls, today we are going to see how to get those important items that will help you in your quest to save the world. Only at: Hyrule: The Land of Zelda - The Authentic Zelda site, the authentic Zelda source.


Notebook - To get the Notebook (that keeps track of the characters actions and therefore helps you in your quest) you must get into the sewer that leads to the observatory. Inside, go left and you will find a secret room. Blow the wall with a bomb and you will get 100 rupees. Get out of the sewers and the same Kid will give you the Notebook!

Bow - To get the bow you must beat the first mini-boss in the first dungeon.

Fire Arrows - Defeat the first mini-boss in the Goron cave (check map: #11).

Ice Arrows - Defeat the mini-boss in the dungeon at the bay (check map:#9).

Light Arrows - Defeat the mini-boss in the dungeon at the rocks (check map:#15).

Orange Hookshot - Used by child Link. It has a chain that grabs onto certain objects. You find it in the Gerudo fortress (check map:#10).

Lens of Truth - Follow the Owl's feathers in the Goron village and you will get these. See which walls are real and which are fake. You can also see things that are invisible to your eyes. Using this item consumes magic. (check map:#12).

Moon Tear - Go to the observatory. Look through the telescope and aim at the top of Clock Tower. A cinema sequence will show a metheor falling from the moon. This metheor is the Moon Tear. Go outside of the observatory and pick it up.

Camera - The witch (Kotake) will give this to you after you save her and go back to her hut, not the potion hut.

Yellow map - Give the Moon Tear to the Deku trader next to Clock Tower and he will give you this map. Or buy it from the Cartographer (The floating elf that draws maps)

Green map - Give the Yellow map to the Deku trader next to the potion hut and he will give you this map. Or buy it from the Cartographer (The floating elf that draws maps)

Magic bottle - fills your magic meter. There are small or big magic bottles.

Deku stick - works as a weapon or as a torch. Defeat the Deku-babas to get them or buy them at stores.

Deku nuts - Used to paralyse enemies for a short period of time.

Bombchu - Pick up a bombchu and set it at your feet. It will start running by itself. It even climbs walls!

Bomb - Damage enemies or blow up walls with this item. Bombs explode approximately 4 seconds after you pick them up.

Barrel Bomb - A mega-bomb used by Goron-Link.

Sword - Link's classic weapon. In this adventure he already has it at the beginning.

Double bladed Sword - Link's upgrade to his regular sword. It's more powerful!

Shield - Link's new Shield. In this adventure he already has it at the beginning.

Fish - Found in most rivers, ponds or lakes. You will need a bottle to catch them.

Bugs - Can be found in caves, under rocks, at the town, inside the Hotel and who knows how many other places!.

Frog Eggs - Found in places like the Fortress of the Pirates (check map:#10).

Big Poe - Defeat a big poe to get one. Search in the graveyard or cave with mummies (check map:#14).

Small Poe - Defeat a small poe to get one.

Big Bomb - Open the Goron games (or races) at the Goron Village (check map:#12) and buy it for 100 rupees.

Money bag (money upgrade) - Give the banker 200 rupees at once and he will upgrade your capacity of carring rupees.

Big Money Bag - Kill 30 Golden Skulltulas in the 2nd Golden Skulltulas game. You will get the Big Money Bag and you will be able to carry 500 rupees!!!

Bombs Bag - Will upgrade your capacity of carring bombs. You can buy it on the bombs store in front of the bank.

Magic Beans - You have two different ways of getting them: From the Deku in Koume's hut (check map:#5) or the monster in the hole under the Deku Maze.

Mirror Shield - The mummies will give it to you.

Green Potion - Refils your magic meter. You can buy it at several shops.

Red Potion - Recovers your health at full. You can buy it at several shops.

Blue Potion - Recovers your health and magic. Give the mushrooms to the potion-selling witch (Koume), or buy it from the Deku (check map:#14).

Fairy - Brings you back to life or recovers your full health.

Shadowy Milk - It will give you unlimited magic for a long time. Buy for 200 rupees late at night in the Milk Bar (You'll need the Cow mask).

Mushroom - Get them out off the ground in the marsh areas. You will need the Pig Mask.

Milk - Recovers your health. Buy it for 50 rupees from the Ingo twins at their ranch
(check map:#2).

Heart Pieces
October 15, 2000
Special thanks to KyleShi (KyleShi@AOL.com), GoldenKnight and SockerBon for their help!

