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LAST UPDATE: 06/11/2001 10:26
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Back online!
06/11/2001 10:26 by Andrea

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 After a few days being offline, finally, we've managed to get back in the Net. I've bought a hosting, so no more popups for all of you... of course, the hosting costs me... so, if you can, please, contribute with the site by clicking in the Paypal logo over there...

 Now, to the important thigns... you can see some things have changed... now you can place your own comment in the News items! The Links section also changed, with categories and more stuff...
The Download section might look a little broken... but don't worry, I'll reupload everything as soon as I can :)
Also, the Fanfic section changed! It's nicer now, so you might want to take a look...

 And... we're going to switch forums!!! The ezBoard pop-ups are WAY to annoying. Stay close if you want to be one of the first users in the new board!

I've got so many things to update... so many!
Oh, and all of this couldn't be possible without the help of my boyfriend, Fabian... thanks honey

From F: It's a pleasure hon... and happy aniversary. I love you.

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New Wallpaper Add a new comment
22/09/2001 10:07 by Andrea

 It was about time! Finnally, an update is being made in the page... I've added a new wallpaper that I made featuring Link with the model that's used in the Gamecube title Smash Bros. Melee. I think you will like it! I do...
You can check it out in the Wallpapers section.

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Sad Day Add a new comment
11/09/2001 22:41 by Andrea

 Today is a very sad day for the entire world.

The United States of America suffered from an attack by unknown terrorists. They hijacked planes and crash them in several places, like the Twin Towers (they no longer exist), the Pentagon and others. Hundreds of lives had been lost today, and nothing can be done to repair the damage that this kind of things make to the human kind.

Like said in "Contact", the movie,... "You {the human race} are an interesting species...an interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams...and such horrible nightmares.".

Let's not forget what happened today, and let it not happen again.

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Petition online Add a new comment
26/08/2001 21:49 by Andrea

 After we've seen how the new Gamecube game will look like, some of the fans (if not all of them) are a little, just a little angry...
They have started a petition for Nintendo to change the look on Link (that is, to leave it like it was on the Space World 2000 movie). It has lots of signatures, and if you don't agree with the new look on Link, you can just go and sign it. However, personally, I don't think Nintendo will change his mind about the new look on Link... we'll have to wait and see.

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NEW Zelda Gamecube Screenshots Add a new comment
23/08/2001 08:52 by Andrea

 You've better get ready for this. Link as a CARTOON?IGN was in the press conference of Space world 2001, and they were able to catch some pictures of the Next ZELDA for Gamecube
You will be surprised... check how Link looks like!

I know, a little different from the Link we know, eh?...
Anyway, remember this is a preview, so graphics maybe will change... Personally, I don't like this new "Disney" look on Link...

Now, to the important things The Zelda game still doens't have a official name... It's named "Zelda", plain and clear. And Miyamoto MADE the promise that the game will be available to Xmas 2002. Let's see if they can make it

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Some small updates Add a new comment
20/08/2001 22:33 by Andrea

It's better than nothing at all right? I answered some mails, and added a couple of little things to the page

 I've added a location where to buy the Zelda Toys, thanks to Thuan for the link!
 I've removed the newsletter . Not because I wanted to, but because Listbot, the place there the list was hosted, has closed. Check this page for more info.
 I've changed the main image from a Deku Link to Link in the Oracle Series. It's nicer

I know is not much, but it's a sign that we're still alive, and my interest in Zelda is starting again

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New Details on Zelda Gamecube Add a new comment
04/08/2001 21:47 by Andrea

 A friend of mine sent a fantastic link with updated information about Zelda for Gamecube. You can read the article by clicking here Link outside the site - Will open on a new window. Sounds like the game will be A BLAST.
The source of the article is gamecubexl.com. Please note that this information is NOT OFFICIAL

Thanks to Beto for sending this link!

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F.A.Q. Add a new comment
22/07/2001 21:42 by Andrea

 Ok, i've got so many mails asking "Why you're not updating the site", "Why don't you publish my {fanfic/fanart/humor/tip/whatever}", that I decided to make a small "FAQ" to answer those questions.
  • Why my fanart haven't been published?

  • I haven't updated that section in a HUGE amount of time. The truth is, my time is very limited. I don't have much time to update the site, and that part of the site takes a lot of time to update. So, I decided to update other parts of the site.

  • You keep saying you don't have time. Why is that?

  • Because I have 21 years old, I've got a full-time job, a live besides the one I've got "behind the keyboard", and sometimes I'm not in the mood to sit in the PC to work on the page after 10 hours of non-stoping programming.

  • I've sent a fanfic and you didn't publish it. Why?

  • The same that happens to Fanart. Takes time. I dont have it. Add the fact that some persons send the texts in .doc and I don't have Word installed. Fill the blanks.

  • Why some sections of the site are so un-updated?

  • Same things. No time to update them.

  • I wrote 1000 mails and you never answer them! You don't like me?

  • No. It's the same case. Time. I've got lots of mails unread. I read them when I've got time and I feel like

Remember, for me, this page is just a hobbie. Nothing more, nothing less. I won't spend the little time i've got free behind the keyboard, like I do 9-hours per day at work.

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