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KVGM Awards 2004!

I humbly welcome you all to the KVGM Awards! Many of you might have remembered that I have made incarnations of this topic (which comes from my earlier, more-popular internet DJ topics) before... but in this topic I have taken the people I know from the boards and gone off by myself and deciphered out songs that I thought matched their personalities or simply sounded like they'd enjoy having said tune set to their name. I really hope that everyone enjoys this topic, as I put in a LOT of time that I should have been spending on studying, writing my story, or (theoretically) sleeping. And I thank you all for everything that you contribute to this community, you're still just great//awesome//wierd//stupid//fun to be with. Period.

The Incredible Singing Robot (Chrono Trigger - Robo)

Battle (Super Mario Bros. 3)
Matoya's Cave (Final Fantasy)

The Frivilous Funk (Super Mario Bros. - Overworld, Underground)
Battle Rocks (Super Mario Bros. 3 - Battle)
Kaoss (Final Fantasy - Chaos Temple)
My Dying Occlo (Ultima Online - Occlo)
Christmas Cave (Donkey Kong Country - Ice Cave)

Bloody Tears (CastleVania 2)
Doomship (Super Mario Bros. 3)

Super Mario's Sleigh Ride (Super Mario World - Various/Christmas)
Da Boom (Sonic CD - Sonic Boom)
Wicked Orchestra (CastleVania - Wicked Child)
The Tallest Building (MegaMan II - Title)
BlueLament (Lunar - Theme)

Cheese Wheels of Doom (Bubsy the Bobcat)
Heavy Arms (Gundam Wing: Endless Duel)
Select (Super Mario Bros. 2)

Rydia's Chocobo (Final Fantasy IV - Rydia and Chocobo)
FantasticoMamboTechnoDisco de Chocobo (Final Fantasy VII - Fiddle de Chocobo)
Dub No Fantasy Alone Man (Final Fantasy IX - You're Not Alone!)
Chocoarena (Final Fantasy VII - Fiddle de Chocobo)
Heavy Arms (Gundam Wing Endless Duel - Heavy Arms)

Protoman (MegaMan 2)
Ken (Street Fighter II)

Lord PROTEKTOR (Actraiser - Overworld)
MessatsuGou-Techno (Marvel vs. Street Fighter II - Gouki/Akuma)
Sad Melody (Breath of Fire - Theme)
Floor Master Ninja (Ninja Gaiden - Theme)
ProtoVaffe (MegaMan III - Protoman)

Heart of Fire (CastleVania)
Tragic Prince (CastleVania: SotN)

Tumultus Paupum (Final Fantasy IV - Dancing Calbrena/Dr.Lugae)
Metal Gear May Cry (Metal Gear Solid 2 - Title / Devil May Cry - Title)
Clan McCloud (Starfox - Story)
Contra Bases (Contra - Stage 1)
Dark Madness Resurrection (CastleVania 2 - Darkness)

Veldt (Final Fantasy VI)
Corneria (StarFox)

Hey Mr. Honda (Street Fighter II - Edmond Honda)
Ambient Gemini (Donkey Kong Country 2 - Swamp)
MagnetMan goes West (MegaMan II - MagnetMan)
CrossFire (Chrono Cross - Theme)

Title (Chrono Trigger)[/url" target="_blank">
Metalman (MegaMan 2)

Everything Remains Jurassic (Jurassic Park - Theme)
Yoshi's Rag (Yoshi's Island - Welcome to Yoshi's Island!)
Water Warning (Sonic The Hedgehog - Drowning)
Stainless Steel (MegaMan II - MetalMan)
Harrier Disco (Space Harrier - Theme)

Blackjack (Final Fantasy VI)
Crateria (Super Metriod)
Hot Head Bop! (DKC2)

Spekkio the Brave (Chrono Trigger - Spekkio)
Hyrulian (Legend of Zelda - Theme)
Fragments of Gold (LttP - Death Mountain)
Rabbit Joint (Legend of Zelda - Theme)
Ruined Desert (Halo - Desert)

Frosty Frolicks (DKC3)
Spark Mandrill (MegaMan X)

