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During the games, Link will meet lots of people that will help him during his adventure. Here you will find some of them...

Also, you can find some of the places of Hyrule

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Deku Link
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Princess Zelda | Click on me to see a bigger version! Princess Zelda

The grown-up version of Princess Zelda, the princess of destiny.
Click me to zoom 'Princess Zelda'
Nabooru | Click on me to see a bigger version! Nabooru

Nabooru is the chief of the Gerudos, a strange race in Hyrule that is formed only by woman. A boy is born every 100 years, and Ganon inthis generation
Click me to zoom 'Nabooru'
Mido | Click on me to see a bigger version! Mido

Mido is one of the Kokiri boys that hang out in the Kokiri Forest. He doenst like you.
Click me to zoom 'Mido'
Impa | Click on me to see a bigger version! Impa

Zelda's babysitter, she is the official Nany.
It's from the Sheikah race, and it's one of the last alive. She lives in Kakariko Village and will help Zelda to escape from Ganon
Click me to zoom 'Impa'
Rauru | Click on me to see a bigger version! Rauru

It's one of the Seven Sages that will help you defeat Ganon. He will give you the Light Arrows, that you have to use agains Ganon, the prince of Darkness.
Click me to zoom 'Rauru'
Link and Navi | Click on me to see a bigger version! Link and Navi

Our hero and her friend, the fairy Navi, will have to fight with all the 'bad guys' to save the land of Hyrule and keep the triforce in a safe place.
Click me to zoom 'Link and Navi'
Ganon/Ganondorf | Click on me to see a bigger version! Ganon/Ganondorf

The 'bad guy' of the game. Ganon tries to rule in Hyrule using the Triforce. But he doenst want a nice world, he wants a world full of evil and darkness. We gotta stop him!

He holds the Power part of the Triforce.
Click me to zoom 'Ganon/Ganondorf'
Talon | Click on me to see a bigger version! Talon

Malon's father, he's the real owner of the farm. He falls sleeps anywhere! It's a very nice guy
Click me to zoom 'Talon'
Malon | Click on me to see a bigger version! Malon

The ranch girl, that has a strange voice. She will teach you a song, and give you Epona
Click me to zoom 'Malon'
Saria | Click on me to see a bigger version! Saria

Saria is Link's best friend. She's a Kokiri, so she doenst grow up. Also, she's the Sage of Forest and she'll give Link the Forest Meddalion to help him!
Click me to zoom 'Saria'
Kokiris Kokiris

Some of Link's and Saria's friends, the Kokiris never grow up! They are always children. They theorically can't leave the forest...
Princess Zelda | Click on me to see a bigger version! Princess Zelda

The Princess Zelda is one of the most importants elements (duh) of the game. She holds the Triforce of Wisdom, making her a important piece. She'll be kidnapped by Ganon a couple of times, but she'll be ok.
Click me to zoom 'Princess Zelda'
Princess Ruto | Click on me to see a bigger version! Princess Ruto

The crazy Zora princess wants to marry Link. She's a fish-girl, so i guess Link will prefer Zelda if he has to choose ;)
She'll give you the Blue Stone once you save her.
Click me to zoom 'Princess Ruto'
Grown Up Princess Ruto | Click on me to see a bigger version! Grown Up Princess Ruto

A grown-up version of Princess Ruto...
Click me to zoom 'Grown Up Princess Ruto'
Sheik | Click on me to see a bigger version! Sheik

Sheik carries a mysterious golden harp with which he plays melodies that Link has to learn.
He will guide you throught your adventure. But He's kinda familiar... those eyes...
Click me to zoom 'Sheik'
The Gorons | Click on me to see a bigger version! The Gorons

The gorons live in the Death Mountain. They eat rocks :).
You'll get the Red stone from there, and you can get the Biggoron's Sword too.
Click me to zoom 'The Gorons'

The Light Castle 
The beautifull Castle of Hyrule. In this castle, Princess Zelda lives with her father, who rule the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Impa also lives here, because it's Zelda's Nany.

When Ganon takes over the Castle, it turns out into the picture below...
The Dark Castle 
The nice place that the Hyrule Castle used to be, it's gone for good... now we have this, the dark and creppy Dark Castle.
The windmill 
The windmill is a mysterious place in Zelda64, Ocarina of Time. It has the only cucoo alive when you grow up, and you can find the Music man inside of it

In this windmill you will learn the Song of Storm, my favourite Ocarina song. It can make rain anytime, anywhere!

Temple of Spirit 
One of the most amazing points in Zelda 64... the Temple of Spirit, that Nabooru guards (zelda64)
Water Temple
The beautifull Lake Hylia, having in the bottom the Water Temple, one of the most complicates Temples of the game Ocarina of Time. (zelda64)

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