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Zelda: Majora's Mask
Nintendo 64 - 2000

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Zelda: Majora's Mask
Link playing his Ocarina wearing the Bunny hood
A Zora playing the electric piano at the theatre -NEW
The swordsmith servant -NEW
Zora Link at the Laboratory -NEW
Zora Link at the Gerudo Fortress -NEW
Link inside the Gerudo fortress -NEW
Big Goron sitting at the top of an ice castle -NEW
The same ice castle at night -NEW
The dancing man -NEW
Dungeon at the Deku swamp -NEW
Zora Link watching the theatre -NEW
Goron Link fighting the second boss -NEW
Goron castle -NEW
Inside Goron Castle -NEW
Part of the Goron village -NEW
Deku Link playing cards inside the hotel -NEW
Deku Link and the "hand" at the bathroom -NEW
Love is in the air... -NEW
It's all over... -NEW
A Mario mask in the Mask Seller's backpack -NEW
Fat woman and Zora chatting -NEW
Zora Link at the Major's office -NEW
Mr Ingo and Talon at the Bar -NEW
Link finds a treasure chest inside the Gerudo fortress -NEW
Stalkid´s power
Adult Malon
Gigant Warrior
The Moon
Zora Link playing the guitar
Goron Link in an ice cave
Deku Link in a meeting
Mondo and Bell
Wolfos fighting
Dead Zora
Ingo x 2
Deku Link killing a foe
Close up to Link´s face
Welcome to my house
Front view of Link
Musician Zora
Goron Link in the Lava
Goron Link´s close up
Zora Link meets a strange fairy
Link in the snow
Zora transformation is painful
Run Zora!
A Zora playing the piano
Zora Link in a flooded place
Stalkid Vs. Link
Stalkid is going to attack!
Deku Link is the towns bar
Link in a flowers garden
This dude looks rude
Nabooru is back
Ingo is mad at Link
The town
Too many dogs!
Nabooru Vs. Zora Link
Link and a frog
Stalkid shows his mask
Go get him Link!
Deku Link´s face
May I join you?
The great fairy is about to help you
Fairy close up
Fairy close up 2
A Kid in the town
Another Kid
Another Kid 2
The astronomer speaks
You see Stalkid at the distance
A Deku
Party time at night
Stalkid flies
The moon has a raging face
You got the Ocarina of Time
Zelda´s vision
Stalkid never surrenders
Clock tower
The Moon over clock tower
The mask seller is mad
The Mask of Majora
The mask seller speaks with Link
A Deku soldier
Deku Link playing the horns
Zora´s everywhere
Another musician Zora
Be careful with that thing kid
Zora´s world
Malon and Link speaking
Training ground
A big fish
That plant seems to be hungry
Deku Link stands on a flying pad
Deku Link flies!
Hi Kid, what´s up?
Mondo and Bell
Creepy cave
The weird guy
Ingo´s twin brother
The Gorons are frozen
Strange poes in the field
Open your way Goron!
People at the town
Young Malon
Young Malon and a bow
Link floating
Special attack
Clock tower at dawn
Zora Link running
Nice Kid
Horse race against two Ingos
Fighting in a dungeon
Adult Malon in the field
The bombchu seller from Z:OoT is back
The town is filled with people
Zora Link fighting two deku babas
Goron Link rolling and flying
The scientist is back
Goron Link in the ice caves
Link in the town
Epona and Link
Library town

Link and the girl from the bombchu bowling
Goron Link and some weird blocks
Goron Link in the ice caves
Link, Epona and Malon
Link and Epona racing
Link and a strange dwarf
Zora Link and another Zora
Goron Link in the ice caves 2
Link fighting a huge boss
Zora Link fighting

Link aiming to a poe
Link and Epona
A cute Deku Link
Stalkid, Mondo and Bell
Stalkid holding the Ocarina
Link trying to stop Stalkid
Deku Link flying
Deku Link far away
Link looking at a big tree

A strange place
The Happy mask man
Deku Link and a worker
A guard
Clock Tower
Another Deku Link
Oh! the moon is falling!
Link and Stalkid
A strange guy and a Goron
A Goron messenger

A creepy little fairy
Spooky Stalkid
The moon and its ugly face
Wow! another Deku Link
Title Screen: MoM
A twisted part of the forest
White Wolfos
A gigantic insect!
Poor little Goron crying
Wolfos hurting our little hero
The attack of Link to a Wolfos
A creepy Goron
A sad Zora
Far away you can see a Gerudo
An old man talking to Link
Telescope view of a town
Deku Link and a gate at the back
Meeting other Deku scrubs
Two bladed sword
Stalkid and Mondo

Link and a lot of faeries
Strange smiling guy
Deku guy with a funny moustache
Two giant insects
Four screenshots showing Link and Mondo
Four screenshots showing different Links
Zora Link
A huge boss
Link fighting that huge boss
Another Zora Link

Zora Link showing his abilities
A close up to a big boss
Link wearing the Zora masl
The moon and Stalkid
A creepy mask
BIG snowball
Deku Link with some strange dekus
A kind of turtle?
Goron Link (front view)
Goron Link spinning

Link talking to a Goron
The snow and a Goron
A weird small guy
The king of the Dekus!
Goron Link attack
Zora Link swimming
Deku Link flying with two small flowers
Deku Link and a closed gate
Link and Epona in town
A small house and a Goron Link

Another creepy and ugly guy
Goron Link playing the drums
A cool place to visit
A teapot house
Zora Link playing the guitar
Deku Link playing some kind of horns
Teapot house 2
Link playing the Ocarina
One of the Twinrova sisters
Zora Link (front view)

A cool monster!
Malon, Link and Ingo
Link riding Epona
Link and Epona
Stalkid looking interested
Deku Link flying
Deku Link and a kind of maze
Zora Link swimming
Zora Link swimming 2
A Goron spinning race!

Goron Link ready to start the race!
A cool and creepy frog
The huge boss showing his anger
Clock Tower
Link and a maze
Again those giant mosquitoes
Link inside the observatory
A fairy fountain full of small faeries
Link and a kind of forest behind him
Deku Link and a Deku girl

Another Deku strange guy
A baby Goron crying
Goron ghost
A Zora is dying!
A Gerudo girl
Wolfos being hit by Link


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