Oldschool Opening (Final Fantasy VI - Terra/Opening)
Cursed Pirates of the Sea (Final Fantasy V - We're Pirates!)
Stronghold of Chaos (Final Fantasy - Chaos Temple)
CastleMania (CastleVania - Vampire Killer)

Belmont Theme (CastleVania 4)
White Land (F-Zero)

Panic of the Undead (Zombies Ate my Neighbors - Day of the Tentacle)
HotFlashesMan (MegaMan II - HeatMan, FlashMan)
The Sin War (Diablo - Narration)
The Dark Reaches of SMW (Super Mario World - Fortress/Castle)
Let us Dance in the Dark Phantom Phorest (Final Fantasy VI - Phantom Forest)

Evil Link
Storm Eagle (MegaMan X)
Fillmore (Actraiser)

Losing Me is Not an Option (Final Fantasy IX - Loss of Me)
Freestyle (Actraiser - Fillmore)
Bluebase Accidental (Metriod - Kraid's Hideout)
Devil's Mask (Ninja Gaiden - Theme)
Purple Heart (Rush'n Attack - Theme)

Fury Three
Flame Mammoth (MegaMan X)
Bramble Scramble (DKC2)

Battle Theme (Final Fantasy - Battle)
Seaside Lullaby (Link's Awakening - Ballad of the Windfish)
Brainsick Metal (MegaMan X - Highway, Sting Chameleon, Storm Eagle, Spark Mandrill)
Brambles in the Breeze (Donkey Kong Country 2 - Bramble Scramble)
Anthem of Exile (Final Fantasy VI - Figaro Castle)

Boomer Kuwanger (MegaMan X)
Evergreen (CastleVania3)

Match with Yuri (Art of Fighting 2 - Yuri's Stage)
Injured Hero's Blood (Final Fantasy Legend 2 - Theme)
Red XIII Redux (Final Fantasy VII - Red XIII)
Nay Tomorrow (Silent Hill - Theme)
Ephemeral Evergreen (CastleVania 3 - Evergreen)

Airman (MegaMan 2)
Aquarius (CastleVania 3)

A Temple of Chaos (Final Fantasy - Chaos Temple)
Otanjoubi Cid (Final Fantasy VII - Cid)
Dr. Wily Meets Flashman (MegaMan II - Wily Castle/Flashman)
efsisos Feat Samus Aran (Metriod - Title)
WindShear (MegaMan2 - Airman)

Human Smoke
Launch Octopus (MegaMan X)
Level 1 (BattleToads in BattleManiacs)

Komplete Kontrol (Mortal Kombat - Theme)
Funky Bookas (Earthbound - Scaraba)
Ben Lewis Brinstar Theme (Metriod - Brinstar)
AMEN Reflux (Contra - Level 1)
Ghosts of St. Helens (Donkey Kong Country 2 - Hot Head Bop!

Dracula's Mansions (CastleVania 2)
Ice Cap Zone (Sonic The Hedgehog 3)

Space Station of the Ancients (Final Fantasy VII - Temple of the Ancients)
IceCapped (Sonic 3 - Ice Cap Zone)
Sound Stone C Major (Earthbound - Sound Stone)
Party in the Snowland (Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road)
Death on the Snowfield (Final Fantasy VI - Terra/Opening)

Kids Run Through the City Corner/Town (Final Fantasy VI)
Gerudo Valley (OoT)

Ballad of the Sea (Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand)
Gerudo Interlude (OoT - Gerudo Valley)
Relm WeepyLoop (Final Fantasy VI - Relm)
Bukkis Tango (Super Mario RPG - Booster Tower)
Funky Dungeon (Kid Icarus - Dungeon)

Runaway Five Tour Bus (Earthbound)
Barrel Volcano (Mario RPG)
Andy Asteriods (EWJ)

Desperados (Final Fantasy VIII - Man With the Machine Gun)
Subcrunch (Skate or Die! - Theme)
Space Orchestra (Metriod - Kraid's Hideout)
MiniMayhem (CastleVania 2 - Dracula's Mansions, Town, Bloody Tears)
Bus! (Earthbound - Runaway Five Tour Bus)

