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Zelda: Majora´s Mask
Nintendo 64 - 2000

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Zelda: Majora's Mask (Mask of Mujula as named in Japan) is the sequel to the previous and most successful Zelda game ever: Ocarina of Time. It was released on April 27 in Japan, and will be released in America and the rest of the world sometime in October - November (Probably October 26). Legendary hero; Link, ventures this time in one of the darkest, most original and interesting adventures of his life.


Link embarks on a new adventure to save the world from destruction and to find his way back to Hyrule. In this new world known as "Talmina" everything is different. You will find many of the characters that appeared in Ocarina of Time, (Malon, Talon, Ingo, the Twinrova sisters and many more) but this time they will just have a different role in the game. Get ready to play one of the best games of the Zelda series. Interact with more, and better developed characters, face the most difficult puzzles, play the never ending number of mini-games, meet the greatest enemies ever seen in a Zelda game, travel to the most amazing lands and dungeons this magnificent game has to offer, and everything while fighting one of your worst enemies: Time.


The story in Majora's Mask unfolds little by little, creating an amazing suspense atmosphere. This doesn't mean there's no action, by the contrary, Majora's Mask is a fast paced game where exploration, interaction and fighting are combined in balanced doses. The intro shows Link riding Epona through a dense and misty forest. Suddenly a black fairy (Mondo, or Trail in Japanese) appears from nowhere causing Link to fall off the horse. For a moment our hero lies unconscious on the dusty floor while a mysterious masked character (Stalkid) enters the scene with clearly bad intentions. This somewhat childish but creepy character takes advantage of Link's unfortunate situation to look into his possessions. For a moment he seems to be especially attracted to the Ocarina of Time; a musical instrument that we all know from the previous game. He starts playing with it. The enjoyable moment Stalkid is having is interrupted by a warning message of Mondo (or Trail in Japanese) and Bell (Chat in Japanese), his two fairies. Stalkid turns back to realize that Link has awakened!
Link surprised by the presence of Stalkid, slowly tries to recover the Ocarina, but Stalkid showing no intentions of giving it back, jumps on Epona to escape! In the chase, Link falls into a deep hole and is transported to a new world filled with mystery, magic, fantasy and incredible creatures. During the process, Link is cursed and transformed into a deku scrub by Stalkid, who slowly walks away, satisfied of his dirty job. Bell (Chat) is left behind by the Stalkid and Mondo. Aware of the difficulties of being alone, Bell (Chat) teams up with Link. This time things will be different, Link will have to save Epona, find the Ocarina and recover his real shape before the world is destroyed by the moon itself, everything in 3 days.
Link will eventually find the Mask-seller man a character we know from the previous game. This time, this character is one of the most important and his advice will be particularly useful. He will clarify most of your doubts and leave you with many others. You will have to consult him many times.
After you first meet this man, you will enter to Talmina, one of the most impressive towns ever seen in the series. The town is rendered in real time, which means it's all in real 3D. Expect to meet many new and old characters.


The moon is falling and will collide with the world in only 72 hours!!! In real game time we are talking of 72 minutes, more or less (24 real minutes are 24 hours in the game). This doesn't mean you will have to finish the game in 72 minutes. With the Ocarina of Time in your hands, you will be able to travel back and forth through time, so as to solve puzzles, complete tasks, finding people and getting clues in your quest for saving the world. After you recover the Ocarina you will see Link remembering a song he learned from Zelda that will allow him to go back in time to the beginning of his adventure. So, you will have 3 days again, but every time you travel back in time, you will miss some of the items you have collected, such as rupees, bombs and other stuff. In this game, time does have real importance. You'd better keep an eye on your watch or you'll miss your life!!!
Some objectives can only be accomplished at certain periods of the day. Everything and everyone in the game is dynamic. Forget the idea of time from the previous game. Characters are more realistic in their behavior and personality. People are in constant movement.

