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Zelda: Oracle of Seasons / Oracle of Ages
Gameboy Color 

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Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons  and Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages  are the latest Zelda games for the amazingly succesfull GAMEBOY COLOR. 

After a long time, Link is back to Gameboy,
and in double-dosis.

Princess Zelda returns to the series. Unfortunatelly, (for her, of course) Ganon is back into business and captures her in a moment of distraction (ah, women...). Since Zelda was the one to regulate the seasons, (Mmm, what a concept) things have started to get a bit chaotic. In order to return order to the world and bring Zelda back to her comfy throne, LINK must recover "The Rod of Four Seasons" that have fallen into another dimension. Don?t worry, that?s just the beginning. Once the Rod is recovered, our beloved hero LINK, will have the abiliy to control the seasons. Link must change the seasons in order to solve the mysteries that he will encounter during his journey.
Playing with the seasons will have quite a variety of effects on people and places. Freezing water by turning season to winter to gain access to an island for example. Got the idea? 

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