Shadow (Final Fantasy VI)
Frog's Theme (Chrono Trigger)
Credits ("Mother Theme" - Earthbound)

Knights Come Marching Home (Johnny Comes Marching Home, Chrono Trigger - Frog, Final Fantasy IX - Loss of Me)
A Frog, A Sword, And a Spoony Bard (Chrono Trigger - Frog)
AmIEvil (Secret of Monkey Island - Pirates Cove)
Simian Symphony (Donkey Kong Country 2 - Gangplank Galleon)
DietThirstQuencher (Brave Fencer Musashi - Thirstquencher Fortress)

Master of Zelda
Winters (Earthbound)
Wind Scene (Chrono Trigger)

You Must Dance (Breath Of Fire 2 - Theme)
Temple Trance (Zelda 2 - Temple)
Far From Home (Far From Home - Final Fantasy X)
Trollbash (Ultima 4 - Overworld)
YPOI (MegaMan - Elecman)

Wicked Child (CastleVania)
Fever (Dr. Mario)

CrashedMen (MegaMan II - CrashMan)
Hillbilly Rodeo (Bubble Bobble - Theme)
Enter the Toad (BattleToads and Double Dragon - Various)
Wickedest Child (CastleVania - Wicked Child)
Load/Save TheLastTripHopForMe (Mario Paint - Load/Save)

Haunted Chase (DKC3)
Dead/Arrested (Deja Vu)

McVaffeQuasi Ultimix (Tetris - Song A)
James Brown in Space (ToeJam and Earl - Theme)
Dancing Madly First Form (Final Fantasy VI - Dancing Madly First Tier
Assembly Line Apparitions (Donkey Kong Country 2 - Assembly)
Man With Another Trance Machine (Final Fantasy VIII - Man With the Machine Gun)

Highway (MegaMan X)
Credits (Super Metriod)[/url]
Angel Island Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog3)[/url]

Halls of Abandonment (Alisia Dragoon - Theme)
Booster Tarantino (Super Mario RPG - Booster's Railway)
Soft Museum Jam (NiGHTS - Museum)
Duke Togo X Mix (Golgo 13 - Theme)
Rude Awakening (CastleVania CotM - Catacombs)

Battle (Dragon Warrior)
Boss (Final Fantasy VI)

Ghosts of the Marble Hall (Super Mario World - Ghost House)
Battle (Earthbound - Battle )
Dr. Wily Haunts FlashMan (MegaMan II - WilyCastle, FlashMan)
Sprinting Riffs (Ninja Gaiden 2 - Theme)
RiverCityRammstein (River City Ransom - Theme)

Prince Karo
Title (Bubsy the Bobcat)
Lost Woods (LttP)

Smileyspot (Cool Spot - Level 3)
Super Buck Jazz (Super Mario Bros. 2 - Theme)
Green Greens Contagius (Kirby Superstar - Green Greens)
Six Feet Under (Dig Dug - Theme)
One Girl in All the World (Super Metriod - Theme)

Ending (Final Fantasy VI)
Kefka (Final Fantasy VI

La Locura Del Kefka (Final Fantasy VI - Kefka)
Kefka Goes West (Final Fantasy VI - Kefka)
Kefka Goes Carnival (Final Fantasy VI - Kefka)
Cid in the Factory (Final Fantasy VI - Devil's Lab/Magitek Facility)
Virt's Madness (M&M's Mini Madness)

Castle Shadowgate (Shadowgate)
Twoson (Earthbound)
Rachel Forever (Final Fantasy VI)
Prelude (Final Fantasy VI Version)

Tale in Piano (Final Fantasy IV - Theme)
Back to Towne (Final Fantasy VI - Kids Run Through the City Corner/Town)
Gau's Theme Arranged (Final Fantasy VI - Gau)
Rachel's Gift (Final Fantasy VI -Rachel Forever/Locke)
Melodies of Life Arranged (Final Fantasy IX - Melodies of Life)
Philharmonic Suite Part One (Final Fantasy VII - Various)

