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Nintendo 64 - 2000

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Saving Christmas from Sony's mistakes
November 18, 2000
Htloz editor Falco-X shows some interesting articles regarding the performance of Playstation 2 around the world and how it compares to Majora's Mask, Nintendo in general and the rest of the competition.

1) Sony Posts Poor PS2 Performance

NPD has finally released the October sales figures for the PS2 and things aren't looking so hot.

NPD has posted the sales figures, which span October 26 - October 31, and there are a few surprises. The most telling being that only 309,414 units sold, according to numbers posted by GameWeek. This means that Sony has some explaining to do. This is a far cry from the 500,000 units that the company promised for the launch of their next-generation console.

Moreover, total software sales for this period amount to only 530,122 units. This means that the tie ratio currently sits at 1.7, far below the 3:1 ratio that Sega enjoyed with its initial Dreamcast shipments in 1999. In fact, this number is very similar to the one being reported out of Japan, further raising doubts as to whether or not consumers are taking the machine seriously as a games platform.

As for individual software sales, the results are abysmal. Madden NFL 2001 sold a measely 122,000 copies! This means that NFL2K1 on Dreamcast has out-sold it by at least a four-to-one margin! The numbers for TTT are even more pathetic, with Soul Calibur on Dreamcast hitting 300,000 in its first month of sales on Dreamcast. Now maybe Namco, EA, Konami, and the other publishers will see that Sony's over-price, over-cost and under-produced console is the biggest mistake the industry has ever endorsed.

Top Selling PS2 Software (October 2000)

Madden NFL 2001, Electronic Arts - 122,178
Tekken Tag Tournament, Namco - 75,268
SSX, Electronic Arts - 43,475
Ridge Racer Type V, Namco - 23,490
NHL 2001 - Electronic Arts - 20,127
Smuggler's Run - Rockstar Games - 19,050
Midnight Club - Rockstar Games - 18,883
Summoner - THQ - 18,072
Time Splitters - Eidos - 17,847
Armored Core - Agetec - 16,630

The worst thing is that I've seen about ten Summoner commercials, which points to a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, and the game has only sold 18,000 copies! Developers are losing their shirts on PS2, retailers are losing their shirts on PS2 and Sony is leaking money, with no relief in sight. But the worst thing is that consumers don't even have any innovative titles to show for all of this "effort", because the machine is too hard to program! Its too bad these developers still don't understand that the Dreamcast now has nearly a ten to one advantage in the American next-generation market. Now where's my Fifa 2001 soccer, Soul Calibur 2 and Metal Gear Solid 2 for Dreamcast? Bring it on!

Source: Segaweb

2) Majora's Mask is advertised aggressively through an Internet teen destination. Nintendo proves it's still "hip".

Word spreads quickly about the end of the world. Word spreads even faster on wireless devices.

Bolt.com is a website designed for teens, and registration options let them choose from several different ways for Bolt to notify them of new offers. Those 15-20 year old males who chose to receive "What's Cool on Bolt" updates through wireless devices are being treated to a bit of outside advertising.

Tying in with Nintendo's "End of the World" promotion campaign, advertisements for Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask are popping up on wireless devices tied to Bolt's update services. Bolt's advertising push is being done as part of SkyGo's wireless marketing study, which is designed to test the efficacy of advertising and direct promotions on Internet-enabled cell phones

Source: Nintendoweb.com

3) Nintendo does poetry with their success over PS2!!!

This is a poem released by Nintendo, believe it or not. The big "N" is making fun of Sony's pathetic performance and the failure of their over-hyped malfunctional DVD player (that can also play some remixed videogames):


The Slight Before Christmas --
Or, How Holiday 2000 Was Saved

'Twas the month before Christmas and all through the nation
Gamers gave up on that brand new PlayStation;
The orders were stacked up at retail with care,
But the merchants all knew Sony wouldn't be there.

The players were nestled in front of their screens,
The pie-eyed young tots and the discouraged teens,
This promised to be one distraught holiday,
Without something new interactive to play.

When down at the mall there arose such a clatter
I leaped from my chair to see what was the matter.
And what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a sleigh full of thrills -- filled with Nintendo gear!

With a little old driver with presents in tow,
I knew in a moment -- my man, Mario(R)!
A bundle of games he had draped on his back,
"If you want to save Christmas, just open this sack!"

With a wink of his eye and a pull at his 'stache,
He answered my fears of a holiday crash,
One yellow and chubby, then a mouse, then an elf,
Then a bear and a bird -- and I cheered to myself.

"If your dream is adventure, then we're up to the task --
Our best Zelda ever, called Majora's Mask(TM).
The country's best seller beginning day one (1),
Competitors just can't compete with this fun!"

