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Zelda: Majora's Mask

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The Butlerīs son. Can we save him?
Hyrule: The land of Zelda returns to its tradition of searching for answers to the most intriguing mysteries within the Zelda series.  

This time the turn is for the biggest mystery in The Legend of Zelda: Majoraīs Mask.  Right at the beginning of the game, after Skull Kid turns Link into a Deku, you meet a sad-looking creature in the shape of a deformed Deku. 
During your adventure, you discover that the sad-looking Deku could be the lost son of the Deku butler. You are told that his son has been cursed by the evil power of Skull Kid. 
At the end of the game everything returns to normal,... except for the butlerīs son.
Is there any way to save him? Can you use the song of healing to bring him back to his normal form? If so, how can you do that when the metal door that leads to him is closed for ever? 


Can you open the metal door in order to go back to the beginning and heal the sad-looking Deku? 

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