Night (CastleVania 2)

DevilSLAB (Final Fantasy VI - Devil's Lab/Magitek Facility)
Morning After Hangover (Final Fantasy VI - Morning After)
No Flesh Allowed (CastleVania 2 - Night)
Decay of Hope (Chrono Trigger - Magus)
Quasikaotic (CastleVania Adventure - Battle of the Holy)

Mute City (F-Zero)
Culex/Fierce Battle (Mario RPG/Final Fantasy IV)

Leap into the Darkness (Final Fantasy IV - Fierce Battle)
Mute Radiology (F-Zero - Mute City)
Rapid Fire (MegaMan II - HeatMan, Quick Man)
The Amazon Session (Ducktales - Amazon)
Blind is da Bomb (Mario Paint - Pushups)

Jungle Japes (DKC)
Ragnarok Canyon (BattleToads)

Bobble Head Inspiration (Super Mario RPG - Mushroom Forest)
Death of a Legend (Ninja Gaiden - Death)
SoundTest (Kung Fu - Various)
Simon's Town (CastleVania 2 - Town)
Dragon's Prayer (Chrono Cross - Prayer)

Yoshi's Island (Super Mario World)
Emerald Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)
Chill (Dr. Mario)

Bug Bash BreakBeat (Mario Paint - FLyswatter)
Town Tribute (Final Fantasy 2 - Town)
Ancient Steps Retraced (Final Fantasy VII - Temple of the Ancients)
Rose of April (Final Fantasy IX - Loss of Me/Rose of April)
Fillmore Funk (Actraiser - Fillmore)

Cutman (MegaMan)
Puppy Juggling ("Finiculli, Finicula" - EWJ2)
Space Armada (StarFox)

Hotel Rhumba (Earthbound - Hotel - Onett - Sound Stone)
NoOneCanDoItBetter (Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Theme)
Shadow's Theme (Final Fantasy VI - Shadow)
Killer Instincts Enhanced (Killer Instinct - The Instinct)
go wild! (Maniac Mansion - Mansion)

Silver Rogue
Chun-Li (Street Fighter II)
Final Fantasy Theme

Slumber Party! (Banana - Theme)
To Zanarkand Once Again (Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand)
China Street Beat (Street Fighter II - Chun-Li)
Hunter's Etude-Scherzo (Final Fantasy IX - Battle)

Armored Armadillo (MegaMan X)
Level 1 (Super Mario Bros. 2)

Liquid Horsey (Guardian Legend - Liquid Corridor)
The Battle of Strings and a Cellphone (Final Fantasy IX - Battle)
Tail Cave Beatdown (Link's Awakening - Tail Cave)
No Promises Punk (Radical Dreamers - Promise)
Those Chosen by the Medly (Final Fantasy - Medley)

Overworld (Final Fantasy IV)
Title (CastleVania 3)

Talon Injury (Final Fantasy Legend III - The Talon)
Vengeance (Ninja Gaiden - Death)
Mysterious Groove - (Link's Awakening - Mystrious Forest)
Perfect Selection (Gradius - Theme)
You Are Not Confined (Final Fantasy IX - You're Not Alone!)

Clockwork (CastleVania 3)
The Epoch ("Wings that Cross Time" - Chrono Trigger)

Resurrection by Breakbeat (Althered Beast - Stage 1)
Dungeon Cave Buried Alive (Skies of Arcadia - Dungeon)
Sudden Loss (Ninja Gaiden - Death)
Time Management (Chrono Trigger - Epoch: The Wings that Cross Time)
Reel Big Mario (Super Mario Land - Stage 1)

Summoner Yuna
The Falcon (Final Fantasy VI)
Overworld (Terranigma)
Overworld (Dragon Warrior)

Blue (Terranigma - Overworld)
Acoustic Fireworks (Final Fantasy VII - Interrupted by Fireworks)
Safety in Numbers (Final Fantasy IX - You're Not Alone!)
Icon (ICO - Theme)

Story (Super Metriod)
Intro Stage (MegaMan7)

