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This is a collection of dark art by original HTLOZ staff members Wolfhang Van Kraus and Falco-X. Most of these pieces have been missing since HTLOZ went under in 2002, but thanks to the efforts of HTLOZ visitors, many of them have been recovered for display here. These works are the exclusive property of their original creators and are provided here for posterity.

  • Wolfhang Van Kraus and Falco-X - Artists
  • ncc14113 (09-01-06) - Provided the previously missing Nayru
  • Lady Kara (08-17-06) - Provided a staggering 24 pieces in their original condition
  • Kao (07-07-06) - Recovered six missing or higher quality pieces
3 Goddesses Against Evil
Between the Sword and the Light The Castle is Destroyed
My Dark Side Din's Fire
Duel Ganon's Treasure
King's Tomb Lady Juliet
The Death of Link Link's Sister
Hyrule's Lost Legends Melody of Illusion
The Millenium Fairy Nayru
Adult Link Who's the prettiest princess in the world?
Saria Smile
Sunset Tea Time
The Day After Triforce
Two Zoras Volvagia
Young Zelda and Her Friend Zelda's Fate
Zelda's Friend
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