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No more Navi
30/05/2002 23:08 by Andrea

Add a new comment

 Indeed, boys and girls, Link doenst have a fairy with him in the new Gamecube adventure... then, what does he do when he's stuck and he doens't know where to go? Click here to find out

   There are 12 comments for this story.

Last comment on 03-Jun-2002 16:23:43

Zelda for gamecube Info Add a new comment
26/05/2002 23:24 by Andrea

Zelda for gamecube More info available about the Zelda for Gamecube... the name of Link's sister, screenshots of the first five minutes of the games, some plots info and a couple of corrections... click here to read them...
I must... go... sleep... now...

   There's ONE comment for this story. 

Last comment on 02-Jun-2002 22:41:02

First E3 day Add a new comment
21/05/2002 23:41 by Andrea

The first day of E3 and all this info is available! Uff, im tired

Zelda for Gamecube Well, in the first place, screenshots and movies of the Zelda for Gamecube are available! You can check them out in the new GC Zelda section. You will find movies, screenshots and information there! Don't miss the AMAZING trailer that's waiting for you there!

Multiplayer! Also, some GBA news! The remake for Link to the past is a fact, and it brings something new to the Zelda series: multiplayer mode! Want to read more? Head to the Zelda GBA section, and view some screenshots and a MOVIE!

E3More updates from the E3 will follow, this days will be caotic! Just be patient with us

   There are 5 comments for this story.

Last comment on 02-Jun-2002 22:50:30

E3 News Add a new comment
20/05/2002 09:39 by Andrea

 The E3 expo is around the corner, and some news start to filter
The first one is the rummor of a Multiplayer Zelda. Can that be true? Read the article about it and find it out.

The other one is the Zelda for Gamecube storyline... in this adventure, Link will not save Zelda from the claws of Ganon... want to know what he must do? Head to the article and find it out

Stay tunned, news will fly fast this week

   There are 7 comments for this story.

Last comment on 23-May-2002 23:13:31

Zelda Gamecube Delayed Add a new comment
16/05/2002 10:03 by Andrea

 The new Zelda game for the gamecube is going to suffer a delay! click here to read the article.

   There are 2 comments for this story.

Last comment on 20-May-2002 18:02:13

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