"With Disney we're setting a blistering pace
As Mickey's Speedway USA leads the race.
Or how 'bout the industry's first breakthrough brand?
Donkey Kong Country(TM) in the palm of your hand."

"And Banjo who soared with his partner Kazooie,
Take separate paths in a sequel called Tooie."
He had a kind face, and a look in his eyes
Then promised the ultimate retailer's prize.

"If Pokemon(R) fun is your holiday choice,
Watch Pikachu(TM) leap in response to your voice.
And nothing before boasts performance this bold:
The hottest games ever -- Pokemon Silver and Gold!"(2)

"Now Marrill(TM), now Magmar(TM), now Hoothoot(TM) and Staryu(TM),
On Snubbull(TM), on Snorlax(TM), on Squirtle(TM) and Mewtwo(TM)!
To the top of the charts, to the top of the wall,
Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!"

Then he sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a cheer,
"The real transition will happen next year!" (3)
And I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,
"We said we'd save Christmas -- and Nintendo was right!"

4) Real facts on Nintendo's success:

Launching Oct. 26, 2000, the same day as Sony PlayStation2, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for Nintendo 64 has already sold through more units than the PS2 hardware, and sold two and a half times as many games as any PS2 title; source: TRSTS

To date, Pokemon Gold and Silver for Game Boy Color have sold through 3.2 million copies, the fastest rate of sale in US videogame history; source: TRSTS

During calendar year 2000, interactive game systems available for at least three years (led by Nintendo Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64) will account for more than 80% of industry revenues, compared to less than 20% for systems launching in the last 18 months; source: TRSTS and NOA

Extracted from Daily Radar

And to those PS2 fans that believe that comparing the PS2 and Zelda head to head isn't fair they must know that traditionally systems do sell a lot more than software, simply because everyone who owns a PS2 may not really want to own a Tekken Tag, for instance. A piece of software selling more than a hardware system is very impressive.

Square poll results shows Nintendo as favourite
November 18

Square's European web site asked visitors which console they'd like to see Square develop for. People have spoken!

Gamecube: 58.7%
Dreamcast: 31.3%
Playstation 2: 8.6%
Xbox: 1.4% (ahem...)

We can get some interesting conclusions from these results:

Despite suggestions that the acclaimed Final Fantasy series would make an appearance on Microsoft's X-Box it came in last with 1.4% of the total votes.
I believe Square should think this again...

PS2's small numbers may indicate the lack of support Sony is having from europeans...

Dremcast with 31.3% of the votes are a signal of Segas growing popularity in Europe. (Now also growing in America since Sony's awful performance)

Finally, Nintendo Gamecube eats more than half of the total votes. Nintendo supporters have spoken, they want Square to develop for the future gaming machine. Will this poll decide Square's future support on Nintendo's next generation system? We'll have to wait and see...

C'mon Square! As a classic games manufacturer once used to say: "Do the math!"

Playstation 2 fails pathetically in Latin market!
November 18

One of the largest chains of stores in Mexico: "Sanborns" have received the pathetic amount of 40 (fourty) units of Playstation 2!

This means that the largest city in the world (the gate to the Latin american market) has just received the "overwhelming" amount of... 40 PS2's. 40 units for millions and millions of possible consumers? Those are big numbers!

Mexicans will have to pay over 500 american dollars just to get the system alone! If you can't get your hands on one of these 40 units now you will have to wait until march of next year!

Sony is doing bad in USA, is doing bad in Japan, will be doing bad in Europe, is doing pathetically in Mexico and South America... not too mention the rest of the world...

Now tell me, how can Playstation 2 survive next year?

"Something's not right here, Fox!"

Falco-X signing off. - End of Transmition -

don't make us laugh

Zelda Teams with WWF
November 17

It's a seemingly unlikely pairing, to be sure. Nintendo has partnered its Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask game with the World Wrestling Federation.
Nintendo and the WWF are holding a sweepstakes that will see the winner off on a trip for two to the World Wrestling Federation pay-per-view spectacular, Armageddon, on Dec. 10. Fans can enter through Dec. 4 at the Zelda website.

To promote the sweepstakes, a 30-second TV commercial was filmed live at a WWF SmackDown! Event and produced by the WWF's in-house creative team. The spot features a Zelda player with just 72 hours to save the world, mimicking the game's plot. Everyone stops what they are doing to witness if he wins or loses, even World Wrestling Federation fans at SmackDown! The commercial will air during RAW is WAR (TNN, Monday, 9-11 pm EST) and on SmackDown! (UPN, Thursday, 8-10 pm EST).

The campaign also includes extensive coverage on www.wwf.com through banners, buttons, interstitials, as well as an extensive Legend of Zelda area of the site.

