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"And lo, the LORD saw that the script kiddies and hotmail hax0rs were many, and dumb, and HE sent Kadino down in a rickshaw of sarcasm drawn by Mack and Saber to smite them. And He saw this, and it was good." -- 2 Gamercrossfireus 54:3

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Quote #1
Originally posted by SkullkidLink
*Claps* Yay, King! New board for us all!

Originally posted by HaVoK
Not for us all im afraid, SKL i have some bad news, you won't be using the New GXF.... Only kidding

Originally posted by SkullkidLink
HaVoK made me cwy! *Runs to new board* Mr. Version 3, he didn't really mean that, did he? *Version Three kicks SKL into an ez-board*

Quote #2
Originally posted by Zelda Freak
That's cool. But how do you rate someone's post? I know how to rate a thread, but how do you rate a post?

EDIT: Nevermind! I figured out how! Thank ya.

Originally posted by Brian
For those who don't know, click the little picture of the guy in the bottom right corner of the post.. he's yelling, I guess, I don't really know.

[yells back at the guy and engages in a brawl]

Quote #3
Originally posted by Enigma
Each website out there has some special feature. Gamespot and its video reviews, IGN and the hot babes, and gamespot and their fan network. We can do the same. (Dressing raiden in his undies would not attract alot of people)

Originally posted by HaVoK
I'm Sure SKL would enjoy it

Quote #4
Originally posted by Id.
Hello. Please do not attempt to be someone of an extraordinarily low intelligence level.

Originally posted by DnD
I will try to translate with Id just said

Translation: Hi welcome to GXF.

Quote #5
Originally posted by Paul_Landers
Just to let you know, the spoiler tags are acting funny, all it says is "This is a spoil."

Originally posted by Enigma
The exact same thing happened to me. I thought King did it.

Originally posted by King
King did it.

King did it right.

King tried out something.

Something didn't work.

King fixed it.

King posted a spoiler to prove it.

Quote #6
Originally posted by HaVoK
*presses the 'ADMIN BUTTON' and a cow falls down from the ceiling*

... you've never noticed that one before IceSage

There's a button for everything! every type of food, drink animal, user. Who wants to see the buttons pressed

Quote #7
Originally posted by Silver Rogue
Hey, I never knew people other then me sent themselves pm's....I thought I was original!

Originally posted by Zelda Freak
I did it once. I didn't have any PMs at the time so I wanted to bring up my self esteem... it didn't work.

Quote #8
Originally posted by SkullkidLink
*Scene flashes to a primitive Asian farm* Father: My son, I want you to go to the city and become a great man.
Son: But father, I will never be half of a man that you are!
Father: Yes you will be. Just don't godmod and be sure to type correctly.
Son: Yes, father. *At Tri-Links when the son arrives*
Son: Hello, my friends.
Wolf: HAHA! Stupid n00b! *Bites his head off*

Quote #9
Originally posted by Mack
.... I knew the link was there #1, thanks for clarifying though. It's justthat #4 was not there... just had the 3. Seems to be there now though... I really am going insane.

Edit: 500 characters!? Hot damn! Humorous Signature here I come.

Oh and Icesage, do not question the get rich quick schemes of late night infomercial makers!

Originally posted by IceSage
I don't mind informercials, it's just those damn STUPID products that are stupid. I mean, they want to sell you a BALL! WTF is with that? It's a ball, no matter what you call it! I could just as easily take two wooden blocks, and call them the "UltraFlex4000"

Originally posted by Mack
You, uh, wouldn't mind if I take that idea would you Icesage? I think the "UltraFlex4000" would sell like hotcakes! Good hotcakes too, not those disgusting hotcakes.

Quote #10
Originally posted by Toryu
AHA! *points accuastory finger at Sage*

We have proof!

uh... I mean...

*Door knocks*
Who is it?
Unholy drone army here to kill you....
Erp... :eek:

Originally posted by IceSage
Yes... watch what you say about my evil drone army. In fact, they're Ninja Drones.. =D

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