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15/08/2000 23:33 by Andrea

 We finnally got the chat working... I found a way to trick the MIME types of the server... gotta talk to Dave to fix that :) Anyway, you can now chat with other Zelda fans! click here to do so. Please, if you experience any problems, let me know. Thanks.
09/08/2000 22:19 by Andrea

We don't have many updates today... i'm very sad because my doggy passed away this morning and i really don't feel like updating the site.

 2 new articles for the articles section:
   Zelda in English and Complete
   Majora's Mask Gold Cart Revealed

Both of them have images with them. I'll update the page when i feel ready to. Cya soon.

01/08/2000 23:27 by Andrea

 We've added more fanfics to the archive. It's getting HUGE! I think I add a Search engine for it... what do you think? Anyway, here are the new titles:

  assiram - A Golden Dove
  Hylian Survivor - Link's Destiny - Chapter 2

Of course, if you want the list of fanfics, you can always visit the Fanfic Archive!.

Wallpapers. Official Art
29/07/2000 14:00 by Andrea

More updates for you... I forgot to add this ones to the last update, so...

 New Wallpaper, featuring Link and Epona... It's made with Official Nintendo Art, so I recomend you to check it out. Just click here to do so :)

 Also, new Majora's Mask Official Art has been posted, this time with another cute picture of Link, our hero... wanna check it out? Just click here.

Darkart. Fanfic. MM Tips. Fanart. MM Screenshots. Places in Hyrule.
27/07/2000 21:36 by Andrea

Amazing! A big update! :) Let's start...

 New Darkart has been posted. We've added a new Darkart Artist, his name is Nick Angiolillo, and you can see his art right here.
We've also added a couple of Nintendo Official Images, 2 posters and 2 big pictures of Link, our hero :) The 4 pictures can be found on the Nintendo Gallery of the Darkart.
As a add-on, we've added, in the main page of the Darkart section, a list of the most-voted images, with the ammount of votes and the ranking of it... it's a really fast way of knowing what are the favourites images :)

We've also added 6 new screenshots of Majora's Mask featuring Oni Link. You can see them here, but WATCH OUT! It's a spoiler :)

Talking about Majora's Mask, we've added a new page, the Tip's Page. You can find the tips for making your life easier in Majora's Mask in this page...

LOTS of Fanart has been added. I've even lost the count of how many did we post! So, go go go and see them all!

 As ussual, the Fanfic archive has also been updated with new histories... the Fanfic archive is updated almost every day from now on, so you should come back really often so you dont miss a single Zelda history! :)
In the Fanfic, we've also added the feature of the "Most voted fanfics", so you can see the best fanfics (or the most-voted ones, at least :) Just click here.

 New Places in Hyrule has been added! The Windmill, and the Dark Castle are the new pictures you can find on the Places in Hyrule section

Majora's Mask Gold!
27/07/2000 01:00 by Andrea

This is a WONDERFULL new! Remember that Nintendo didn't plan on making a gold edition for Majora's Mask, like they did on Ocarina of Time? Well, they've changed their mind!. The American version of Majora's Mask will have their gold version! If you want, you can read the entire article right here. Yahoo! :)
Gameboy Zelda Series Loses a Title
26/07/2000 23:55 by Andrea

 According to The Role Player's Network, "Three of the most anticipated titles for the Gameboy Color, the oncoming Legend of Zelda trilogy, has unfortunately lost one of it's three titles"... aparentlly because of problems in the programming and in the spanning the story over the three games... You can check out the full history right here
Fanfic Explosion!
25/07/2000 02:36 by Andrea

My God! Check the time! 2:38 AM! What am I doing awake? Updating the Fanfics!

 I have lost the count, but there must be at least 20 new fanfics on the Fanfic Area. I've added all the fanfics that were submited during July... you should check the Archive out! Click here

23/07/2000 22:58 by Andrea

Ok, I know I haven't been updating the site very offten... But as you all know, I work on a company that thinks that we (the employees) belong to them 24/365... *sigh*.

 Anyway, here's a GOOD new... Majora's Mask, the new Zelda game, will be released in America one month less than expected, that is October 26th. Now that's what I call a good new!

 I've got tons of Fanfics to add to the archive... also, lots of fanart has been submited, and new Darkart artists has been selected... more Places in Hyrule are waiting to be uploaded to the site, and tons of info about Majora's Mask, that includes a Walkthrough, images, screenshots and more, are on the buffer. I've got a week-free, and I'll try to update the site with all this stuff...

You'll pro'lly dont care about this, but I've bought a Dreamcast this weekend and i've spent the entire weekend playing Evolution 2, an RPG with a history line behind it ;)

18/07/2000 11:20 by Andrea

 Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! :)
Now, really, today it's my birthday, so If you want, you can send me some nice mail :) Just do it to andrea@hyrule.com.ar. I'm 20 now! :)

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Majora's Mask

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