AmIEvil (7th Guest - Theme)
Inquisition (Wizards and Warriors 2 - Theme)
Ghetto Recursive (King of Fighters '98 - Theme)
Four Little Metriods (Metriod - Story / Super Metriod - Brinstar Green, Maridia Drifting)
Jethro and Vash at the Fair (Chrono Trigger - Millenium Fair)

Darkworld (LttP)
Slayer (CastleVania)

SNES Battle Medley (Final Fantasy IV - Battle, Fierce Battle / Final Fantasy VI - Fierce Battle, Fanfare)
Faster (Blast Corps - Stage 3)
AmIEvil Darkworld (LttP - Darkworld)
MightyPotion (Wizards and Warriors - Castle)
Midnight Slayer (CastleVania - Slayer)

Guile (Street Fighter II)
Death Mountain (LttP)

Clash of da Creatures (Black and White - Various)
Galvanized Boss (Final Fantasy VII - Still More Fighting/Boss)
Perdition Hardcore (Final Fantasy VIII - Only a Plank Between One and Perdition)
Tatsumakisenputronic (Street Fighter II - Ryu)
Crying Mountain (Chrono Trigger - Mountain)

Ryu (Street Fighter II)
Battle (Final Fantasy 2)

SnakemanGetDown (MegaMan III - SnakeMan)
RyuFreestyleDojo (Street Fighter II - Ryu)
Liquid Mario (Mario 64 - Metal Mario)
ShinShuriken (Shinobi - Theme)
Hardcore Densehead (Super Star Soldier - Theme)

Ice World (Super Mario Bros. 3)
Town (CastleVania 2)

Mystic Forest (Final Fantasy VI - Phantom Forest)
Bird Guy Jam (Battletoads - Stage 3)
All the World in One Girl (Super Metriod - Theme)
Thou Art a DJ (Dragon Warrior - Overworld)
Another Inspiration (Chrono Cross - Inspiration)

Zelda Freak
Stage 1 (Double Dragon)
Temple (Adventure of Link)

Temple Trippin' (Zelda 2 - Temple)
Ocarina Boogie (LttP - Theme)
Hail to the Throne (Dragon Warrior - Cornelia Castle)
Dream of Zeal (Chrono Trigger - Zeal)
Braving Tal Tal Heights (Link's Awakening - Tal Tal Heights)

Memories of Green (Chrono Trigger)
Battle of the Holy (CastleVania Adventure)
Title (Super Mario Bros. 2)

CreateDeconstruct (Ultima Online - Menu)
Facility Hacker (Goldeneye 007 - Facility)
Pachelbel's Gannon (OoT - Gannondorf)
Thy Followers (Actraiser - Overworld)
CV2K (CastleVania Adventure - Stage 4)
600 A.D. in Piano (Chrono Trigger- 600AD)

(And of course there is myself)

Corneria Remix (StarFox)
Vampire Killer (CastleVania)
Chemical Plant (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

THE ATOMIZER (Final Fantasy VI - Fierce Battle/AtmaWeapon)
Title Topsoil (Earthworm Jim 2 - Title Screen)
Final Fantasy Medley (Final Fantasy VII - Main Theme / Final Fantasy VIII - Eyes on Me / Final Fantasy VI - Terra, Celes, Prelude)
Final Fantasy ROBOvoice (Final Fantasy VII - Chocobo)
Trippin' On Crocodiles (Bayou Billy - Stage 1)
Ancient Hero (Wind Waker - Story)
Frozen Knuckles (Sonic 3 - Ice Cap Zone
Godspeed (StarFox - Corneria)
StArMaNn Mega Seith (Earthbound - Destiny, End of Time, Meteor, Battle, Dungeon Man, UFO, Magicant, Photo, Onett, Scaraba, Doorknock, Saturn Valley, Gyigas Battle, Gyigas Death)
Simon Belmont's Garage (CastleVania - Vampire Killer)

A Very Special Thanks to The Videogame Music Archive and OverClocked Remix and their artists for their contributions to the VGM community.

If there are any discrepancies, please notify me by private message!
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