Explaining the pairing, Jim Rothschild, senior vice president of sales for WWF said, "The WWF/Nintendo Zelda 4th quarter 2000 promotion represents true fusion marketing by combining a customized television spot with an accompanying Internet area on WWF.com. These WWF media vehicles provide Nintendo unprecedented access to the highest-rated male teen TV show, as well as the most visited male teen website. We're excited Nintendo has recognized that WWF branded programming and web properties are key avenues for their marketing plans."
Source: Dailyradar.com

Majora's Mask in Europe
November 8, 2000
We have received literally tons of E-mails from people asking about the release date for Majora's Mask in Europe. We have been told that Zelda: Majora's Mask will be hitting stores in Europe the same day as in Australia: November 17. Tired of waiting? Don't worry, the game may make it's nice appearance before that date, just remember what happened with the game in America. (We mean ALL America, not just the United States.)

Majora's Mask in Mexico
November 1, 2000
Zerofoxie and Falco-X have been walking around the streets of Mexico city to see what was happening with Majora's Mask. The game is now available at stores, what is even better: there are still enough "collectors edition" carts for you, so hurry up! The game is around 800-850 mexican pesos. What are you waiting for? Go get your limited copy before it is too late!

So... no Zelda presentation?

Well, there was no Zelda presentation, or at least as important as the one of Ocarina of Time years ago. What happened? Lack of money is probably the cause. Oh well...

Majora's Mask in Australia
October 27, 2000
We now know that Majora's Mask is hitting stores in Australia on November 17.
Thanks to Bones and John Paul Jones for the information!

We'll keep you informed if we know more on this issue.

Majora's Mask in SPANISH!
October 24, 2000
These are some recent news that arrived to the editorial thanks to our staff member SHADIK. Looks like Nintendo Europe is launching a SPANISH version of Majora's Mask, what makes us very happy. So we have confirmed at least two new versions of the game for Europe: The French one and now the Spanish version.

The bad news about this is that, in spite of the fact that there's a version of the game in Spanish chances are that Latin americans will never see it... unbelievable but true... and sad, let me tell you. It could be a good idea that for once and for all Nintendo decides to pay more attention to the Latin american market by releasing more games in spanish, and of course shipping them to where they should go. Anyway, good movement from Nintendo, too bad it was not perfect. Will Gamecube solve the language problem as Sega has achieved with the Dreamcast? We hope so.

Now, let's check out some pictures of the Spanish version of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
(We really apologize for the low quality of the pictures)

Majora's Mask in the rest of the world
October 24, 2000
We have received many questions about launch dates for Majora's Mask in different areas of the world, unfortunatelly it has been really hard to get info on that matter.
After trying to contact several Nintendo sources from around the world our guess is as good as yours. Nobody gave a straight answer, however we believe the game will hit other countries stores during November.

We DO have confirmation from Nintendo México. Looks like the game will arrive during the first week of November. At this moment we are trying to confirm a Zelda presentation in México, however we haven´t received an official answer. Chances are that a Zelda presentation will took place in the famous "Espacio 64" in México city, BUT as we said it is not yet confirmed. If a presentation is done we are going to be there covering the event of course.

Majora's Golden edition is not limited
August 30, 2000
Looks like Majora´s Mask will be shipped in a golden cart but contrary as we mentioned before the edition will not be limited. That means everybody will get a golden cart, however only the first lucky ones to get their copy will get a special cart with a 3D label printed on it.
Good luck!

Majora's Mask To be Released in Europe First!
July 28, 2000

French Translators tell Htloz.com exclusively that they are already well into translating Majora's Mask and has have talks with Shigeru Miyamoto. They tell us that Europe will get Majora's Mask three whole days before the USA. Wow, I never thought NOE would actually beat NOA at their own game. We will of course have full impressions of the English Zelda 6 on the htloz, the day of release.

Majora's Mask goes Golden
July 26, 2000

Nintendo has confirmed its plans for a special cartridge for the launch of Zelda: Mask of Majora.

The company plans to offer pre-order buyers (and early buyers of the game) a golden cartridge, just as it did with the release of Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time.

However, users will also be treated to a special lenticular label. And it won't just be available to pre-order buyers.
Anyone buying the game early will have the opportunity of getting the special edition, though Nintendo warns that there is a limited availability.

The game will be heavily advertised through the fall on TV as well as via awesome 60 second cinematic ads, at the movies.
Given that the launch date is October 26 ­ the same day as PlayStation 2 goes on sale ­ Nintendo is hoping that the public's love of Zelda will persuade some gamers to hold on PS2.

Source: FGN Online

New release date for Majora's Mask
July 18, 2000

Nintendo has changed the release date for Zelda: Majora's Mask in America. It looks like it will arrive a month earlier than expected: October 26, 2000.
Good news for this side of the planet. What about in Latin America? October 30.
And Europe? No official confirmation but it is planned to be released more or less at the same time. We'll keep you informed. Have a good day.

