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Zelda: Majora's Mask
Nintendo 64 - 2000

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Stalkid escapes with Epona  2.600k
Deku-Link visits the town  2.000k
Deku-Link in a dungeon  2.600k
Deku-Link´s transformation  1.700k
First Zelda: Majora´s Mask video released by Nintendo  1.000k

The next videos came from ign.com

Deku Chase #1  8000K
Deku Chase #2  9000K
Deku Chase #3  14000K
Deku Chase #4  11000K
Awesome cut-scene (definitely worth download)  36000K
Big, big bomb  4100K
Changing masks  2500K
Check out the size of this environment  1900K
Clock Tower Opens   3900K
Deku Flight   3400K
Disturbing Telescope View   5500K
Earn money on the fly   4700K
Encounter with your Nemesis   6500K
Fighting Odolwa  9000K
First Zelda: Majora's Mask Footage  6400K
Goron races through the land  4300K
In the sewers   3600K
Lens of Truth comes in handy  3000K
Lens of Truth demonstrated  1700K
Lighting up the place  4400K
Link and Zelda Overworld Theme  5000K
Link tries to solve puzzle  2600K
Meeting the Great Fairy   7500K
Meeting the Mask Maker  1800K
Mini-boss Battle #1  5000K
Mini-boss Battle #2  7000K
Owl Warp  3000K
Playing the Song of Time (warping back)  9000K
Race against fire  9800K
Raising Woodfall Dungeon  11000K
Skeleton boss battle #1  4300K
Skeleton boss battle #2  4500K
Spooky Link doll  2500K
Taking first steps   2800K
The End of the World  6900K
The full intro clip  14400K
The hookshot has more than one use  2200K
Trader Landing   2700K
Using the fire arrow  2000K
Young Link's horse ride  1300K
Zora goes for a swim (very cool)  4000K



Zelda: Mask of Mujula japanese commercial
Duration: 00:30 mins.
Size: 3.200k Majora's Mask

More videos are on the way!


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