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 LAST UPDATE: 25/11/2001 21:54
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Smash Bros Melee secret characters
25/11/2001 21:54 by Andrea

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 I've added 5 screenshots to the Smash Bros Melee section. In three of this screenshots you can see that you can unlock Kid Link and Ganon! I would like to thank to BrettDawg129@aol.com for sending the screenshots and the info! . Check them by clicking here.

 Also, he sent me how to UNLOCK Kid Link and Ganon. Follow this steps:

  • Kid Link:
    Beat Classic Mode in Very easy mode without loosing a life.
  • Ganon:
    Defeat him in Event 29

  •    There are 6 comments for this story. 

    Smash Bros Melee Time Add a new comment
    18/11/2001 21:57 by Andrea

     Now it's the turn for Smash Bros Melee! I've added the section, with screenshots, official art, videos and some info. Of course, we only cover the parts where Zelda, Sheik, Ganon or Link show up... .
    In case you didn't know, besides Link and Sheik, you can also play with Zelda and Ganon! There's not many info available on this, but we'll keep you posted.
    In the mean time, check the Index, the Screenshots section, the Official Art and the Movies!
    That model of Link really looks cool... *drooling*...

       There are 6 comments for this story. 
    Time for Videos! Add a new comment
    13/11/2001 18:55 by Andrea

     Videos! Videos! Get your videos! . I've updated the Majora's Mask Videos section with three commercials. They used to play this videos in the cinema, in the TV, everywhere . Just click here to check them out.

     Also, I've added the Gamecube Zelda video, in case you haven't seen the new Zelda look for the Gamecube! It's a MUST SEEN. Click here! Now!

    Oh, and by the way... thanks to Trinity. She actually sent the link to the "How to draw..." book .

       There are 11 comments for this story. 

    Link's awakening Icons Add a new comment
    10/11/2001 10:40 by Andrea

     We've added lots of icons of Link's awakening to the Icons section. Now you can have LA icons everywhere in your desktop .
    Go and check them out!.

       There are 4 comments for this story. 
    New forums! Add a new comment
    08/11/2001 10:47 by Andrea

     Since we are changing everything in the page, we decide to change the forums, too . I know some people will miss the old ezBoard forum, but this one is much better, and without popups, which is something rare in this days...

    To visit the new forums, click here. Remember to check out the rules before posting!

       There are 10 comments for this story. 

    'How to draw' book! Add a new comment
    07/11/2001 10:57 by Andrea

    How to draw Legend of Zelda | Click to view more info Ever wanted to learn how to draw the characters like the ones in the official art? I bet you did... now here's your chance to learn! A book, named How to draw the legend of Zelda, is available from Amazon! At a price of $3.95, it's a great opportunity to learn how to draw the perfect Link!. Check the image to see more information about this book. Thanks to Trinity for the link to the book!

       There are 10 comments for this story. 
    Back online! Add a new comment
    06/11/2001 10:26 by Andrea

     After a few days being offline, finally, we've managed to get back in the Net. I've bought a hosting, so no more popups for all of you... of course, the hosting costs me... so, if you can, please, contribute with the site by clicking in the Paypal logo over there...

     Now, to the important thigns... you can see some things have changed... now you can place your own comment in the News items! The Links section also changed, with categories and more stuff...
    The Download section might look a little broken... but don't worry, I'll reupload everything as soon as I can :)
    Also, the Fanfic section changed! It's nicer now, so you might want to take a look...

     And... we're going to switch forums!!! The ezBoard pop-ups are WAY to annoying. Stay close if you want to be one of the first users in the new board!

    I've got so many things to update... so many!
    Oh, and all of this couldn't be possible without the help of my boyfriend, Fabian... thanks honey

    From F: It's a pleasure hon... and happy aniversary. I love you.

       There are 22 comments for this story. 

    New Wallpaper Add a new comment
    22/09/2001 10:07 by Andrea

     It was about time! Finnally, an update is being made in the page... I've added a new wallpaper that I made featuring Link with the model that's used in the Gamecube title Smash Bros. Melee. I think you will like it! I do...
    You can check it out in the Wallpapers section.

       There are 2 comments for this story. 
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