Zelda: Mask of Mujula
presentation at the E3
July 4, 2000

Weeks ago we mentioned a really cool surprise at the Zelda: Mask of Mujula (Majora's Mask) presentation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles:
A group of men dressed in black wearing the Masks of the new Zelda game appeared from the back of the theatre. After a few moments the man wearing the Mask of Truth revealed his real identity. It was Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto himself wearing the Mask of Truth!!! Amazing!

This is not new. What is new is that we finally got pictures from that amazing moment, where the new Zelda game was presented to the public and Miyamoto gave an unexpected surprise.

The man in this picture is Peter Main from Nintendo of America. You can also see the masked men. Shigeru Miyamoto is the one on the right, wearing the Mask of Truth.

Peter Main and Shigeru Miyamoto (unmasked) in a moment of the presentation.


Source: Club Nintendo Magazine - Latin America

Zelda: Mask of Mujula
has been released in Japan!
April 27, 2000

Well, the so awaited game is out there. In Japan at least. Will that be an obstacle for Hyrule: The Land of Zelda? Of course not. Be ready because we are getting the japanese game so we can play all day long to bring you the best information about Zelda: Mask of Mujula (Majora´s Mask in America and Europe) on the Internet.
Because only in Hyrule: The Land of Zelda you can find the best and most accurate info on the Zelda games.

Release date for
Zelda: Mask of Mujula
January 22, 2000

For those who can't wait to play another Zelda game we have some good news!; The Legend of Zelda: Mask of Mujula is coming earlier than expected. We also have some new screenshots for your enjoyment.

According to the latest information we got; Nintendo would be releasing The Legend of Zelda: Mask of Mujula for the Nintendo 64 on April 27 in Japan.
Previously named The Legend of Zelda Gaiden, the game was originally planned for a release on the add-on peripheral 64DD but was later altered for the tradition N64 ROM format. Nintendo of Japan mentioned that the title may be released in the spring, but it appears that Japanese gamers may see Mask of Mujula earlier than expected. This sounds like good news for this side of the world. Now Zelda: Mask of Mujula is expected for a release
this autumn in North America.

Nintendo keeps changing things, the name, the dates, ho man, you'd better stay tuned just in case something else change.

Special thanks to Laura Stobart / Video.gamespot.com.uk who informed us of this news.

Zelda Gaiden will be
released in America!
November 4, 2000

Nintendo of America confirmed that Zelda: The Continuing Saga (Gaiden) will be released in America.
The follow-up to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has been officially positioned for a holiday season 2000 release in the US.
Nintendo expects the game it to be its best-selling title for Christmas.

"I can already predict that next year at this time I'll be standup up here announcing huge sales projections for the odds-on best-seller of Christmas 2000, the Nintendo 64 sequel to Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time," said Nintendo's Peter Main at a recent conference in New York.

It is not known if Gaiden will still launch in Japan in Q1 2000 as previously announced, or if
Nintendo will release the game simultaneously for the holidays.

Shigeru Miyamoto is not directly involved in
Zelda Gaiden´s development
August 29, 1999

legendary game-designer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed more facts about Zelda 6 (Temporary named as Zelda Gaiden) in an interview he had with an IGN64.com reporter.

Here's what he said:

IGN64: So you're not involved with any specific game right now?

Miyamoto: No, I'm trying to stay away from any specific game project right now.

IGN64: Are you overseeing Zelda Gaiden?

Miyamoto: From time to time at important milestones, I have to take a look at it. But I'm always trying not to be involved with the politics very deeply so that I'm not, for example, writing specifications or setting deadlines.

IGN64: We played Gaiden a short while ago and it's very impressive. But we're curious, will Link grow up in Gaiden?

Miyamoto: I actually don't know, but I heard that the adult Link will probably appear this time too. Also, if you say that Gaiden on the show floor is really good stuff I can feel very comfortable because that means my staff members have already become better than me when it comes to game creation.

IGN64: Tell us about "Ura Zelda."

Miyamoto: Ura Zelda is based on The Ocarina of Time for 64DD. It has the same construction of gameplay. It's very much a parody game based on Ocarina of time, but with new dungeons to explore. It even features the same storyline.

Check out the full interview with Shigeru Miyamoto>>>

Zelda: Ocarina of Time
has a sequel!!!
June 10, 1999

Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the most succesful Zelda game ever, will have a sequel. The name is not confirmed yet, but Nintendo is refering to it as: Zelda: The Continuing Saga. (Zelda Gaiden in japanese). It is said that the so called URA Zelda (game to be released for the 64DD add-on for the Nintendo 64) is a different game and has nothing to do with Zelda: The Continuing Saga (Zelda Gaiden). Let´s see what happens...

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