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This is the Land of Hyrule, a magical land where Link, Zelda and all his friends live adventures every day

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Zelda Movie Add a new comment
23/01/2002 07:10 by Andrea

 What would you say if we tell you that there's a chance that a Zelda movie is made? I bet you'll start jumping in joy (or something like that ). The possibility is very strong, but we need your support. All you need to do is send a email to nintendo@nintendo.com with this text:

Dear Nintendo,

For many years now, we have seen many great games based on "The Legend of Zelda" series, now we want to see it taken to the next level. With many books, and the poorly written cartoon based off the "Legend of Zelda," we would like someone with a fresh perspective, motivation, and vision, to create a film of higher caliber. We would like you to consult Joe Morriss RyogaJoe@Hotmail.com and allow him to direct his story we believe in.

Thank you

That's all! If Nintendo gets plenty of mails, they'll consider the fact of making a Zelda movie! Imagine a Zelda Movie like Final Fantasy...
If you want more information about the movie, check our affiliate, Ganon's Tower.

   There are 5 comments for this story. 

Last comment on 24-Jan-2002 05:08:22

Fist Zelda Commercial Add a new comment
20/01/2002 11:43 by Andrea

 I've added in the Download section the first Zelda commercial... including the Zelda rap!
You better watch it! Click here

   There are 10 comments for this story. 

Last comment on 23-Jan-2002 20:16:33

Forums and Chat rules Add a new comment
11/01/2002 21:10 by Andrea

 I had to added more rules... for the chat, i've added the first ones. Click here to check them out. They are easy to understand.

 For the forums, I've added more specific rules about the signatures. If you are a regular in the forums, please read them.
I've also updated the list of moderators, the one that you can check it here.

   There's ONE comment for this story. 

Last comment on 22-Jan-2002 12:11:54

Welcome Epona! Add a new comment
09/01/2002 11:10 by Andrea

 I would like to post this update to welcome EponaFree&Wild to the staff of Hyrule.com.ar. She is the Official Poll maker, that means that she'll make polls so everyone laugh with her ideas, and vote! You can find the entire list of polls by clicking here!
If you want to email 'Pona, you can do it by writing to epona@hyrule.com.ar (hey that actually makes sense! )

In the next days, I'll write a Rules Sheet for the Chat, publish the operators of the channel (like the moderators) and update the rules about the signatures in the forums.

   There are 7 comments for this story. 

Last comment on 18-Jan-2002 22:06:40

CHAT! Add a new comment
05/01/2002 23:05 by Andrea

 Finally, thanks to the Habber network we have an online chat!!!

Come and chat with us by clicking here!

If you want to use Mirc or any other IRC client to access our channel, you can connect to irc.habber.net, port 6667, in the channel #zelda.

   There are 9 comments for this story. 

Last comment on 17-Jan-2002 20:30:47

Even more fanfics! Add a new comment
24/12/2001 08:02 by Andrea

 You wanted fanfics? Ha! Now you have fanfics
I've made another update and I added a couple more... remember, if you want your story published, you can send it to fanfics@hyrule.com.ar and I'll be glad to add them

Click here to check the new stories.

Merry XMAS! I also want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays to everyone! Peace in the world is what I want...

   There are 17 comments for this story. 

Last comment on 22-Jan-2002 19:17:45

Darkart Add a new comment
23/12/2001 08:35 by Andrea

 Oops... I forgot to mention one of the artist in the last Darkart update... . The artist is Silvestris and she made a new piece, called Seven Years of Darkness. I'm sorry I forgot to mention it

   There are 12 comments for this story. 

Last comment on 22-Jan-2002 09:19:30

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