The Masks

It's not necessary to say that the masks are the most important items of the game, and gives Link not only the appearance, but also the abilities of the creatures represented in each mask:
Goron Mask: The somewhat violent transformation Link suffers while wearing this mask allows him to get the shape of a rock-eating Goron. This helpful transformation helps Link getting into new areas by opening your way through some walls or obstacles. Link can also roll into a ball and travel at high speeds. Goron Link can also use a Megaton Bomb to blow up even the biggest boulders and enemies. Deku Scrub Mask: With this mask Link has the chance to turn himself into a Deku Scrub, one of those talking plants from "Ocarina of Time" Link can now hop through the dungeons, shoot bubbles out his snout as a special attack, walk on water and even glide through the air using flowers. Zora Mask: The Zora Mask turns Link into a fish-like Zora, allowing him to "swim?" at amazing speeds and ability. He can twirl and spin through underwater landscapes with great "talent".
Each one of Link's forms can play magical tunes in different musical instruments.
The Deku Link plays horns, the Goron Link plays a set of bongo drums and Zora-Link pulls out a lute made from fish bones. Cool enough, ah? Of course there are many more masks Link can wear, but the others don't transform him, instead, they just provide special powers. The pig mask for example enables you to "see" smells and find mushrooms.

The happy mask man

The happy mask man is continuously getting involved in the game. He will give you your hylian shape back and a Deku mask to return to the Deku-shape anytime you want. You will also get masks from other characters like the great fairies.


The great fairies

Once again you have the help of the great fairies, but in order to see the first one, you'll need to collect those shining flying beings, and you will be able to obtain your magic meter so you can perform spells given by the great fairies.

The Scarecrow returns

Our old friend the scarecrow returns again with a more important role. He can forward you 12 hours ahead.


Contrary to Ocarina of Time and other games of the series, Link begins his quest with the sword and shield equipped. In weapons Majora's Mask is largely the same as Ocarina of Time. Since you only play as Young Link in this game, you use the Kokiri Sword, Deku sticks and nuts, Bombs, Bombchus, the Hookshot and many others. In addition, young Link can now also use bow and arrow - as well as the three different types of magical arrows- as a kid, and even get an upgrade that turns his dagger into a double-bladed sword. As we mentioned before Goron Link can also use a Megaton Bomb to blow up boulders and enemies.


Rupees, money, cash...

Rupees are also the regular currency of this world. As always rupees have different colours for different values. There is a sort of Bank where you can save your money or ask for loans. Saving money can help you increase the amount of rupees you can carry.


The game is filled with mini-games and/or bonus. But of course you can't enjoy some of them until you have certain weapons (arrows and bow). For instance; in the first town you visit, there is a game where you have to reach a treasure chest at the other side of a room. The walls of a maze will rise from the ground as you walk. Another great game is a dog's race in where you can bet your rupees for the fastes puppy.


Origin of Stalkid

A cinema sequence shows Stalkid's origin and how he put his hands on the Mask of Majora from the Happy mask man:

Unmasked Stalkid

Stalkid playing with Mondo and Bell

The drawing foresees the future

Stalkid steals the Mask from the Mask seller


Zelda: Majora's Mask requires the 4MB Expansion to run. It not only provides a better definition at the distance; it also allows the game to show more enemies and background details on screen than in "Ocarina of Time". Majora's Mask offers detailed and colourful textures. There are also some cool special effects like moving textures, reflections and light sources. In general the graphics are much better than in Ocarina of Time. The worlds are considerably bigger and graphically enhanced thanks to the power of the (necessary) expansion Pak.



One of the things we noticed (and for the pleasure of many of the Zelda gamers) is that the fairy no longer says "Listen" all the time like in the previous game.Aaaahhhhh....! The surround sound enhances the experience and works great when searching for secret items. And now, some good news for the ones who thought that something was missing in the music department of "Ocarina of Time"; The new Zelda for Nintendo 64 has an incredible soundtrack ... and the traditional Zelda Theme is BACK!!!


In fact...