1. Get the Moon's Tear-Drop from the Observatory, and give it to the Deku
Merchant in front of the Clock Tower. Launch up to the Heart Piece on the
2. Take the Brown Land Owner Paper you get from trading with the Deku Merchant
above to the Deku Merchant in the swamp, next to the Camera Hut as Normal
Link. Launch up to the roof to get it.
3. Take the Yellow Land Owner Paper to the Deku Merchant outside of the Goron
Village as Deku Link. Launch up to the ledge to score a Heart Piece.
4. Take the Blue Land Owner Paper to the Deku Merchant in the Zora Hole as
Goron Link. Launch to the bookshelf to get it.
5. Take the Red Land Owner Paper to the Deku Merchant in Ekhana as Zora Link.
Launch across the river to get it.
6. In the north area of Clock Town, climb the small wood block next to the
slide. Jump from there to the pillar and then to the slide. From up there,
jump across two more pillars to reach the tree where the Heart Piece is.
7. Take a picture of the Deku Scrub King, and give it to the man in the Camera
8. In a hole in the Deku Scrub Kingdom mazes.
9. In the sewer area of the Gerudo Lagoon. Hit the switch, and roll down to
the gate before it closes.
10. In the second map of Great Bay, kill the Like Like at the bottom of the
11. Climb a tree at the beginning of the swamp area.
12. Score over 2180 points on the second day in the shooting gallery in the
13. Beat Odolwa, and go back to the witch in the Camera Hut. Talk to her to
start a shooting mini-game, and shoot the target 30 times to win.
15. Use the "Kamaro Mask," and dance in front of the twin girls on the left
side of town at night.
16. In the rope bridge area of Death Mountain, you need to beat Goato and dive
down as Zora Link to get it.
17. In the Ekhana Graveyard, tell the Stalchildren to break down the grave on
the second night. Beat the Iron Knuckle and all the Keese (invisible) to
receive it.
18. Outside Milk Road, walk around the tall weeds to find a hidden hole. Kill
the Peahat inside to get it.
19. In a hole in front of Death Mountain, kill the Dodongos inside to make it
20. In a hole outside of the Great Bay, you need to shoot all the beehives
down, and kill the Mecha-Deku Babas.
21.+22. Talk to Anjyu's Grandma with the "Mask of Staying Up Late" on, and
tell her to read a story (first or second choice). After the story she will
ask you a question with two choices. Answer it right to get a Heart Piece. Ask
her to read the other story, and answer the other choice. You will get another
23. In Zora Hole, you need to help the Japas practice. See Chapter 18.
24. Race the Beaver Bros. a second time in the same day to get a Heart Piece.
25. Put on the "Postman Cap" and check all the mailboxes in Clock Town. One
has a Heart Piece.
26. In a hole outside the observatory, you can buy a Heart Piece for 150
rupees at 3:00 AM on the second day from a Deku Scrub.
27. Wear the "Mask of the Wedded Couple" and go to the Mayor's Office. Talk to
everyone to receive a Heart Piece.
28.-31. In the Moon before fighting Majora's Mask. Explained better in a later
32. Talk to the 5 frogs with the "Ribbit Mask" found in the Swamp, Death
Mountain, Clock Town, and the 1st and 3rd dungeons.
33. Go to the Post Office after the mailman has finished his rounds, and talk
to him. Stop the clock at 10:00 sec. to receive another Heart Piece.
34. In the same area as the first dungeon, you need to launch over to it.
35. In the Skulltulla House at the Great Bay, you need to shoot the colored
masks in a certain order.
36. Take a close-up picture of a Gerudo Pirate, and give it to the person in
the house next to the Skulltulla House in Great Bay. Catch the Golden Dragon
Fish in a bottle, and go to the eel crater. Kill all the eels, and find the
rest of the Dragon Fish. Let the one you have go next to them.
37. Give 5000 rupees to the banker in Clock Town.
38. In Ekhana, you need to find a Poe Hunter. Kill 4 Poes in 3:00 min. to win.
39. In the Samurai Gym next to the Post Office, choose the second choice and
Leap Slash all the targets to win.
40. In Romany Farm, win more than 150 rupees at a time by betting on the dog
41. Launch over to the hole next to the Fairy Fountain in Clock Town, and win
the mini-game once per day to win.
42. Go to the game shop on the east side of Clock Town. Win the different
games each day to win.
43. After beating Gryorg, find a boat in the middle of the Great Bay. Use it
to Hookshot to an island, and win the mini-game there at night.
44. Go to the Marine Lab in the Great Bay, and go to the small tank on your
right when you enter. Drop 6 small fish in there, and eventually, one of the
bigger fish will eat the other one, and spit out a Heart Piece.
45. Go to the ledge above the Gerudo Lagoon, and Hookshot up the ledges. When
you reach a ledge with a Magic Bean planting hole, plant one, and let it take
you to another ledge. Play the Scarecrow's Song there and Hookshot to the
scarecrow when he appears. The Heart Piece is in the cave there.
46. Take any of the Land Owner Papers, and take it to the NabeKama Inn on the
first or second day at 0:00 AM to the first door on the left, first floor.
Give the paper to the hand that comes out of the hole to get another Heart
47. Get a perfect game in the shooting gallery in Clock Town after getting the
Big Inkhorn to get another Heart Piece.
48. Go to the building shaped like a chest in Clock Town, and play the game as
Normal, Deku, Goron, and Zora Link to get another Heart Piece.
50. In Termina Field, there are four holes with four different sized Gossip
Stones in each one. Play the "Goron Lullaby" in each hole as Goron Link (I
think) to get a Heart Piece.
51. Go to the area of Death Mountain right before the Snowhead Dungeon area,
and search the left side of the area (coming from the dungeon) for a bunch of
invisible platforms with the Lens of Truth. Jump across, and when you reach
the last one, play the Scarecrow's Song and Hookshot the rest of the way.
52. Wear the Keaton's Mask, and go find the bushes that move when you pick it
up on Milk Road, and make them all move by picking one up. If you have the
Keaton Mask on, you can talk to the Keaton that appears, and she'll ask you 5
questions. Use trial and error to get them all right, and she will give you a
Heart Piece.
53. Warp to Ekhana Valley, and jump into the river from the Owl Statue. Use
Zora Link, and go against the current to a small cave. Go behind the
waterfall, and shoot a Light Arrow at the Sun Elbelm. You will be in an arrow
that branches off to small rooms, where you will have to fight Metal Dinalfos
Triplets, Wizrobe, Big Eye, and Ghost of Garo. Basically, the bosses that
guarded the 4 arrows in the dungeons. Each door has a limit though, you need
to have a certain amount of hearts to enter. Count the hearts above the doors
to see how many you need to get in. If you have 16 hearts, you should be able
to enter them all. Beat all the mini-bosses to get another Heart Piece.
54. On the roof of Ekhana Ruins, you need to hit the crystal switch to make
the fire go out around the pillar, the launch to it as Deku Link.

More coming soon...


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