Detailed dungeons, swamps, woods, lakes, villages and towns, everything plenty of colour and detail. Add more complex characters, more twisted puzzles, a better and interesting plot, enhanced sound and graphics in the mix and you get "Zelda: Majora's Mask": the new (and clearly superior) Zelda game for the Nintendo 64.
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is another great action-adventure game for Nintendo 64. Gamers can be sure that once they insert their cart of Majora's Mask in their console they will be immersed into a totally different Zelda adventure that offers one of the most enjoyable storylines we have seen in an adventure game yet. You must own this game if you liked Zelda: Ocarina of Time or if you are simply looking for original and really enjoyable experiences. Simply put: The game is a must. So you MUST have this game. Understood? Fine.



From England with love

Htloz has also received the game in England, and Espio is starting to deliver some of his impressions on the game.
"I ventured back to Hyrule, a land where I had wasted many of my hours in the past, a land I knew very well. I played the game for about half an hour, and believe me, the magic is back. It doesn't matter what the story line is in this game, it's just as good as Ocarina of Time, but the game is more true to the Nes classics, it feels darker, and weirder. The lighting effects have been improved, and the graphics are a bit better. When you turn on the game, you are greeted with the same 'Nintendo 64' as in Ocarina of time, then the mask that Stalkid wears, possibly the Mask Of Mujula (Majora's Mask in the rest of the world), spins around and approaches the screen, then it floats over to the mask man from Ocarina Of Time's hands, probably meaning he finds it. Then the intro plays, and if you press pause during it, the MoM logo fades into the screen, like Ocarina of Time. The menu is very similar to Ocarina of Time; it is blue and green. After all the menu stuff, the intro plays, where Link is riding Epona in the forest. Two fairies then knock him off Epona and Stalkid steals Link's Ocarina and rides away on Epona into a cave where he goes to the new Hyrule. Then loads of people tell link the moon is going to destroy the world and the 'masked one' holds the key to saving them. Oh yeah, by that time Stalkid had turned Link into Deku Link.


A second opinion

I entered the 'Zelda: Mask of Mujula' cart into my beautiful N64 and so began one of the greatest games in history. As the game began, I could sense it would be one of the best of the Zelda series. I started my game and began to jump around and rememorize the controls. One of the first things I noticed was that Link did many more tricks while jumping in the air. He did flips, rolls, dives, and anything else you could think of. Although one thing bothered me while I started to play. When first taking control of Link there is no Navi! Many of you may be thinking this is great, until I met the Stalkid for the second time. He leaves behind one of his fairies that wants to get revenge on Stalkid, so he decides to pair up with Link. Although this time, the fairy is not annoying, but helpful.
I have spent long days on playing this game. I for one believe this is one, if not, the greatest Zelda games produced! It has great graphics, great animation, great sound, and beautiful towns, houses and fields. In Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I used to always visit Kakariko Village because it was fun to look around and play with the Cuccos, and in Mask of Mujula there are many places to visit and have fun! It is fun to be Goron Link and roll around the field at high speeds running over things in your way. It's also fun to become a Zora Link and swimming around in the giant lake they offer. If there was one thing I could change in Zelda: Ocarina of Time, it would have been to add boats, people, and overall size to Lake Hylia, and in this game, they made my wish come true.

The editor speaks

Well, we said it all. The game is a must. It's a Role-playing, It's a movie, and It's a magnificent game. From top to bottom it shows quality and creativity. Enhanced graphics and sound, (hey the classic overworld theme is back!) plus the dark, creepy and twisted storyline, presents a really new immersive gaming experience. The game is clearly an improvement over Ocarina of Time in most aspects; The world you explore is fully in 3D. Huge towns, forests, mountains and dungeons will keep experienced gamers playing all day long. The characters are more detailed in the animations and behaviour. They really have a life, a job, an attitude. Boys and girls, if you liked Ocarina of Time you are going to love this game! For those who thought it was just a rushed game to keep the hype for Zelda alive, I tell you: You were wrong dudes! Go order your copy now!!!

Our score: 10

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